Review of Cathay Pacific flight Mumbai Hong Kong in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX684
Class Business
Seat 15A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:30
Take-off 22 Dec 14, 01:30
Arrival at 22 Dec 14, 09:30
CX   #2 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 478 reviews
By 1843
Published on 30th April 2018
Hi everyone! Welcome to the third leg of the ultimate journey across Asia during the Christmas season from three years ago! I will be covering the flight from Mumbai to Hong Kong in this report. After attending a fun wedding and catch-up with the extended family, it was time for me to go back to Hong Kong to enjoy the last few days of my Christmas vacation before I ultimately head back to the US in January. I was quite impressed with arrival process at BOM, but I was very much looking forward for the departures as there will be more to explore around the terminal. Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy reading this report!

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There's nothing much I can say regarding this part, except I was dropped off at the airport at around 10:45 PM. This would give me enough time to take it easy in order to explore around the airport, the lounge, and spot planes as always! ;) Upon arrival, I have to admit, the departure area where passengers were being dropped off looked marvellous. I was surprised how much effort has gone into this project and how long it actually took to build the new Terminal 2!

photo dsc03901photo bom exterior

Before check-in, all passengers must show their tickets to a security officer. It is a standard procedure at Indian airports.

photo dsc03904

I know I have been raving about this airport for quite a while now, but it was just so stunning!

After checking-out the various check-in counters around the airport, I headed on to check-in for my flight back to Hong Kong. There was a separate area for Business Class, which is located on the last aisle at the terminal.

photo dsc03905

First/Business Class check-in area for Emirates and Cathay Pacific, two of my most favourite airlines
photo dsc03906photo dsc03907photo dsc03917

The process did not take more than 10 minutes, from then I was on my way to clear security and immigration using the priority lane
photo dsc03919photo dsc03920

Once I exited the immigration line, which did not take more than 5 minutes, I was on my way to the duty-free area. I don't know why, but the layout at this airport reminded me of the ones in DEL and LHR, as the structure is somewhat similar where it is located right after security and immigration.
photo dsc03925photo dsc03926

Well, time to explore the first part of the airside with a quick stop at the GVK Lounge located right after the duty-free counters! I have a feeling that most airlines that operate at BOM use this one lounge.

GVK Lounge entrance
photo dsc03959

Lounge invitation
photo dsc03941

I was then escorted to the First Class section of the lounge by the staff, which was on the main floor of the lounge.

Boarding pass, with stamps from security and immigration
photo dsc03953 2 copy 2 2

After finishing up my exploration of the lounge, it was time for me to take a look around the new terminal that I have been constantly raving about this whole report! Not just for overall design, but the new terminal has several choices of shopping and dining! In fact, I was even surprised when I found out that The Indian Kebab Grill opened at the airport! If you haven't been to this restaurant yet, I highly recommend it!
photo dsc03960photo dsc04003 2

I must say, the departure area is quite impressive. In fact, I found it breathtaking compared to the arrival hall!

I was so glad that I could finally spot some planes, even if it's after midnight.

Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER VT-JEH serving as 9W120 to LHR
photo dsc03983

Air India Boeing 777-300ER VT-ALP serving as AI191 to EWR
photo dsc03994

In my overall opinion, the new terminal at BOM is extremely beautiful and amazing!!! I think this is the real Mumbai that I've always known and loved!
photo dsc03984photo dsc03986photo dsc03987

It is very common to see a lot of late-night departures at BOM
photo dsc04001

I headed back upstairs where most shops and restaurants are located

I ended up spotting this cool rickshaw inside the terminal!
photo dsc04012

I went back to the lounge to relax once I was done spotting with the terminal since I had plenty of time before the flight. However, after 25 minutes, I realised that our flight is ready to board, so I left the lounge and made my way towards the gate.

