Review of KLM flight Denpasar Singapore in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL836
Class Economy
Seat 43K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 09 Jun 18, 20:40
Arrival at 09 Jun 18, 23:05
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Eric V P
By 2820
Published on 29th July 2018
Report #41: KL836 - KL-issued chaos

This will be my report on flying on KLM economy class from Denpasar DPS to Singapore SIN, a short-haul international flight within SE Asia, on board their Boeing 777-300ER.

Here are the 12 parts of the trip:


On my 4th report here reviewing the same flight (flown on December 2016) I mentioned that upgrade to business class would cost only €80 (US$85) from the usual price of €100 (US$110) yet at the same time the one-way paid business class fare was exorbitant to the tune of around S$400 (~US$300) so I decided that I may as well fly on the way back and try to get the airport upgrade.

The ticket, booked 4 days before the original departure date, costed me Rp1.235.000 (US$88), which wasn't entirely unjustified due to the free luggage allowance and meal.
photo kl836 06082018 receipt

Before I departed to SUB for the flight to KJT I received a notification of the flight cancellation due to technical reasons. However, it was only later in the morning (Indonesia time) after my return flight from KJT I was alerted that I was about to get moved to a 3K flight.
photo kl836 06082018 new flight 1

I was rather sour about the new flight provided so I decided to pull GA's availability (with both being within SkyTeam chances would be excellent that my request be honoured) and gave their Jakarta office a call who afterwards agreed to move me to the early morning GA flight without any additional charge. Also note the M subclass, which would otherwise mean that the ticket was eligible for airport upgrade.
photo kl836 06082018 new flight 2

Unfortunately for me, as I was unable to wake up early enough for the morning flight I woke up in panic and afterwards tried to call KL's Netherlands customer care to rebook me on another flight. As I called during an ungodly hour there, I needed to call a few times before they reluctantly confirmed my flight on KL again later that evening and told me that it would be their last free change.
photo kl836 06082018 new flight 3

Trip to DPS and check-in

After my exceptionally late lunch I decided to go to the airport using motorcycle taxi.
photo 20180609_165956

The massive international terminal was the first thing seen as I entered the airport.
photo 20180609_170225

Motorcycle users can only get dropped off away from the terminal so first it was a walk along the sheltered area.
photo 20180609_170735

Afterwards I walked through the multistorey car park.
photo 20180609_170924

I then walked past the gate to reach the terminal.
photo 20180609_171116

The international departure drop-off area seen from below.
photo 20180609_171132

I then reached the arrival floor, which was crowded.
photo 20180609_171146

I needed to take a couple of escalator rides to get to the departure public area.
photo 20180609_171323

The departure area was slightly less crowded.
photo 20180609_171326photo 20180609_171330

I first went through a precursor ticket check and security, which took me ~3 minutes.
photo 20180609_171352

By the time I arrived, though, which was still almost 3 1/2 hours to STD, there were already quite a bit of queue forming. Also note that the passengers were mostly Europeans.
photo 20180609_171657photo 20180609_171743

A staff provided a cabin baggage tag for passengers nearing the check-in counters.
photo 20180609_173740

The queue lasted for ~25 - 30 minutes, which was exceptionally long, and even that was when all counters were opened.
photo 20180609_174058

As before, the upgrade promotion was posted on the desk.
photo 20180609_174552

It took a painfully long 7 minutes to process my check-in alone. During check-in I asked:
- The load for both cabins (low in business class yet completely full in economy),
- Whether it was possible to upgrade to business class and how much (yes, it would cost €120 (US$140); this was the one that took exceptionally long as the check-in staff needed to call somebody else to ask for the rate), and
- How much would it cost to get one of those extra legroom seats (didn't exactly recall, but it was on par with buying it beforehand online; the staff also needed to make another call to ask).
photo 20180609_175238

While I forgot to take a photo of the boarding pass, it was still the standard all black text and logo on plain white boarding pass stock paper.

A view of the check-in hall.
photo 20180609_175247

SQ's counters for flights to SIN wasn't crowded.
photo 20180609_175258

FIDS of the evening,
photo 20180609_175313

To enter the screening area my ticket was first checked and scanned.
photo 20180609_175342

Security was acceptable and I was through in a couple of minutes.
photo 20180609_175719

I proceeded through the immigration using the automated gate on the far left, which was queue-free as usual.
photo 20180609_175839

DPS transit area and departure

One of the things I hated the most about DPS international terminal was that I needed to get through the duty-free store to reach the gates.
photo 20180609_175844photo 20180609_175939

It was then some walk along the maze.
photo 20180609_180052

A food court was available below the Premier Lounge, though it was on the pricey side.
photo 20180609_180104

I first tried finding a decent coffee shop chain all the way to the first few gates, but to no avail.
photo 20180609_181728

As I had works to do I opted to go to a cafe, which coffee was outrageously expensive compared with Starbucks (but I needed the plugs anyway, so I couldn't complain either).
photo 20180609_200245

I made my way to the gate ~35 minutes to STD.
photo 20180609_200415

Boarding for the flight used multiple lines for each group.
photo 20180609_200613

I ran out of battery while waiting for boarding and therefore was unable to take photos until after I reached my seat.

