Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Barcelona in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1855
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 26 Aug 17, 14:40
Arrival at 26 Aug 17, 17:25
TK   #13 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
By 860
Published on 15th September 2017
Hello again. This is the final report of my trip in Colombia. Finally, after some hours in Ataturk airport it was time to take my final flight to Barcelona. This will be the last of three flights after my other flights TK800 from Bogota to Panama and from Panama to Istanbul.

Boarding was made by bus and so we made a short hop to our airplane, TC-LOF today, with new cabin again. This plane was used by my mum two days before me to make her trip back home from Uzbekistan. Casualities of the world.

photo 21317801_10212541300641045_2039908408514470999_n

After boarding was completed safety video was played while we made the pushback.

photo 21369146_10212541301761073_491211578687072031_n
Flaps set
photo 21371387_10212541300081031_5779828636899340621_n

Taxi was very short because the gate was very close to the runway. We were lucky because normally Istanbul, as you know, is a very cramped airport and sometimes it can take really long time to take off.

Cabin crew take your seats please
photo 21462650_10212541298921002_4218614530593333429_n

Here we go, rotate!
photo 21369193_10212541294560893_3582601812458698119_n

Taking off from Istanbul is very nice because you have the city suburbs very close to the airport and views are really nice!

Anybody knows what's that?
photo 21462870_10212541294000879_2510806378504672888_nphoto 21369077_10212541298360988_3025133167772089315_nphoto 21369274_10212541297880976_440219815619102061_n

Shortly seat belts were turned off and we reached cruise altitude, today 39.000 feet.
photo 21369106_10212541301041055_4768848658706224645_n
Over Salonica, Greece. Here I saw PAOK stadium, even I like quite more ARIS sorry :D
photo 21433244_10212541301241060_6487053034314956682_n

Then lunch service commenced. Today we had two choices. Pasta or Chicken. Obviously I choosed the first one. We also had some appetizer which I don't know what it was and a chocolate mousse for dessert.
photo 21557955_10212541293000854_3103092360487757035_nphoto 21430539_10212541299201009_8446736464452112118_n

And after all, some coffee
photo 21430375_10212541300441040_1457472287193861416_n
By the time we were flying over the south of Italy, the city of Naples was possible to see from the window. Also some fires in the area.
photo 21463040_10212541292720847_2093651180772545611_nphoto 21558724_10212541296040930_586001439975525255_n
Soon we were over Cerdenya, some nice clouds were resting here.
photo 21430144_10212541299921027_9180023560189224654_n
I woke up and took a short walk on the cabin. I went to the toilet which was quite polite and also I requested water to the crew. I also requested turkish loukoums but they told me they stopped serving them for a while. So I came back to my seat again after streching my legs.

And a few minutes after descent started.
photo 21369137_10212541294240885_1409496835889949504_nphoto 21371203_10212541301521067_6848957643763764491_n
Today we'll be landing on Runway 7L, coming from the south. Normally landings are made on RWY25R. Wind probably, even it was everything smooth.

This is Sitges, a small town next to Barcelona
photo 21430214_10212541293200859_1264484500199859813_n
And the coastline of Garraf. Nice beaches down here. I missed them
photo 21371025_10212541292280836_4428649553882623878_nphoto 21462366_10212541299521017_1224413759785169683_n

About two minutes before landing I started recibing all messages on the phone so I was talking with my family before touchdown

On final
photo 21432885_10212541293480866_9112475053915733866_n
And finally, touchdown!! After 3h flight time and more than 25 since I departed from Bogota.
photo 21430258_10212541306681196_7681120067939962052_n
Home sweet home.
Taxiing to the gate
photo 21430341_10212541306921202_5664853030788894151_n
And final pic at the gate, before disembark.
photo 21462573_10212541295560918_8391592052614567277_n

After that I went to the passport control and after that I picked up my bag. It didn't took so much time today, and after that I went off the terminal where my mum was waiting for me. We took the L9 back home and my I realized my trip had ended.

Thank you for reading!
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As always, Turkish Airlines offers a great service on board. Cabin crew wasn't very friendly here and I think TK should work hard here. Oh, if someone knows what are these loukoums made of, please tell me, I will be very happy to know that :D



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