I'll never get over this airport!!
photo dsc04029

Thanks for everything, India! See you later!!
photo dsc04031photo dsc04032

Down the bridge as always
photo dsc04036photo dsc04038

Some pre-flight information before I board:
Date: 22 December 2014
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight Number: CX 684
Route: Mumbai (BOM) - Hong Kong (HKG)
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Registration: B-LAX
Distance: 2655 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 1:30 AM
Actual Departure Time: 1:51 AM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 9:30 AM
Actual Arrival Time: 9:17 AM
Flight Time: 5 hrs 30 mins
Departure Gate at BOM: 70A
Arrival Gate at HKG: 68


Main business class cabin
photo dsc04040

Seat 15A
photo dsc04041photo dsc04042

Welcome drink: Orange juice
photo dsc04043

View from my seat
photo dsc04048

Cabin view
photo dsc04044

Another view of my seat for the next 5 hours
photo dsc04045

Again, the typical narrow legroom on the Airbus A330-300
photo dsc04051photo dsc04061

Amenity kit
photo dsc04053photo dsc04054

Hot towel
photo dsc04055

Flight route
photo dsc04056

Once boarding was complete, the captain gave us the pre-flight announcement and welcome. He advised that (to my misfortune of course) due to favourable tailwinds, he was getting us into Hong Kong in 4 hours and 53 minutes. He explained that we were a bit delayed on departure from Mumbai initially because of the busy departing flights during that time, but the delay extended a bit beyond that. However, it was not really an issue since he did say that we would arrive early into Hong Kong.

Starting to pushback at around 1:35 AM
photo dsc04064photo dsc04065

View of the terminal after pushback, giving me the opportunity to spot an Air France Airbus A340-300 F-GLZO which would fly back to CDG as AF217 tonight
photo dsc04067

Then, as always, the cabin lights were dimmed giving the indication that we were ready for takeoff
photo dsc04069photo dsc04073photo dsc04074

The plane then lifted off from Runway 27 at 1:51 AM local time, a mere 20 minutes behind the schedule departure time.
photo dsc04083photo dsc04085

Peace out, India!
photo dsc04089

At this stage of the flight, I started to feel really tired. After the seat belt sign was switched off, I decided to skip the meal service and entertainment (which will not be covered or reviewed in this report), immediately made my bed, and slept for the remainder of the flight.
photo dsc04091

Final shots before falling asleep
photo dsc04096photo dsc04098

Although there was some turbulence during the initial stages while above Maharashtra, I slept well for the majority of the flight.
photo dsc04100

I was sleeping soundly until the captain woke us up with his pre-arrival announcement saying that they are now starting the descent into Hong Kong and we had 30 minutes till we land, stating hazy/cold weather in Hong Kong compared to Mumbai where it felt like the summer.
photo dsc04115

Prior to landing, I was offered a glass of water in order to help re-energise myself
photo dsc04102

Cabin preparing for landing
photo dsc04104

I honestly thought this flight went by way too fast!
photo dsc04110photo dsc04111photo dsc04109

Arrival information
photo dsc04114

Then, at 9:17 AM, we landed in Hong Kong, approximately 15 minutes ahead of schedule. The taxi to the gate was relatively short as we landed on Runway 07L and were docking at gate 68, which took less than 2 minutes after touchdown.
photo dsc04121photo dsc04122

Actual flight route can be found here:

photo dsc04123photo dsc04126

It was quite a long walk from the gate to immigration.

I even had to use the automated people mover in order to help ease the journey. Nonetheless, HKG still remains one of my favourite airports in the world.

Baggage claim, which took approximately 5 minutes for me to reclaim my bags

It feels good to be back!
photo dsc04159photo dsc04161

After the swift arrival process, I headed on towards the Airport Express the same exact way from when I arrived from New York a week earlier.
photo dsc04165photo dsc04169photo dsc04170

As always, I got into Central/Hong Kong within 25 minutes and made my way from there to enjoy my Christmas holidays!
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew9.0

First & Business Class Lounge


Mumbai - BOM


Hong Kong - HKG



Again, a good flight with Cathay Pacific. I couldn't really test out the meal and entertainment in this case as I was very tired and wanted to sleep, even if it was just for a 5 hour flight. Nonetheless, I was very stunned with the departure from Mumbai as I finally got to check out this amazing new terminal that I've heard so much about! Thanks for reading and tune in next time for my next journey to Bangkok before I ultimately head back to the US.

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