Review of Air India flight New Delhi Melbourne in Economy

Airline Air India
Flight AI308
Class Economy
Seat 30A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 14:00
Take-off 27 Sep 15, 11:30
Arrival at 28 Sep 15, 06:00
AI   #90 out of 136 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 77 reviews
By 6010
Published on 15th September 2017
Air India VT-ANK AI308 DEL-MEL

Airlines: Air India [AI]
Flight : AI308 DEL-Mel
Reg : VT-ANK
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Dep - DEL : 1.30 pm
Arr - Mel : 6.00 am
Flight time : 11:10 hrs
Distance : 10215 km


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This flight to Melbourne report continues…

Full Video Report : Air India VT-ANK AI308 DEL-MEL

Do watch the video.

After heading to bed early. Woke in the morning. packed my carryon bag.

photo img-20150926-wa0004_resize

Went for the buffet breakfast around 9 a.m.

photo img-1443325272592-v_resize

Food options - Veg, non-Veg, Indian, Continental, Mediterranean,etc.

Dosa, Idli, Coconut and Tomato chutney

photo 20150927_080338_resize

Lauki (Bottle Gourd) Halwa

photo img-20150927-wa0000_resize

Food was very well made. After a filling breakfast, it was time to clear the room and head down to catch the bus.

photo img-1443325226572-v_resize

Bus was parked at the entrance by 10 a.m and once everyone was onboard, was on it's way to Airport.

photo 20150927_092424_resize

Delhi Metro outside the hotel

photo 20150927_093709_resizephoto 20150927_094645_resize

Radison Blu Hotel

photo 20150927_094714_resize

Street view

New line under-construction

photo 20150927_100521_resize

Airport Express Metro

photo 20150927_101227_resizephoto dsc_2255_resize

Bus view

photo 20150927_101939_resize

Bus Ride video

Close to Airport

Arriving at the departure terminal gate

photo 20150927_103054_resizephoto 20150927_103059_resize

After disembarking from the bus, went to check-in counter to get boarding card for the Melbourne flight. I was made a request for window seat. I got exit row without a window.

photo 20150927_104344_resizephoto 20150927_104354_resizephoto 20150927_104413_resize

Our group was met by the Air India representative who gave voucher for the Qantas flight from Melbourne to Sydney.

After collecting the voucher. Headed for the immigration and security.

Departure Gate

photo 20150927_104518_resize

After filling the departure form, completed the immigration and security without and issues.

Departure Video

After passing security passed through the dutyfree shopping area.

photo 20150927_111711_resizephoto 20150927_111737_resizephoto 20150927_111751_resize

Flight Schedule

photo 20150927_111929_resize

Time was 11.30 a.m, with still time left for boarding. Had a look around the airport

Delhi Airport Terminal 3

Air side view

Domestic on one pier and International on other.


photo img_8500_resize


photo img_8465_resize

Air India flights in action

Soon it was time for boarding. Walk to the gate

Gate 19

Flight would be departing from gate 19. Found a power point to charge my phone.

photo dsc_2307_resize

Boarding was called, queue was formed soon.

photo 20150927_122405_resize

Waited for the queue to get over. Boarding card was scanned. Passport and Carry-on tags were checked.

photo img_20150927_123425_resize

Air India VT-ANK to Melbourne

photo 20150927_122355_resize

Heading down the ramp.

photo 20150927_122400_resize

AI's sistership VT-ANL

photo 20150927_123615_resizephoto 20150927_123655_resize

Close to boarding the flight.

photo 20150927_123728_resizephoto 20150927_123820_resizephoto 20150927_123844_resize


photo 20150927_124107_resizephoto 20150927_124114_resizephoto img_20150927_124013_resize

Once on board, settled in the seat. This flight was full. Few passengers wanted to sit together, crew tried to shuffle a few. Was asked if i could take a middle seat in a row of 4. I declined. No way for a 12 hrs flight.

photo 20150927_124543_resize

My neighbour was heading to Auckland, worked there in restaurant.

Exit row

photo 20150927_124547_resize

Boarding was completed by 1.30. Captain came on board and informed that a flight would be delayed as they are waiting for a replacement crew.

While waiting, window view.

Crew came on board by 2.15 p.m. Flight was delayed by 45 mins.

Window view

photo 20150927_135811_resize

Soon it was time for pushback. Crew had explained the emergency procedure. Crew buckled up in the opposite seat. After a short taxi, it was time for take-off.

After takeoff the windows were tinted. With the window darkened, there is hardly and view of the outside.

photo 20150927_145602_resize

Entertainment screen

photo 20150927_145552_resize

Flight map

photo 20150927_145814_resize

Touch screen IFE

photo 20150927_145704_resize

After about 1.5 hrs of flight. Drink were provided with peanuts.

photo 20150927_153138_resize


After another hr, it was Lunch/Dinner.

Meal packaging

photo 20150927_161735_resize

Option was veg and non-veg. I chose non-veg.

Meal: Veg Pulao, Chicken Curry, Veggies

photo 20150927_161946_resize

After 4 hrs had another meal service.

Dinner packaging

photo 20150927_210338_resize

Dinner: Chicken Biryani, Sweet, Bread and butter

photo 20150927_210516_resize

After the dinner, lights were dimmed and it was time for rest. Snoozed off till near Australian shores.

Flight Map

photo 20150927_214653_resize

Flight information

photo 20150927_214708_resizephoto 20150927_214801_resize


As flight about 2.5hrs from Melbourne, Breakfast was served.

photo 20150928_002833_resize

Breakfast : Croissant, cake and Mango juice

photo 20150928_002839_resize

Flight Map

photo 20150928_004451_resize

Flight Information

Air India logo

photo 20150928_004630_resize

Flight Map and Information

Descend in Melbourne

Announcement was made regarding spraying of disinfectant. Crew carried out the spraying in the flight.
Tinting was turned off by the crew.

Window view

photo 20150928_013822_resize

Ontime Arrival

Flight departed late but arrived on time in Melbourne.

photo img-20150928-wa0001_resize

Arriving at the gate

Landed ontime in Melbourne, it was cold day.

photo img-1443386050813-v_resize


photo 20150928_064211_resize

Air India VT-ANK preparing for return flight to Delhi

photo 20150928_064318_resize

To immigration and quarantine

photo 20150928_064453_resize

Headed for the immigration self check kiosk, entered details, took the ticket. Headed for the auto gate, took about 5 mins for the whole process. Stood in the quarantine queue, with nothing to declare was waved off. Met with fellow passengers who were going to Sydney. Headed back up to departure area of Qantas Terminal for Sydney ticket.

Thanks for reading this report till next time.

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Air India

Cabin crew6.5

New Delhi - DEL


Melbourne - MEL



Air India flight departed late but arrived on time, can't complain. Air India did take care after the delayed flight from Mumbai. Would have been happier, If had flown to directly to Sydney.

On board, cabin was clean, service was good. Food was excellent and adequate. Crew provided service on request.
Melbourne airport was quick as I did completed the immigration through self check.

Overall the flight, service met all expectations.



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