Review of Turkish Airlines flight Tocumen Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK800
Class Economy
Seat 9J
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 13:10
Take-off 25 Aug 17, 12:30
Arrival at 26 Aug 17, 09:40
TK   #17 out of 119 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 454 reviews
By 890
Published on 8th September 2017
Hello again and welcome to the second part of this flight, TK800. For those people who hadn't seen the other one, I come from Bogota, Colombia, but the flight makes an stopover in Panama. Boarding started quite after cleaning services of Tocumen Airport left the plane. Cabin crew in this sector was new. In this sector, today the flight was almost full. Before take off headsets were given by the crew and safety video was played again. The touch of magic which is given by TK to create attention.

Here's the flight today

photo 21430589_10212535338852004_936912482652167301_n

So, we made the pushback

photo 21369287_10212535339852029_303846882834375872_nphoto 21432770_10212535333131861_573617576521478422_n

The TV have some cameras located at the gear and the front part of the aircraft, so you can watch out, but the quality is quite poor. So we took off, at 1PM, to the pacific ocean, ready for a 13h flight and then we headed to the south for some minutes before turning to the caribbean Ocean. Here there are some pictures which were made by my seatmate (thank you!).

Bye bye Panama.

Even the clouds take off was very smooth (well, all the flight was very smooth). After seat belts signs were turned off, cabin crew started the party. First, we were given the menus, later the kits, which were excellent, and after that a hot towel.

An hour after take off they came with a drinks round. Some water to refresh

photo 21317770_10212535336291940_3954241920283916058_n

And after 2 hours lunch, dinner or whatever it came. There were two options, salmon with "rissotto" and vegetables or chicken with rice. I choosed the first one. Rissotto wasn't good, but fish and vegetables were perfect. We also had a chicken salad, hummus and a chocolate cake. Overall it was a good meal, but please, improve that rissotto haha.

Here was the meal

photo 21433001_10212535338051984_2589710470317628848_nphoto 21314655_10212535337411968_8233410846989579791_n

And of course a coffe later

photo 21462659_10212535340012033_3065588050428390367_n

By the time we were flying over Cuba

photo 21369526_10212535333611873_4689927615450227607_nphoto 21369349_10212535335691925_1368315048586846986_n

This new PTV was very good. There also were lots of options for enterteinment on board and flight map was the best I've seen in my life. It also reminds me FSX hahaha

photo 21463150_10212535333451869_7378928617264747571_n

After 4 hours flying it was sun started to set down and windows were closed

photo 21369530_10212535337131961_6214728682453970235_n

During the night I was watching film, tv shows, playing games, reading and listening to music. As the flight is to the east and we took off at 1PM, most passengers weren't sleeping so the galleys and corridors were quite cramped. The cabin crew requested to please not disturb there. In this flight they were not so friendly. At the galley you can find sandwiches (the same which were given on the BOG-PTY sector) muffins and drinks

photo 21314786_10212535336851954_4397443390687546918_nphoto 21369451_10212535334131886_7027469533562383696_n

Halfway there, reaching the Açores Islands

photo 21317457_10212535333811878_8947353563583249498_n

And closer…

photo 21317579_10212535335091910_5723838882401725272_n

And we reached european coastline over Lisbon

photo 21369605_10212535339572022_8864302688760773840_nphoto 21462548_10212535340212038_6149610976676532031_n

Then I felt asleep and when I woke up, after an hour and a half, breakfast service was about to be served. The flight map had stopped working so I didn't knew the position but we should be over Italy. Breakfast was served about 1.5 hours before landing. After 10 hours I was quite hungry. And of course, an orange juice after 2 months without it… was delicious

photo 21317560_10212535332811853_1998305876744539277_nphoto 21463235_10212535335411918_3133048441424390959_n

After breakfast cabin crew offered coffee and tea and after that they started preparing the cabin for landing. We started descending in Istanbul about 30 minutes before landing. My seatmate took me some pictures. It was a nice sunny day in Turkey

photo 21433129_10212535339172012_2985548975877887905_n

So we landed after a flight time of 13 hours and 16 minutes, just after 10 o clock in the morning local time. Landing was very smooth. We parked on the terminal and disembarked the plane where I've been for the nearly last 18 hours.

Taxiing to the gate

photo 21462632_10212537256139935_9207547319041883815_n

Cabin after landing

photo 21369097_10212537254939905_5767787218985364146_n

Bye TC-JNE, see you soon?

photo 21371362_10212535340732051_5525101902472672895_n

I went to the security control and after that I went to the bar and

That's the best think you can do after being 18 hours flying :D :D

photo 21430576_10212537255699924_2261372354099069299_n

And then I started waiting for my next flight, the last one, which had to take me, finally, to my hometown.
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This long flight with Turkish was much better. I appreciate the fact of the airline to give Kits for long flights, and also the catering was very good. Overall, a good flight.



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