Review of Japan Airlines flight Chitose Osaka in Premium Eco

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL 2504
Class Premium Eco
Seat 3K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 17 Oct 17, 13:05
Arrival at 17 Oct 17, 15:05
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By GOLD 1069
Published on 25th October 2017
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3 nights in Sapporo passed and we had to make our way back to the airport to catch our flight to Osaka. The airport bus stop was pretty near the hotel. It was not crowded at all on the streets in the morning.


After another 75min airport limo ride, we arrived at New Chitose's domestic terminal where our JAL flight would be departing from. Chitose airport has a ramen alley which has a concentration of various famous ramen stalls in Hokkaido.

photo 37146743974_35657fb635_b

We tried one of the most famous ramen in Sapporo, Ebisoba Ichigen Sohonten. There was a queue for seating but it moved fast and the wait was about 15min. Unique to this stall, the ramen is made of shrimp flavoured broth. It was totally satisfying and worth the wait,

photo 37146746954_eaf84e942c_b

photo 37808011786_fec59d63e2_b

Checking in at the JAL check-in counters. There are machines that spits out luggage tags, but totally useless if you do not have a JAL member card with RFI chip or a 2D barcode of your mobile boarding pass. Hence, we would need to be bag-tagged at the desks.

photo 24003858588_9387c9fcf0_b

photo 37808012816_0ff74f6b50_b

Printed boarding pass. I would be flying Class J on this sector. JAL offers First Class (selected routes only), Class J and Economy on its domestic flights. On my flight to Kansai, First would not be offered. Class J is basically a larger seat with economy service and benefits (equivalent to premium economy) and only costs 1000yen more than regular economy. A pretty good deal on a 2hr flight.

photo 37598883660_2f581bc953_b

Doing some plane spotting, with lots of ANA aircraft at the northern wing.

photo 37808010966_22caa30a55_b

JAL operated from the southern wing, but there was only a single B772 bound for Haneda at the gates.

photo 37146740194_8101d0dd1f_b

AirDO, being an ANA partner, also operates from the northern wing.

photo 24003848748_4b822dedb3_b

Departue lounge seating area. There is a food court as well as a few shops after security checks as well.

photo 37856563791_aabab41c61_b

Gate being prepared. Departure was rescheduled by 5min due to the late arrival of aircraft.

photo 37808006896_f1d30dd6c7_b

Our baby Boeing B737-800 arrived.

photo 37856566171_6b3db60a51_b

photo 37598883240_ecaee0f59f_b

photo 37808006356_e802a65de3_b

KE A330 from Seoul taxiing to the international terminal.

photo 37856560441_2ab382be17_b

Boarding commenced, and with no english announcements made, we just followed the queue. There are no priority boarding for Class J passengers. Priority boarding is only available for JAL and OneWorld elites, and those requiring assistance.

photo 37808005066_95b94d189e_b

photo 24003840438_700d00235b_b

17 October 2017
Japan Airlines
JL 2504
Sapporo New Chitose (CTS) - Osaka Kansai (KIX)
Class J (Premium Economy)
Flight Time: 1H55M

Boarding the 8yrs old B737-800 aircraft.

photo 37808003786_4b4c0e2c75_b

photo 24003837538_9ba637c047_b

Yes, this aircraft is equipped with wifi internet access. JAL offers complimentary wifi internet access on its domestic routes on wifi equipped aircraft. Surfing the internet from 30,000ft, checked!

photo 37808003146_5f1d1615c9_b

There is a counter at the entrance, offering brochures, sweets and earphones for economy class passengers.

photo 37146712224_bce6bdc3ae_b

Details of aircraft, pilots and crew-in-charge.

photo 37146679804_43afe18a98_b

Class J is fitted in a 2-3 configuration on the domestic B737-800s. A photo of the seats at the first row 2-seater. The seats are leather-cladded with headrest, legrest and decent recline.

photo 24003805628_4a4a2a430f_b

Seat pitch is about 38", similar to international premium economy standards.

photo 24003835498_f464c482d6_b

Sweets from the entrance counter. IFE channel and volume controls at the side of the armrest.

photo 24003834158_fa8b23d7b1_b

Mechanical recline and legrest adjustment buttons.

photo 37146705444_7366c529d7_b

Boarding in progress. Due to the full flight, we were seated at the 3-seater side of the Class J cabin. There are no curtains or dividers between Class J and Economy.

photo 24003831448_45947847e7_b

Out the window.

photo 37146708184_59cebab5a9_b
Inflight magazines and sales, wifi access instructions and safety card.

photo 37856549431_f3f9491265_b

Radio channels are available.

photo 37824929212_1dcd115cb2_b

Other the the free wifi internet access, videos can also be streamed via wifi to your devices.