On board

Flight: KL836
Plane: PH-BVG "Wolong National Nature Reserve"
STD/ATD: 20.40/20.37
STA/ATA: 23.15/23.13
Load factor: 32%J (11/34), 100%Y (374/374)
Seat type: Standard economy class (window seat)

KL's 77W economy class is configured in a tight 3-4-3 configuration, yet at the same time have quite a large economy class cabin compared with Asian carriers.
photo 20180609_203008

Let's get to the seat tour: KL's seatbelt featured a bigger hole than usual.
photo 20180609_203030

A normal seatback pocket was present, containing the safety card and airsickness bag.
photo 20180609_203046

A foldable table and literature pocket, containing their in-flight magazine, could be found above.
photo 20180609_203327

The foldable table turned out to be quite small.
photo 20180609_203336

In fact, it was so small it couldn't fit the inflight magazine alone.
photo 20180609_203346

A safety card was also present, though unfortunately I didn't manage to get a clear photo of it.
photo 20180609_203402

Last but not least, their plain blue airsickness bag.
photo 20180609_203418

The IFE screen was as usual quite sizable and sharp.
photo 20180609_203530

Legroom was a bit tight even for the hop, so I would prefer to shell out for their extra legroom seats had I continued all the way to AMS.
photo 20180609_203703

Me on the seat. Note the seat being quite narrow.
photo 20180609_203712

Dutch are especially renowned to be tall, so it was only normal that the headrest can be adjusted really high.
photo 20180609_203723

Due to the 10-abreast seating as well, the armrest was made quite narrow.
photo 20180609_203742

Power plugs were available between the seats, so I used that for my phone.
photo 20180609_211449photo 20180609_211459

We were initially parked beside PK-GIF, GA's 773.
photo 20180609_203520

The flight attendants were distributing earphones, which I ended up not using (more on that later).
photo 20180609_203524

The earphone happened to be a rather quality one, but on the plus side it only has one 3.5mm plug.
photo 20180609_225348

During pushback the safety video was shown.
photo 20180609_204042

I then checked the classical music selection, which was again quite extensive. Also note the IFE screen having one 3.5mm plug, which was the reason why I opted to use my own earphone.

Some views during taxi.
photo 20180609_203923photo 20180609_204510photo 20180609_204516

The flight attendants were preparing for takeoff.
photo 20180609_204551

Takeoff was uneventful and we were soon away from Bali island.
photo 20180609_205237photo 20180609_205256

Towel service soon commenced.
photo 20180609_210522

In economy class KL served hot towelette.
photo 20180609_210518

~15 minutes later the dinner service started.
photo 20180609_212332

It was around 10 minutes before the trolley reached my seat row.
photo 20180609_213241

The drink offerings on the trolley, which was quite extensive compared with Asian carriers.
photo 20180609_213513

The dinner was served on plastic containers.
photo 20180609_213717

KL's serving gears were decorated with a couple of Dutch-themed icons.
photo 20180609_215235

The dinner with all containers opened. I was also asked for my drink choice, to which I opted for sparkling water.
photo 20180609_213937

The dinner consisted of:
Appetizer: Salad
Main course: Rice served with chicken in black pepper sauce and long beans with shredded coconut
Dessert: Pineapple cake
Drink (default): Mineral water
Drink: Water / coffee / tea / milk / fruit juice / wine

To start, the salad was pretty ordinary. In terms of the main course I was initially surprised as being a SIN-bound flight I was initially expecting a Hainanese chicken rice when the flight attendant offered rice with chicken for dinner (that was the sole choice offered for the flight), but it still turned out to be acceptable with the chicken being quite flavourful and the portion size reasonable for the distance. The dessert was pretty good with the generous amount of pineapple chunks. On overall, it was an acceptable meal for the short distance.

As the meal was collected another round of drink service commenced.
photo 20180609_220623

I opted for Baileys, which was served in KL's plastic glass.
photo 20180609_220714photo 20180609_220739

I then visited the lavatory, which was pretty spacious and clean.
photo 20180609_221426

Unlike at the front, the lavatory wall didn't feature KL's signature Delft Blue collection.
photo 20180609_221433

Both the closet and sink were clean, though the amenities were basic.
photo 20180609_221438

I then walked around the plane. This was the first economy class cabin, which feature a separator for the extra legroom product.
photo 20180609_221657

The second economy class cabin from the front. Note my seat with extended headrest at the last row, second from left.
photo 20180609_221701

I walked further behind to the third economy class cabin.
photo 20180609_222538

I then did a galley visit, and asked whether there was any chance to get to the Delft Blue, to which the purser said that it was not possible as she needed to make sure there was enough of it for the next segment - she went as far as saying (in a lighthearted way) that the flight was so popular KL was making profit out of the route.

