Review of Lufthansa flight Chennai Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH759
Class Business
Seat 11C
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 09:30
Take-off 11 Aug 18, 01:50
Arrival at 11 Aug 18, 07:50
LH   #64 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1561 reviews
Published on 5th November 2018
Welcome to this trip-report reviewing Lufthansa Business class onboard their A330-300 from Chennai to Frankfurt. The Chennai to Frankfurt route was operated by Lufthansa CityLine for a short period in 2017 but since then it has reverted back to Lufthansa.

I was going to Detroit for a business trip and the only one stop option was Lufthansa and Jet Airways-Air France. The Jet Airways - Air France was too expensive and the cheapest option for me was Lufthansa anyway.

My trip was simple

Lufthansa Business Class Chennai - Frankfurt A330-300 You are here

Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt - Detroit B747-400

Lufthansa Business Class Detroit - Frankfurt B747-400

Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt - Chennai A330-300

I arrived at Chennai International airport hours before my flight. Outside the airport was the passport and ticket check. This process is very annoying as the lines are very long because there are so many international flights at this time.
photo img_20180810_232558496photo img_20180810_232646562

Lufthansa has specialised Business class kiosks. The check -in agents worked for Air India as Air India and Lufthansa are star alliance members. Air India employees also work for Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines in the Airport.
photo img_20180810_233134015photo img_20180810_233137893
Some pictures of the check in terminal.
photo img_20180810_234225299photo img_20180810_234229725
My boarding pass for the flights. The boarding passes in Lufthansa are beautiful.
photo img_20180810_234505111
Immigration and Security check took a really long time and they have no specialised business class lines. The departure schedule for the day. As you can see the departure schedule is heavy during midnight. During the day the terminal is almost empty with just a few international departures departures to Colombo( SriLankan Airlines),Kuala Lumpur( Malaysian and Batik), Dubai (FlyDubai and Emirates) etc….
photo img_20180811_001321708

The new international terminal which was not really an effective upgrade from the old terminal to my eyes.
photo img_20180811_001441110photo img_20180811_001447092

The terminal also had a connection to the old terminal.
photo img_20180811_001619514

I visited the travel club lounge in the new terminal. keep in mind there are only 3 lounges in the terminal. They are the lounge in the old terminal, travel club lounge in the new terminal and the Air India lounge in the old terminal. I was suprised to hear that Lufthansa passengers are not allowed to use the Air India Lounge. The travel club lounge was good anyway so nothing to complain. The other lounge in the old terminal is too chaotic and i dont recommended it.
photo img_20180811_001938379photo img_20180811_002708013
The lounge had a good variety of food it was bland but i appreciate there effort. I didnt eat a lot anyway because it was midnight.
photo img_20180811_002857390photo img_20180811_002922411photo img_20180811_002926480

The lounge was almost empty which i liked
photo img_20180811_002825323

Some pictures of the lounge
photo img_20180811_002935123photo img_20180811_010030745
Then it was time to board the flight. My flight was departing from the old terminal just like Cathay Pacific, Thai and Air India.
photo img_20180811_001650150photo img_20180811_001705209

The boarding gate
photo img_20180811_012443512photo img_20180811_012435042

Boarding began and Business class passengers were called first. We walked through the corridors to our bird.

photo img_20180811_012508409photo img_20180811_012634899

We were greeted by the lovely flight attendants
photo img_20180811_012657172
My seat was with a blanket and a pillow .
photo img_20180811_012755970
The flight attendants soon came around with welcome drinks.
photo img_20180811_013317018photo img_20180811_013319946
They also distributed some slippers that were comfy
photo img_20180811_013402508
The content of the seat pocket

The very soft blanket that gave me some good sleep
photo img_20180811_013741292
Some features of the seat.
A unique kind of remote that i have never seen in an aircraft before.
photo img_20180811_013902252photo img_20180811_013910558
The menu for this flight. Lufthansa has a good selection of vegetarian food which is a good attachment.
photo img_20180811_014058578photo img_20180811_014116459photo img_20180811_014121041
A coat hook is placed next to the screen.
photo img_20180811_013946085
They also had over ear noice cancelling headphones which were nice.
photo img_20180811_015248136
I unfortunately did not have the window seat but we departed on time . I made a visit to the lavatory . It was clean and neat.

