Review of ANA flight Shanghai Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH968
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 30 Mar 18, 02:05
Arrival at 30 Mar 18, 05:40
NH   #24 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 201 reviews
Published on 16th April 2018
Welcome everyone to this trip report on board ANA's B787-8 economy product. I took a trip to Japan to experience the Japanese culture.

Shanghai Pudong- Tokyo Haneda B787-8 You are Hear
Tokyo Haneda- Osaka Itami B787-8 Domestic Coming soon
Hiroshima-Tokyo Haneda A320 Domestic Coming soon
Tokyo Haneda- Shanghai Pudong B787-8 Coming Soon

I arrived at the Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal 2 at around 11:00. The terminal was empty even if it was the first day of the spring break for most Chinese schools.
photo img_20180329_232453photo img_20180329_232614photo img_20180329_232650

This is the departure board for the evening. (sorry for the picture quality)
photo img_20180329_233710photo img_20180329_233711

I then made my way to the check-in counters. ANA's Check-in counters are locates in the D corridor. There was also another flight by ANA to Nagoya. The check-in line was huge and it took a incredibly long time to check-in my luggage.

Note: There is a DIY Check-in kiosk that takes about 5 mins but I chose the Check in desks because they provide a proper boarding pass that I can take as a souvenir. Although I checked in through the business class counters, I was an economy class passenger.
photo img_20180329_232937photo img_20180329_235312

I then made my way to the Immigration and security desks. The immigration took about 30 mins and the security about 15mins, which is a moderate amount of time for such a huge airport.

After the Immigration I headed for my gate which would be D65. A few weeks later I departed from the same gate, but this time on board Air India B787-8 to Delhi, the tripreport for the flight will be published soon.
Anyway while I was making my way to the gate, I did some plane spotting.

Emirates A380-800 to Dubai international.
Singapore Airlines B777-300 to Singapore Changi
Hainan Airlines B787-9 to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion
United Airlines B787-8 to San Francisco
and finally our flight ANA B787-8 to Tokyo-Haneda

This is the boarding pass and it was moderate looking and very plain. I think that airlines should put more thought on their boarding passes as it is the most important piece of paper for the passengers. Not only that, the colours in a boarding pass can actually bring warmth or prevent jet lag. Colours like Red, Pink, Orange, Light Blue, Light Green and Purple work more effectively than Black, White or Grey. Do you agree? leave your comment on this situation.
photo img_20180330_011951photo img_20180330_012317
Boarding began on time and the Business class passengers were let in first followed by the card holders and then the economy class passengers.
photo img_20180330_012335
My boarding pass was scanned and I walked down the jetbridge to the plane. Our neighbours would be the United B787 and the Hainan B787. I was greeted by the FA with a warm smile. The cabin was also fitted with the mood lighting.
photo img_20180330_012516photo img_20180330_013558

My seat in this flight would be 15A which is a Window seat. The seat was very comfortable and they even offered the new HD entertainment system.
The seat also included a coat hook, USB port, Headset point, a universal power outlet(located below the seat, Wi-Fi and a remote control device.
Our flight is a 1.8 year old aircraft at the time of publishing this tripreport.
photo img_20180330_012735photo img_20180330_012747

The content in the seat pocket was massive.
starting of with the B787-8 safety procedures
The in-flight menu. It does not offer a lot of food options but it offers an array of drinks( they do serve alcohol in international flights)
The ANA in-flight magazine. The magazine lacks articles in English but if you can speak/read Japanese you will not be disappointed by the magazine.
They also have a little card that has the procedure on how to buy products from the Sky shop.
It is then followed by the Entertainment Magazine. This is not a common sight in airlines and is a great touch to the passenger experience. The magazine lists all the movies and tv shows available.
and finally the Sky shop magazine that has a variety of products targeting all ages.

The door were closed 15 Mins before departure. We taxied towards the runway. I then spotted a Cathay Pacific A330 going to Hong Kong.
We then took off from the Chinese soil 4 mins early.
photo img_20180330_015206

About 35 Mins later the dinner service began. As I am a Hindu Vegetarian, I could taste the normal meal options. The service started with a wet towel being distributed by the FA. Then followed by the meal itself and a few mins later the drinks were offered. The meal could have been improved but you cannot complain.

I took a visit to the bathroom and it was very spacious and had the Japanese automatic toilets fitted. The bathroom was very clean and that is some points for ANA.
photo img_20180330_030814

The flight was during midnight which caused almost everyone to sleep. There is nothing more interesting in the flight. 1h 30mins later, we arrived at Tokyo Haneda International Airport.

Tokyo Haneda arrival corridor.
photo img_20180330_051816

The sun was rising and it was the perfect opportunity to take a picture of our aircraft.
photo img_20180330_051911

This is the arrival board.
photo img_20180330_054712

The immigration was incredibly fast and we picked up our bags at belt D
photo img_20180330_054948

It was then followed by entering the land of the rising sun.
Thank you everyone for reading this tripreport. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.
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Cabin crew9.0

Shanghai - PVG


Tokyo - HND



After experiencing this short 2 hr flight, ANA definitely deserves the 5 star rating by skytrax. The entertainment options could be improved and the meals needs a little love.

Shanghai pudong Airport is definitely an improved Hongqiao airport. The countless times I have flown threw PVG, the efficiency of the airport is not that great. The airport is still clean and offers a lot of services.

Tokyo Haneda is the cleanest and the most efficient airport I have ever been. Not only that, the airport is connected to almost all parts of Tokyo.



  • Comment 441575 by
    ANDRAFLY 27 Comments

    Nice trip report, i flew ANA B787 a year ago from Seatle to Narita to Jakarta, and for me the seat was the most terrible for me...the seat is so hard very uncomfortable, even the headrest support couldn't helped me. The meal was distinguish with their authentic Japanese food. to be honest no more ANA for me....

  • Comment 441734 by
    KL651 TEAM 4481 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Horrible timing for that flight but it does allow you to get a full day at your destination.
    Great service on ANA again, they always deliver.

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