Review of Thai Air Asia flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Air Asia
Flight FD 352
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 17 Jan 18, 23:05
Arrival at 18 Jan 18, 00:05
FD   #14 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 37 reviews
By 1559
Published on 28th January 2018
It is a new year and a year of new destinations to explore. Starting this year of travels was a short trip to Seoul for the cold winter and my virgin ski experience. Flights were on a mix of Thai AirAsia group and SQ, and it would also be my first experience of the AirAsia X Premium Flatbed product and see how it compares to the full-service airlines. The flight up to Seoul required a transit in Don Muang, with the SIN-DMK sector on FD, and DMK-ICN on XJ. Both are part of the AirAsia group and offers through check-in and luggage transfer.

The AirAsia group uses Changi's new Terminal 4 since November last year, which was where I departed from tonight. Terminal 4 was new, but expectedly with very few airlines using the terminal at the moment, there was hardly any passengers. So lets start with a review of the new Terminal 4.

Very bright check-in hall.

photo 39860037782_aaa591d323_b

Majority of flights were from the AirAsia group. Definitely not a busy terminal currently. Not sure if Changi can attract more airlines operating narrow-bodies to this terminal as with the 17 narrowbody gates, they seemed to be very under-utilised.

photo 39860034972_fcf55c8543_b

AirAsia's self check-in counters at Row 4.

photo 39860038902_96fcda725a_b

photo 39860036342_b7ea758a27_b

Boarding passes for both sectors were issed by the machine. Note the many codes on the boarding passes? Will explain the reason later on.

photo 39860033772_af144b3b50_b

After boarding passes were printed, baggage were brought to the self-bagdrop counter. As I was flying on Premium Flatbed in the connecting sector and eligible for priority handling, a "Xpress" tag could be obtained from the staffing manning the premium counter, though it did not really work as my bag was not among the first on the baggage delivery belt in Incheon.

photo 26019250108_2091c914f1_b

A baggage receipt was also printed.

photo 38993184655_04ca78f150_b

Unlike the other terminals which has screening done at the gate, T4 has centralised screening just after immigration.

photo 25020965877_cc069c3e49_b

After security, you would be required to walk through the duty-free shops, which were mostly very empty due to the lack of passengers.

photo 39860031702_35630873bc_b

Same sight in the departure hall, which was not busy as well.

photo 38993184095_815cd2f3da_b

photo 39860029282_22bfbd4354_b

photo 38993181635_4b5c8ac708_b

The eateries available at the Food Hall.

photo 26019273668_697dffa397_b

photo 38993179845_9ef4d8d937_b


photo 38993177665_32950e0413_b

There is a Peranakan Gallery, which is a heritage showcase of Peranakan culture, which is the theme of this terminal. Interestingly, the SQ kebaya uniforms were also showcased!

photo 26019272228_bb126d149e_b

photo 38993175895_7ac1b029b1_b

More shops screaming for customers.

photo 38993174675_547e57a706_b

The fascade of a couple of the shophouses are actually animated screens. One of the highlights of the T4 attractions other than the quirky seats and benches.

photo 26019269748_c782826c6c_b

It was a pretty long walk to gate G1 where the flight would be departing from. Passing the many empty narrowbody gates.

photo 26019268898_377e7b9ef8_b

I liked the open concept design for the waiting lounge with a pretty comfortable waiting area.

photo 26019267388_e16b25e08e_b

17 January 2018
Thai AirAsia
FD 352
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok Don Muang (DMK)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H00M

Gate G1

photo 39892988851_df7935da08_b

A320 operating the flight to Bangkok.

photo 38993167905_228a0bf6d9_b

With the short turnaround time, boarding commenced shortly after the passengers from the arriving flight has disembarked. Passengers seated in the Hot seats (seats with red headrests) were allowed to board first. Being on a Premium Flatbed ticket, we were allowed free seat selection, including Hot seats, on this sector, and chose the emergency exit row for the legroom.