photo img_20180811_023224072photo img_20180811_023221211
Trays were up a few hours after take off and i was served the vegetarian option. The food was nice and i am impressed by Lufthansa.
photo img_20180811_023528822photo img_20180811_101008362photo img_20180811_101345115
They offered us an amenity kit in the beginning of the flight. Here are the contents of the kit
photo img_20180811_104254526photo img_20180811_104329187
Not quite sure where i am
photo img_20180811_110718561
The screen onboard the flight. The entertainment was diverse and featured many languages. The flight is also equipped with Wi-Fi
photo img_20180811_114458855photo img_20180811_105208603
We landed on time and one last picture of my seat
photo img_20180811_114155434
We deboarded and did went through the transit area.
photo img_20180811_114918240

Thank you for reading this trip-report and i hope you enjoyed it . Please check out some of the other trip report i have created
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Cabin crew8.0

Travel Food Services Lounge


Chennai - MAA


Frankfurt - FRA



Lufthansa was definitely an amazing airline for me. Lufthansa has tough competition from Chennai. The main passengers from Chennai are the passengers to North America. Lufthansa has competition with Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, Jet Airways- Air France and British Airways. Considering the fact that almost all the passengers were transiting through Frankfurt the competition is tough. Lufthansa has to also excel British and Jet Airways in the European customers and right now I think they are second (with Jet Airways at the top and British at the bottom).

Chennai International Airport needs a huge upgrade in terms of service and cleanliness factor . Considering the fact the Chennai International Airport is the third largest airport in India it is far behind than the other airports in India. Hyderabad and Bangalore airport with their stunning interior and carpeted floors Chennai International is nothing. They also have to improve in efficiency, there is always a traffic jam in front of the airport, the check-in lines are ridiculously long, immigration takes about an hour and the waiting lounges (for economy) are so hot.

Frankfurt on the other hand, very nice . It is a complete opposite of Chennai airport



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  • Comment 473869 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 611 Comments
    Lufthansa is definitely a nice airline to enjoy, however I find their Business class on longhaul lacking. The seats are quite narrow and the footholder is tiny. Thanks for your report.
  • Comment 474148 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Hi, thanks for sharing this thorough report. The airport experience doesn't seem so great, as you point out, and the lounge just ok, though it was nice that it was mostly empty. On board the product looks good despite being in a 2-2-2 configuration, though the footwells do seem very small. Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 474160 by
    Hi, really nice report, enjoy reading it!!


    As Star Alliance Members, AI is really NOTORIOUS, for playing dirty tricks..... I assume the lounge is not bust at all, if they do not let you in, is more likely that they try to DITCH you. To me AIR INDIA is even worse than AIR KORYO, from every single perspective.

    Next, try to depart from Larger Airport Next Time, like BKK. They have MANY fabulous Star Alliance Lounges, like Eva Air and Singapore Airlines. I've been to both, all of them are, AMAZING!!

    For LH, how much did you pay for your round trip? To me you really have to use Air Canada Lounge @ Frankfurt. New Lounge, food offering is amazing, better than LH own lounge////

    LH is doing budget cut for Business Class Product, its J class seats look HORRIBLE...... Even on the new A350, is certainly a bad design.
    • Comment 474234 by
      Blazingburst2016 AUTHOR 9 Comments
      Thank you for all the opinions . I have visited the Thai Airways lounge at BKK but that still does not rival Eva Air or Singapore . Honestly I do not exactly remember how much I paid for the trip because it was like 6 months before the actual flight. Air India does not allow any airline to use the lounge(sources: One if my friends and the gate agent). To be fair the travel club lounge is much better than Air India .
  • Comment 539054 by
    monika 1 Comments
    Good article! Been to Chennai 5 times (most of the time via Frankfurt) and one thing which really pisses me off is not being able to connect to wifi @ Chennai Airport. Tried every single time with no luck. It should be a common sense, that if someone travels from US (or any other far away land)- they might need to inform family, that they landed safely or order Uber. But, no ... wifi works only for people with Indian phone providers. I am with T-mobile in US and no luck (my coworkers tried as well, no luck). Soooo dumb! Sorry, but it is 21st century and it really should be basic

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