Review of United flight Newark Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA90
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 10:35
Take-off 11 Aug 17, 22:45
Arrival at 12 Aug 17, 16:20
UA   #75 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 438 reviews
Yonatan Paz
By 4769
Published on 18th November 2017
Hello and welcome to my America Trip of 2017.

Planned flights:

TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) -> IST (Istanbul, Turkey) TK Y B77W TLV-IST, Tap It!
IST (Istanbul, Turkey) -> BOG (Bogota, Columbia) TK Y A332 IST-BOG, Tap It!
BOG (Bogota, Columbia) -> PTY (Panama City, Panama) TK Y A332 BOG-PTY, Tap It!
PTY (Panama City, Panama) -> SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica) CM Y B73G PTY-SJO, Tap It!
SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica) -> EWR (Newark, NJ, USA) UA Y B738 SJO-EWR, Tap It!
EWR (Newark, NJ, USA) -> TLV (Tel Aviv, Israel) UA Y B77W YOU ARE HERE!/VOUS ETES ICI!

After 1 month in America, It was time to go back home until the next flight (2 weeks later).
I took the NJTransit train from Penn Station to the airport. It took about 30 min and cost 13$. I think that this is the best option to get to Newark Airport from Manhatten.
Waiting for the AirTrain:
photo 20170811_205024

I knew about this delay only when I lived the apartment:
photo 20170811_205021

The check-in, security and passport control took about 20 minutes. It was quick!
United Boeing 737-800:
photo 20170811_211546_001
On the way to C gates, The international terminal of United:
photo 20170811_211552
Many 737's of United, most of them came back from flights in Latin America:
photo 20170811_211635
Last Starbuck before the flight:
photo 20170811_212254
A huge model :
photo 20170811_212355
On our way to the gate area, which contains restaurants and shops, most of them were closed after 10:00PM:
photo 20170811_214120photo 20170811_214043
United Boeing 777-200ER before flying to Delhi (DEL), India:
photo 20170811_214328
Another 73G of United:
photo 20170811_214919
Dinner before the flight. It is nice that you can order from an Ipad that contains apps and games (No wifi at the Airport!)
photo 20170811_220923
United Boeing 757-200 is pushing back to Manchester (MAN), UK. You can spot my 777-300ER, that landed from SFO with about 4 hours of delay!
photo 20170811_223307photo 20170811_223306photo 20170811_223303
What a nice bird for the next 10 hours:
photo 20170811_224514photo 20170811_223850photo 20170811_223750
The Check-in counter is ready to get the passengers. But… There is one more delay for 12:35AM:
photo 20170811_230306
Nice one:
photo 20170811_230314
I can't understand passengers that stanting for 1 hour at the line, even the boarding is made by groups:
photo 20170811_235251
Group 3 of 5 for today flight:
photo 20170811_235705
Hi nice bird:
photo 20170812_000241
Awsome Polaris Class!
photo 20170812_000701photo 20170812_000648
Economy Plus and Economy Class section:
photo 20170812_000739photo 20170812_000721
4 seats in the middle:
photo 20170812_000941
Pitch is good:
photo 20170812_000933
Nice 9" screen:
photo 20170812_003414photo 20170812_000928
There were a USB and power outlets under the seat:
photo 20170812_003153photo 20170812_000930
What a massive wing!
photo 20170812_003139photo 20170812_000946
Boarding completed! The flight was about 60% full and the middle seat was free.
photo 20170812_003145photo 20170812_0031441
Safety video with subtitles at Hebrew, English and Arabic:
photo 20170812_003522
photo 20170812_004814photo 20170812_004615photo 20170812_004614
photo 20170812_090150photo 20170812_090146
Take off was at 00:58AM, after 2:13 hours of delay:

Rainny day:
photo 20170812_010316
photo 20170812_071322
I was so tired so I missed the dinner and felt asleep for 5 hours, I took some snacks:
photo 20170812_072739photo 20170812_071737
Cabin in dark mode:
photo 20170812_071456
Over the Atlantic Ocean:
photo 20170812_065111
Over Torino, Italy:
photo 20170812_0731031
Over Genoa, Italy:
photo 20170812_0743030photo 20170812_074144
Genoa Intl Airport:
photo 20170812_073659
Over Greece:
photo 20170812_085726
Cabin is preparing to Breakfast, 1:30 hours before landing:
photo 20170812_094239
There was a choice between Pancakes and Omelet, I took the omelet option:
photo 20170812_091755
4X-ABI, An A320 of Israir Airlines is behind us on VRN-TLV route:
photo 20170812_095215
Starting descending into TLV:
photo 20170812_102947photo 20170812_101050
Landing on runway 30:
photo 20170812_104057photo 20170812_104027photo 20170812_104019
Taxi to gate B6:
photo 20170812_104317photo 20170812_104211
Aeroflot Airbus A330-200 parked near to us:
photo 20170812_175449
Bye bye, It was a great flight!!!!
photo 20170812_175833
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Cabin crew10.0

Newark - EWR


Tel Aviv - TLV



I really enjoyed this flight with United even the flight had a dealy. The 777-300ER is a very comfortable aircraft. It wasn't tight even there are 10 seats per row.
The Cabin Crew was nice too. I didn't eat the dinner but the breakfast was really nice and also the mid-flight snacks.
There are many movies and TV programs in their entertainment system.
I would like to fly again on United's long-haul routes.



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