photo 37598866400_a65182febf_b

Tarmac action.

photo 37146697134_cca31bbd06_b

Safety video was played via dropdown monitors. All 20 seats in Class J are filled up. The 145 seats in Economy seemed totally full as well.

photo 37146693874_066fb838ff_b

Taxi to the runway. T'Way arrived from Korea while EVA Air is departing for Taipei.

photo 37807995016_d9cb7e6baf_b

photo 37807993606_f7da0fcfa5_b

Takeoff from Rwy19R.

photo 37146690264_3846a76078_b

photo 37807991826_d94004ec16_b

photo 37807991156_e0ec2006a9_b

photo 37146686334_df98eece2c_b

Beverage service started soon after. On JAL domestic flights, only beverages are served in both Class J and Economy. Meals are served only in First Class. A wide range of non-alcoholic beverages are available. There is no dedicated crew serving Class J and service was totally similar to Economy.

photo 37598870890_2d18094fba_b

Other than the bigger seat, Class J passengers were provided with a better quality headphone and a Class J blanket. Economy passengers were offered a different coloured blanket upon request. Other than these, inflight service is similar to Economy.

photo 24003829178_4155cacd58_b

Got a cup of JAL Original Sky Time kiwi juice. It tasted alright though my friend commented that it is a bit too artificial tasting.

photo 37146683624_b7c0355b31_b

We were cruising only at a low 26k feet, I suspect due to strong headwinds at higher altitudes.

photo 37598869410_3dd4ddb586_b

When the crew passed by with the drinks cart again, I requested for a cup of coffee. It was served with sugar and creamer pack, and a wet towel.

photo 37146680884_5f417266ee_b

Visit to the lavatory, which only had the necessary amenities.

photo 37598867680_fa692054df_b

JAL postcards were available at the magazine rack at the bulkhead.

photo 37146677194_a455ca7536_b

Drop-down monitors showed some short features, followed by the flight map.

photo 37598860010_abf29ce781_b

Spent the rest of the flight surfing internet on my mobile devices. Soon we were descending into Osaka Kansai.

photo 37146656634_4fa74cae16_b

photo 37598857500_9de928057b_b

photo 37598857010_74b08e0ef2_b

photo 37146654114_13e9bd528f_b

Landing in Osaka Kansai Rwy06L slightly behind schedule.

photo 37598856100_885f4f1b13_b

Quite a lengthy taxi to the terminal.

photo 24003808038_5d19df8ee1_b

Turning into the gate at the domestic section of the terminal.

photo 37146651764_f9a8207d12_b

A look at the Class J seat.

photo 37824909112_674b91b179_b


photo 24003803788_78ceccba9e_b

photo 24003801038_868337ae6d_b

Baggage delivery was pretty swift.

photo 24003796258_ed44daa4e5_b

As we only had less than 24hrs stay in Osaka, we overnighted at Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport, which is a train stop away at Rinku Town. The hotel offers rather big rooms by Japan's standards, and spectacular views from the rooms.

photo 37146622354_108a598c38_b

photo 37146633814_2970acd928_b

After checking in, we went to the nearby Rinku Premium Outlets for some shopping.

photo 37146614494_1a16213dd9_b

photo 37146618354_8502cef0c7_b

photo 37598828500_ae8cf80782_b

Had a sumptious dinner at Ootoya in Rinku town.

photo 37856488431_db0a37e5a0_b

Night view from the hotel room.

photo 37598806690_d3d3f533e5_b
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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Chitose - CTS


Osaka - KIX



A comfortable domestic flight on JAL though inflight service was minimal. Ticket prices were very good compared to ANA and the 1000yen extra for Class J was worth it for the additional comfort level. Crew were generally pleasant and courteous, as expected of Japanese carriers, and interestingly, other then the obligatory beverage service, they made some efforts in selling the inflight sales products, "modelling" items down the aisles every 15min, something which is not expected on a full-service carrier. In conclusion, JAL's Class J is just a domestic premium economy product with economy service, and any expectations of true premium service would have to be adjusted accordingly.

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    Hey, thanks for writing this FR, I enjoyed reading it! I've never been to Japan so reading about these unique routes (at least from an European perspective) is always a lot of fun. And as you said, paying only about €7,50 for a premium seat is a pretty sweet deal even though the service is exactly the same as in economy. Did the J-ticket offer any lounge access? Thanks again!

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    cheapflyer.JP 61 Comments

    Welcome to Japan.
    Class J is a good option if traveling with JAL domestic route.
    By the way, Did you use a YOKOSO JAPAN fare? It is the fare for the foreign tourist.(It is usually much cheaper than a usual fare)

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