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Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL 38
Class Economy
Seat 56D
Flight time 06:20
Take-off 08 Nov 17, 02:25
Arrival at 08 Nov 17, 09:45
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By GOLD 6681
Published on 14th November 2017
Last week, I needed to make a work trip up to Tokyo. Of all direct flights to Tokyo, JAL was priced the lowest compared to ANA and SQ (SQ was almost double the price???) and hence following company policy, I was booked on JAL. As my previous domestic flight on JAL just a month ago was nothing fantastic due to limited service on their domestic sectors, I did not have very high expections. Boy was I wrong and JAL is as premium as any other premier carriers on their international sectors.

Checked in at Terminal One past midnight for th ungodly 0215am departure to Haneda. Even though the flight was totally full, there were no queues at check-in. JAL offers a very generous 2x23kg baggage allowance for Economy travellers.

photo 26613081839_7f56649efa_b

Boarding pass issued (photo taken in lounge).

photo 38334233516_b39b525a17_b

Using my Priority Pass, I visited the Terminal One SATS Premier Lounge to grab some supper. The lounge was very empty at the time.

photo 38389143641_cfd165f80d_b

photo 38389153581_6c6df8c62a_b

photo 26613079359_57d8b4be62_b

Food and beverages selection was of good variety and quite tasty.

photo 38334236086_b8e8f655c9_b

photo 38389151631_ef7ae26bc1_b

photo 26613077929_5c03c0fa22_b

photo 38389150491_18f306d77c_b

photo 38389149511_4c7781c4c4_b

photo 38389147741_dff6a15ef1_b

photo 38334234276_821263a79d_b

Departure gate was at C1.

photo 38334232236_d7afa6fbc1_b

08 November 2017
Japan Airlines
JL 38
Singapore (SIN) - Tokyo Haneda (HND)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 6H18M

Boarding started shortly after I entered the gate, with priorities enforced. Economy boarding was by rows from the rear of the aircraft. Was warmly welcomed by the JAL crew upon boarding and proceeded to my seat, passing through the Business cabin.

A pillow and blanket were placed on each economy seat.

photo 38389141741_cc6e0685e7_b

I would be seated at the aisle in the middle 3-seater on this flight. The legroom was great (34" pitch I believe) and IFE monitor was of high-resolution and touch-screen enabled. There was a USB charging port, another IFE remote and compartments for the nitty grittys on the seatback. However there were no footrests.

photo 38334231146_2334302bf3_b

This B767-300ER aircraft has the newer B777-styled overhead bins. Cabin ambience was pretty soothing. Flight attendants were proactively assisting with the boarding process. I believe there were 5-6 cabin cre serving in Economy tonight.

photo 38389139771_1c44ba5bbe_b

Pillow, blanket and headset.

photo 38389136241_271972f965_b

Inflight magazine and IFE guide. There was also a very thick onboard shopping catalog.

photo 38334229936_2b46702ebf_b

photo 38389138231_cac624edb8_b

In the seat pocket was also a drinks menu.

photo 38334228646_04dc5c2aa9_b

6hr20min red-eye to Haneda tonight.

photo 24518068028_b51aef1edc_b

After boarding was completed, crew came around distibuting arrival immigration forms before pushback.

photo 24518067088_61417b50a4_b

Safety video played during pushback. The safety video seemed to be out from the 90s.

photo 38389132951_23b8928031_b

Decided to watch a chinese romantic comedy for this flight.

photo 24518065248_f1e9b9d0d8_b

Shortly after takeoff, cabin crew came round to distibute bottled water. This was very much appreciated on overnight flights to keep hydrated

photo 38389130891_701bac247f_b

Crew then came round to offer a light snack of rice crackers which was delicious. Alcoholic drinks were also offered from a basket while other drinks were available on request.

photo 38358063072_a7dfac2805_b

photo 24518061838_5679d5789a_b

Watched the movie for about half an hour before I drifted to sleep. The IFE has a feature which allows the flight map to be shown over the movie.

photo 24518063638_a7d9e89f65_b

After slightly more than 3hrs of nap, we were awakened 2hrs before arrival. Hot towels were offered to us to refresh. Thought the towels were not as thick and large as the SQ ones, they were still proper cotton towels. JAL must of one of the last few surviving carriers to offer hot towels in economy.

photo 38358061502_26ce66d550_b

Breakfast service started soon after. Interestingly, even though it was a breakfast service, the full beverage selection, including soft drinks and wines, were offered on the meal cart. Service by the JAL crew were, as expected of the japanese hospitality, courteous, excellent and polite.

photo 24518060578_972e10baf3_b

No menus were offered in economy, but the menu for the flight was viewable on JAL's website. This was what was offered for breakfast. There was no options to choose from.

photo 26613045339_1bfb70c935_b

Meal tray was delivered. On the tray was a salad with dressing, yoghurt, cut fruits, roll with butter and a main course of omelette with chicken sausage, potatoes and beans. Metal cutlery was used. Also had a coffee and apple juice, with the juice served in plastic cups much larger than on most other airlines. The quantity of the breakfast was definitely very generous and way better than breakfasts served on SQ.

photo 38358058252_b992b354b8_b

photo 26613061179_8384278b91_b

Yoghurt, fresh salad and fruits.

photo 26613059919_781d45f9b6_b

The omelette was like the normal airplane omelette, but portion was pretty generous (beans were hidden under the cutlery). Overall a satisfying breakfast.

photo 38358055352_ac1dcf1a63_b

View of the B767 cabin after breakfast.

photo 38358053072_6a501e30be_b

Visit to the lavatory, which was only equipped with the basic amenities. However, toothbrushes can be obtained from the crew.

photo 38389118711_02c2e1d274_b

There were handwritten notes by the crew pasted in at least 2 of the lavatories. A really cute gesture by the JAL crew.

photo 37674260484_0409e1645b_b

photo 38334212086_8637fd3922_b

A peek out of the aircraft window.

photo 38334213596_0be6fe72d9_b

A look into the forward economy cabin during descent.

photo 37674259324_d73d654350_b

Reaching the destination soon. The crew serving my side actually came down the aisle to thank each and every passenger during the descent! Impressive! I think it was her own initiative as the other crew on the opposite aisle did not do the same.

photo 38389117771_97ef246881_b

We landed in Tokyo Haneda right on schedule and only had a very short taxi to the gate. Disembarked and passing the Business Class cabin.

photo 37674257834_59eeb279ab_b

Lots of JAL aircraft during the walk to immigration.

photo 37674257264_a80dbf6042_b

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It was a very comfortable red-eye flight on JAL. The economy seat was spacious (though recline a bit limited) which allowed some sleep. Service was impecable and polite, and catering was generous. IFE selection, though not as much variety as the likes of SQ/EK etc, is sufficient for the mid-haul. Certainly a very good international flight experience on JAL.

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