Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Guangzhou in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 850
Class Economy
Seat 55K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 30 Mar 18, 08:45
Arrival at 30 Mar 18, 12:20
SQ   #3 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 2270
Published on 6th April 2018
Over the Easter weekend holidays, I made a short trip to the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, to explore the bustling and busy city and savour authentic cantonese cuisine. It would also be my first visit to Guangzhou.

Did self check-in at one of the many check-in machines at Terminal 3 to print the boarding pass, and with no check-in luggage, proceeded through immigration to the transit hall.

photo 41164390682_2cab72c4e3_b

T3 was busy with mainly SQ departures in the morning.

photo 41209478321_40e525fccf_b

Our flight would be departing from one of the furthest gates at A21.

photo 41209478201_585472ce36_b

photo 41209477991_19802751ea_b

30 March 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 850
Singapore (SIN) - Guangzhou (CAN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 3H39M

Views of SQ's A330 regional workhouse which would be operating the flight to Guangzhou this morning.

photo 26336504127_9fb9496329_b

photo 41209477721_713abdb531_b

Boarding started soon but even though boarding sequence was announced, it was not actively enforced. Ended up a free-for-all during Economy boarding, which was rather unusual for SQ. Newspapers and earphones were available at the door.

photo 26336503737_56b3f42338_b

photo 41209477381_13d2c313e2_b

Greeted upon boarding and proceeded to our seats at row 55. A pillow and blanket was available on each seat.

photo 41209477231_e3f54e3870_b

View out the window fom my seat, with cargo loading still in progress.

photo 41209477071_73ff4e18af_b

Flight map. Seat was the 2006-version economy seat, and was comfortable enough for the flight.

photo 26336503157_c12acac2fa_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 41209476801_5a45341336_b

The April version of inflight magazines and IFE selection were already loaded.

photo 41209476751_a278a994ae_b

Customary hot towels offered after boarding was completed.

photo 26336502777_115dfe1e28_b

Browsing through the IFE selection.

photo 41209476281_24bd6b9fa7_b

The flight was pretty full in Economy at least. Pushed back with the new safety video featuring Singapore attractions played.

photo 41209475641_c22169073a_b

photo 26336502207_a4d0052ba7_b

photo 41209475591_02af5729ce_b

We had a rather lengthy taxi to Rwy20C, crossing the road and passing T4.

photo 26336501697_2e24247e39_b

photo 41209475281_6e94cd7e78_b

Taxi and holding short of the runway.

photo 26336501307_5633b2f4ee_b

photo 41209475011_d6ca155a88_b

photo 26336500887_65002bf521_b

Departing from Rwy20C, bound for Guangzhou.

photo 41209474651_5c585a35ef_b

Climbing out of Changi.

photo 41209474511_ff9b585206_b

photo 41209474291_a0c4f76a76_b

photo 26336500327_46eb9847e1_b

photo 41209474021_f9924708bf_b

Decided on a light hearted comedy Pitch Perfect 3 this morning.

photo 41209473971_2d67494cd9_b

Above the clouds.

photo 26336499847_4299bfcdb1_b

A round of juices and water was offered shortly after seatbelt signs were turned off. I had a cup of water, which was served warm.

photo 41209473601_63046540ed_b


photo 41209473451_7bc14c1e88_b

Menus were distributed, which includes the meal selection for this flight as well as the returning sector. On this breakfast flight, the very predictable and boring egg selection or noodles were offered. There were barely any changes in the breakfast selection for the past 20yrs as far as I remember.

photo 41209476091_c1e888d3a4_b

photo 41209475891_63a3e56a8a_b

To have something different (and probably more tasty) for breakfast, I pre-ordered the Hindu non-vegetarian meal. The special meals were served first prior to the main meal cart.

photo 41209473261_cb74e668e9_b

The breakfast offered was a delicious prata with spicy minced lamb and potatoes dish, served along with a tub of vegetables pickles, cut fruits, yoghurt and roll with butter and preserve.

photo 41209472971_35932821ca_b

Cut fruits, roll with condiments.

photo 41209472611_f0a048c9e6_b

The delicious lamb with pratha and potatoes.

photo 41209472701_b2d1de0c13_b

Plain yoghurt.

photo 26336498557_6a33f547c6_b

My friend pre-ordered the Indian vegetarian meal, and was served a main of pizza-styled bread with dhal-like dish. It was quite tasty as well.

photo 41209473511_832ab970fa_b

Crew serving the rest of the cabin.

photo 41209472081_4f221ee234_b

Ending with a cup of tea.

photo 41209472941_3402301bea_b

Continuing with Fat Amy on the IFE.

photo 26336498057_d069452f6c_b

After the movie, visited the lavatory, which was well-stocked with amenities as usual.

photo 41209471481_42529a2bb0_b

photo 39399064150_9da0347c49_b

View of the cabin.

photo 41209471741_00cb03c20e_b

More than halfway through the flight.

photo 39399064040_9fbeb21c99_b

Started on the second movie Jumanji.

photo 41209470951_8dc4717e09_b

Flew over Hong Kong as we started the descent into Guangzhou.

photo 39399063900_50d3b3ef46_b

Descending into Guangzhou. It was pretty cloudy and gloomy.

photo 26336496927_102985b9d8_b

The cloudy and smoggy skies did not allow views of the city even though we were pretty low during the approach.

photo 39399063830_6e8f4c250b_b

photo 41209471071_524fe7f7df_b

photo 39399063690_35126c8630_b

photo 26336496247_2988426281_b

photo 41209469881_2bb0478e3b_b

photo 39399063540_f3102594ac_b

photo 41209469621_0a7860e7a2_b

A very smooth landing in Guangzhou Baiyun Intl Rwy02R.

Taxied to the gate and passing the new Terminal 2 which would be opened soon.

photo 39399063400_19ae17840f_b

photo 26336495717_021b957e9b_b

photo 39399063110_6136a70351_b

Parked at the international section of the terminal.

photo 41209468691_8c3de80e5e_b


photo 39399063080_b538c29c4e_bphoto 41209468361_cfb6394dec_b

Last view of the A330.

photo 39399063010_71909f430c_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Singapore - SIN


Guangzhou - CAN



As expected of SQ, it was a very comfortable flight in economy, with excellent service and onboard offerings on this 3.5hrs short-haul flight.

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