photo 26019265838_f0a018fbba_b

The seats fitted on this aircraft are slimline seats, different from the seats on my previous AirAsia flights. According to the web, this aircraft was initially bound for Air Berlin, but was bought over by AirAsia instead. Legroom, expectedly, was very good at the emex row.

photo 26019263168_e3bfe066e4_b

photo 26019265338_f936fe75a2_b

Boarding in progress. Flight was about 3/4 full, with most of the red-coloured headrested Hot seats remaining unoccupied.

photo 26019264808_49533bb7ea_b

photo 26019263648_cafca470ba_b

Stuff in the seat pocket which included the English and Thai versions of the inflight magazine, BOB menu and duty-free shopping guide.

photo 26019264258_c5e5502a16_b

View out the window. Note the very empty gates. Even SilkAir aircraft were using the gates as remote stands.

photo 26019262028_f9d486b2c4_b

All ready to go.

photo 38993163165_8cfcf11058_b

Safety demo was performed manually and we pushed back for the short taxi to the runway.

photo 26019261408_2d77e056c1_b

Departure from Rwy02C bound for Bangkok.

Service commenced shortly after departure, with the distribution of pre-booked meals.

photo 39892977491_4ec38eac97_b

Included with the Premium Flatbed fare was a free meal and drink on each sector. However, due to some glitch in AirAsia's website/mobile app, we were "allowed" to select 2 meals for free on this sector. Hence I pre-ordered the Japanese meal of Salt and Chilli salmon (which came with miso soup and a jelly dessert), and a Mango Sticky rice dessert, as well as 2 drinks. Ended up with a feast!

photo 39892976281_6cea093692_b

photo 26019259648_650cc3c022_b

Hot miso soup in a cup, great for warming the stomach.

photo 39892973541_4830665d2e_b

The salmon was good but a bit spicy.

photo 39892974511_0267430abf_b

Ending with the strawberry jelly dessert and mango sticky rice. The mango sticky rice was much better than the jelly.

photo 26019257318_f3719ee815_b

photo 28112092999_b38dae919f_b

After the meal was cleared, I visited the lavatory. It was clean and stocked with the basic amenities.

photo 26019256658_521b2d787b_b

View of the cabin.

photo 39860006142_a62bcfc1f2_b

Lights were dimmed for the rest of the flight for passengers to rest. Just lazed at the seat till descend into Bangkok.

photo 26019252808_a29cea6a75_b

Approach and landing in Bangkok Don Muang Rwy21R. Arrived right on schedule.

photo 39892963131_65e9b01430_b

A short taxi later and we parked at the remote stand.

photo 26019252128_b5d7960ddc_b

Comfortable seat with great legroom and decent recline on the 2hrs flight.

photo 39892961301_afd7445846_b

Disembarking. One of the cabin crew was at the tarmac thanking passengers.

photo 26019251408_e11ce4532c_b

photo 26019250988_1f00807045_b

photo 39892957021_36d16fded2_b

Another look at the A320 from the tarmac before boarding the transfer bus to the terminal.

photo 26019250738_b0c5109476_b

After clearing transfer security at the arrivals and heading up to the departure level, we needed to kill more than 2hrs at Don Muang. Using our priority passes, we headed to the Coral Executive Lounge.

photo 26019250368_98d750efd8_b

The lounge, which is the newer of 2 lounges in Don Muang, is tastefully furnished with ample seating and lounging areas.

photo 28112091369_43bc9e4664_b

photo 26019255618_499988bacb_b

There is a basic but decent buffet selection.

photo 26019254358_972e898ecb_b

photo 26019255208_d8d4aecdea_b

photo 26019254948_303a80d8a1_b

photo 39892968161_0651190322_b

photo 39892966511_e684dbbc32_b

photo 26019253348_d546899082_b

Grabbed a variety of nibbles to snack on.

photo 39892964371_4f4f4747f2_b

photo 26019251828_7deec81d91_b
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Thai Air Asia

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - DMK



It was a pleasant and comfortable short sector on Thai AirAsia.

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