Review of SilkAir flight Yangon Singapore in Business

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI 522
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 31 Dec 17, 15:20
Arrival at 31 Dec 17, 19:45
MI 59 reviews
By 1138
Published on 15th January 2018
And now for my final flight of 2017, the continuing RGN-SIN sector on the MDL-RGN-SIN flight.

photo 25789132858_2642af8b76_b

After disembarkation, a transit cards and a brief security screening was conducted for transit passengers. Seemed like most of the passengers were in transit (who would want to fly 3hrs up to Mandalay and then 1hr down to Yangon when there are multiple daily flights direct from SIN to RGN, unless you are an AV Geek).

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Into the terminal, which actually felt a bit like Changi as it was developed by the Changi group I think.

photo 25789132098_7609932878_b

As there was an hour's transit stop, we tried our luck and enquired with the ground staff if we could go to the lounge as we were starving from no proper food served on the last sector. Ground staff told us to try and guided us towards the direction of the lounge, and reminded that boarding would commence in 30min. We headed to the Mingalar Sky Lounge, which seemed to be used by all airlines, and the staff welcomed us in after taking photocopies of our boarding passes and transit cards.

photo 38952276564_bc2a9b1882_b

The lounge was spacious and nicely designed. It was also not crowded then.

photo 38952279454_9b68da9d44_b

photo 38952277494_38c9bf889b_b

View from the lounge.

photo 38952277254_267fcffa9a_b

There is a decent buffet spread, with a range of hot/cold food and finger food available.

photo 39630545092_c3d7390a68_b

photo 39630543662_bd068fea2b_b

photo 38952278344_45925c4e63_b

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Soon, boarding announcement was made in the lounge for the flight. Boarding has commenced earlier than scheduled. Made our way back to the gate, which was just down the escalator from the lounge.

photo 39630541102_b9020654b4_b

31 December 2017
MI 522
Yangon (RGN) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 2H55M

Re-boarding the aircraft and welcomed back by the same set of crew. It was definitely a long working day for them, operating 3 sectors.

photo 38952275504_dbc822ec11_b

photo 38764212595_cd3c61ebf7_b

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Back to the same seat and welcome beverages and hot towels were offered. Again, I stuck to apple juice. Business Class was very full on this sector and I spotted only an empty seat.

photo 39661347621_33e65dc4ae_b

View out the window.

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There was a bit of wait for the last few passengers and after all boarded, safety video was played and doors closed.

photo 38952273214_1ec946c2b6_b

Taxied to the runway

photo 38952272554_ed6b54a92e_b

Departure from Rwy21 bound for Singapore.

photo 39661346161_35657d25fe_b

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photo 39661345401_94b4510dea_b

photo 38952270414_1efd05b526_b

photo 27882504419_baaf40f7af_b

Leaving the coast of Myanmar.

photo 27882504079_78625f1643_b

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Earphones and i-Pads were handed out again for the inflight entertainment.

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photo 38952269194_7c00d0f13b_b

Seat in almost full recline.

photo 38952268064_b4980f34a3_b

Seat controls.

photo 39630530052_c34aa89eef_b

The lavatory stocked with some amenities.

photo 38952268514_8ab50c6556_b

The crew then came round to take our meal orders. On SilkAir Business Class, no menus were distributed. Instead, the crew will present the meal and drinks menu in a holder individually to each pax to view prior to taking the order. Downside, you don't get to keep the menu.

photo 24792300097_7ce9b74b25_b

photo 24792299937_cc3990c49f_b

After meal and beverage orders were taken, our tray tables were set up with a linen in preparation for the meal service. Silent entertainment were also played on the overhead monitors.

photo 38952267584_e17ec3777f_b

The meal tray was hand-delivered from the galley, with the starter and dessert on it.

photo 24792306907_f34883d4d4_b

A single selection of red and white wines each was also offered.

photo 24792299807_62b85812aa_b

A selection of warm breads were offered from the breadbasket, where I chose garlic bread and a soft roll.

photo 24792299567_5cf74d2a69_b

photo 24792306687_80c9a6d95a_b

The starter of Potato Salad was rather simple.

photo 24792306327_6260772236_b

I also requested to try the champagne, which was promptly delivered. The champagne, Collet Brut NV, was shown and poured directly at my seat. It tasted decent, though I am not a champagne connoisseur to judge.

photo 39630518042_0c9295fee3_b

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There were only 2 choices for the main course, Pasta with tuna or Malay-style cchicken with tumeric rice. We tried both dishes. Unlike SQ on the same route where main courses were served in pre-plated dishes, SilkAir had the main courses plated before serving.

photo 24792305637_ea12729a6f_b

photo 24792300457_efe226ab3f_b

The pasta tasted fine, with the penne still al-dente, but lacking a bit in the protein department with canned tuna used.

photo 24792305377_4dece97a21_b

However, the Malay-style chicken with rice was delicious, with spicy and flavourful chicken accompanied with tasty tumeric rice.

photo 24792305067_9f71ed77fd_b

Also tried the SilkAir Signature cocktail - Joy. It was a concoction of juices and red wine, and was rather refreshing.

photo 24792304917_fe87a81b73_b

Dessert was only a Pandan chiffon cake, which in my opinion, was rather 'cheap' as a Business Class meal dessert.

photo 24792304777_113c4829d0_b


photo 24792304567_5f8507f7b5_b

After the meal tray was cleared, the crew came round to offer pralines!

photo 24792304387_b44be0a55e_b

My friend ordered a Virgin Mary, which wa beautifully presented.

photo 24792303557_669835f05d_b

Continued with Kingsman, and had a sinfully wonderful hot chocolate to enjoy the movie with.

photo 24792303817_c35e02fc39_b

The sun is setting.

photo 24792303317_2bfca9ce92_b

Another view of the messy seat in full recline.

photo 24792303107_62eca7ee64_b

A peek into Economy, which seemed pretty full.

photo 24792302767_7e5e81bd57_b

Before our arrival, the crew came around and asked if we would like any more snacks or drinks. We ordered a plate of Snyder pretzels to share, and I had a glass of water as well.

photo 24792302577_6f9cb5a010_b

Approaching Singapore and landing on Rwy02R.

photo 24792302347_f1dee8a1bd_b

photo 24792301797_f4fe4924c4_b

photo 24792301457_f67e129ff1_b

Parked at Terminal 2 and disembarked. Last view of the seat.

photo 24792300977_78c39b3880_b

Baggage delivery took some time even though we had priority tags. It seemed that the Yangon-originated baggage were delivered first (bot priority and non-priority) before the first Mandalay-originated bags appeared.

photo 24792300697_7eeef6a11f_b

Thanks for reading my final 2017 report!
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Cabin crew9.0

Mingalar Sky Lounge - - 1


Yangon - RGN


Singapore - SIN



SilkAir has provided a pleasant short-haul experience. Even though it may not have all the bells and whistles of its elder sister SQ, the service was excellent and I dare say may be better than some of my SQ Business Class experiences as I actually prefered the more casual style of the SilkAir service.

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