Laptop test: my laptop could barely fit on to the table, so I couldn't get much work done on it during cruise.
photo 20180609_222738

Some views during the final approach.
photo 20180609_230137photo 20180609_230334

We soon landed at SIN runway 20R.
photo 20180609_230541

We first proceeded past terminal 3 before reaching terminal 1, which contributed to the long taxi.
photo 20180609_230710photo 20180609_230754

TG's 77W from BKK.
photo 20180609_231109

We then reached at our gate, beside BA's 388.
photo 20180609_231308

The video loop was as usual displayed.
photo 20180609_231335

As everybody would need to deplane there was quite a bit of queue building up.
photo 20180609_231924

A view of the economy class seats from the middle.
photo 20180609_232248

Seat comparison: the economy class seat as usual feature a slightly tight pitch.
photo 20180609_232311

KL also offered an extra legroom seat, which apart from the possibly more recline and different seat and headrest colour was the same as normal economy class.
photo 20180609_232314

Lastly, the business class seat (wide foot cubby only available on the bulkhead seats). Also note that it was the exact same seat as the one I sat on for the first flight in this series.
photo 20180609_232321

After I bid farewell to the crew I then left the plane.
photo 20180609_232354

I walked through the aerobridge and the corridor before reaching the transit area.
photo 20180609_232413photo 20180609_232441

Arrival in SIN and post-arrival trip

There were ground staffs redirecting AMS-bound passengers back to the security.
photo 20180609_232456

I made my way down the terminal to reach the arrival area.
photo 20180609_232509

One of the transfer desks at SIN.
photo 20180609_232517

TG's flight attendants arriving from BKK.
photo 20180609_232548

I then proceeded down to the immigration hall, which was crowded and therefore took me 3 minutes to clear.
photo 20180609_232612photo 20180609_233033

The luggage claim hall was packed with passengers from BKK.
photo 20180609_233326

By the time I arrived the luggage had already started reaching the carousel. Also note the different carousel layout due to space constraints.
photo 20180609_233415photo 20180609_233501

My bag arrived 19 minutes after I deplaned.
photo 20180609_234344

After I cleared customs I proceeded towards the public area, which seemed to have been extended.
photo 20180609_234427

The crews from my flight.
photo 20180609_234520

However, instead of going up for their pick-up I made my way down
photo 20180609_234610

It was a moving walkway ride down to the basement floor.
photo 20180609_234628

I proceeded to the bus stop, though it was still not refreshed like the terminal itself.
photo 20180609_234707photo 20180609_235827

I then took the bus service 36 before continuing on a midnight bus service from the city to nearby my campus and then a very short ride on a carpooling service back to my campus, thus ending the first part of the Indonesia aviation tour.
photo 20180609_235846

Bonus: forced layover by KL

As KL shifted their schedule way too late, I had no chance but to partake in the forced layover instead of connecting straight from my GA flight from SUB. This would be more on what I ate and where I stayed as I didn't do much during the layover apart from calling KL, dining, and sleeping.

Bonus : Click here display
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Cabin crew5.0

Denpasar - DPS


Singapore - SIN



While not the most luxurious way to fly between DPS and SIN in economy class and despite the horrendous return flight timing, KL still offered a rather competitive product on the route like other full-service carriers. My views on the dining and seat was rather mixed, but it was more than made up by the reasonable fare and decent IFE selection. In terms of the airport, DPS was a mess with lack of reasonably priced dining options and long walk while SIN was as usual quite efficient despite the crowd.

Given the opportunity, I would be more than happy to fly with KL again on the route.

Some thing done well for the trip (airports):
+ Fast security at DPS
+ Fast immigration at DPS
+ Fast immigration at SIN (despite the crowd)
+ Fast luggage collection at SIN
+ Refreshed arrival area at SIN

Some thing done well for the trip (on board):
+ Reasonable price (Rp1.235.000 (US$88)
+ Acceptable legroom
+ Extensive entertainment options
+ Spacious lavatory

Things that can be improved (airports):
- Long check-in queue at DPS
- Unknowledgeable check-in staff at DPS
- Crowd at DPS
- Lack of reasonably priced dining options at DPS
- Long walks at DPS
- Crowd at SIN

Things that can be improved (on board):
- Expensive upgrade fee
- High load factor
- Narrow seat width
- No hot meal option
- No Delft Blue available on request

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    bgboiflyer 38 Comments
    Thanks for this report! KLM does a really good job, especially with the 3-4-3 which is nearly industry standard. I'm very thin and really sea width makes really little difference for me, as long as the pitch is good I'm fine. The food even though in plastic looks good, and DL I believe uses similar cutlery without the insignia. It's unfortunate you didn't really get compensation, and I'm soon gonna be asking UA for compensation as well on a prior trip as I arrived home 20 hours late due to a broken APU and long taxi which under my circumstance could not control. Anyway at least they gave you something and you to try some good food down in Singapore!
    • Comment 459120 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 123 Comments

      KLM does a really good job, especially with the 3-4-3 which is nearly industry standard.
      - As far as GA and SQ are concerned, not really - in SE Asia we're quite spoiled for choices so in that regard KL is doing just a fine job in economy class (their business class is a different story, though).

      The food even though in plastic looks good
      - Either it was due to the lighting or something else, but the main course didn't look especially interesting.

      Anyway at least they gave you something and you to try some good food down in Singapore!
      - That was while in Bali, not Singapore - though both apparently have good foods as well.

      Thank you for reading!
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