Review of Volaris flight Mexico City Cancún in Economy

Airline Volaris
Flight Y4 704
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 03 Jun 18, 12:30
Arrival at 03 Jun 18, 14:50
Y4 9 reviews
By 1090
Published on 15th July 2018
Hi guys!

This is the third leg of the series of reports from my trip to Mexico. I will only report the MEX-CUN flight, because on the CUN-MEX flight y slept the 90% of the time and didn’t really pay attention on the details. But I’ll add a bonus of pictures from the Riviera Maya ;)

The routes were:
- ROS-GRU with LATAM Airbus 321
- GRU-MEX with LATAM Boeing 767-300
- MEX-CUN with Volaris Airbus 320 YOU ARE HERE!
- CUN-MEX with Volaris Airbus 320 (won’t report)
- MEX-GRU with LATAM Boeing 767-300
- GRU-ROS with LATAM Airbus 321

Y4 704
Date: 03/06/18
Origin: México City – Benito Juarez MEX
Destination: Cancun – International CUN
Departure: 12.30 (12.55 real)
Arrival: 14.50 (14.45 aprox real)

The day of the flight I got to the airport on an Uber car, about two hours before departure.

photo 2018-06-03_10-17-24_1

Volaris operates in Terminal 1. It has its own counters on the national departures area. I had already checked in 2 days before. That was the only way to choose a seat without paying more. The luggage I bought it when I booked the flight. They send you an email to check in online (or through the app), or on the computers they have near the counters. Otherwise you have to pay 70 MXN.

photo 2018-06-03_10-17-40photo 2018-06-03_10-22-15photo 2018-06-03_10-22-19

My boarding pass

photo 2018-06-03_10-33-24

Near the counters there’s a security line before boarding area. Once I went through the check point there wasn’t any clear sing pointing the way up. I followed a family with a stroller to the elevator. It took like 5 minutes to go up and down just one floor!

Once I got to the departure lounge y went to check the screens if my flight was showing. They announce the departure gate about 40 minutes before the flight. The departure area is common for domestic and international flights as there’s no migration check point when you leave the country.

photo 2018-06-03_10-53-39

I had lots of time, so I walked the airport from side to side. Terminal 1 is a long corridor.
Mexico City Airport isn’t spotter friendly at all. You almost can’t see the airplanes. Such a pity.

photo 2018-06-03_10-58-40

Then I got to some kind of mezzanine. Where there are many shops and a big food court. There I found my favorite spot of the airport. The 7 Eleven! What a great idea! I think that here in Argentina it would be unthinkable to have a shop like that on an airport. Here we only have expensive kiosks and pricy (and crapy) cafés. This 7 Eleven was a little bit more expensive that the branches in the city, but was cheaper than other shops there. My flight was at noon, so I got a sandwich, a soft drink and snack for lunch.

photo 2018-06-03_10-58-40a

After a while I found my flight on the screens. The gate was 18 so I walked there.

photo 2018-06-03_11-02-58

There were a lot of people waiting. I don’t know why my flight appeared like it was departing at 10 am and was delayed. It was actually on time.

photo 2018-06-03_12-08-17

At 12 they started boarding. On the boarding passes there was a number indicating the group to board. Groups 1 and 2 where of clients of a bank, passenger with special needs and carrying big luggage (?). Groups 3 and 4 there according to the location of the seat. I had group 3 and my seat 25A.

photo 2018-06-03_12-08-21

The boarding process was very fast. Once inside the aircraft we waited many minutes to take off. I found quite weird one of the announcements the FAs made, telling that they were about to close the doors and they will open them once we get to our destination, inviting to those who weren’t sure enough to fly to leave the aircraft! I never heard such an invitation!

photo 2018-06-03_12-10-20

My seat

photo 2018-06-03_12-10-52photo 2018-06-03_12-12-16photo 2018-06-03_12-18-54

At 12.55 we took off.

photo 2018-06-03_12-54-15photo 2018-06-03_12-55-46

We passed near the site of the construction of the new airport for Mexico City. It looks interesting.

photo 2018-06-03_12-56-41photo 2018-06-03_13-15-01

Magazine on board

photo 2018-06-03_13-18-45

Half an hour after takeoff the FAs came offering free glasses of water. And a little after that they passed again selling food and drinks. During the flight a couple of times they made announcements offering Premium seats that were available. Prices were a little bit higher that on the airport but not inaccessible. Luckily I had for under 80 MXN (4 USD) my meal: a chicken crispy sandwich and a bottle of sidral (a soft drink made of apple).

photo 2018-06-03_13-18-45a

An hour later we were flying over Yucatan Peninsula. And at 14.25 the captain announced we were descending.

photo 2018-06-03_14-16-18

Finally at 14.45 we landed safely and headed to Terminal 2, where there were many local airlines aircraft. We disembarked on the stairs in the back side of the plane and walked to the Terminal building.

Airbus 320 named "Alex"

photo 2018-06-03_14-54-42

Luckily mi suitcase came fast, which allowed me to buy tickets for the ADO bus to Playa del Carmen departing in 10 minutes!

photo 2018-06-03_14-55-58photo 2018-06-03_14-55-58aphoto 2018-06-03_14-55-58b

Now the bonus:

Akumal Beach

photo 11

Sea Turtles actually live on this beach

photo 12

Cenote Jardin del Eden (cenotes are..)

photo 13

Quinta Avenida

photo 14

El Cielo Beach in Cozumel

photo 15

Sea Stars in El Cielo

photo 16

Kukulcan Pyramid in Chichen Itza

photo 17

Cenote Ik Kil

photo 18

Cenote Cristalino

photo 19

Xpu Ha Beach

photo 20
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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Mexico City - MEX


Cancún - CUN



The flight was ok. The best part was the price and the punctuality. I didn’t interact much with them. The captain made many announcements on this short flight and he sounded very relaxed and friendly. I would definitely fly Volaris again.

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  • Comment 454395 by
    Fernando 70 Comments
    Hi, I´m from Rosario just like,you. I´ve enjoyed your reports and I love this website
  • Comment 454448 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    How much did you pay for that flight? Domestic flights have the reputation to be expensive in Mexico ?
    • Comment 454455 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 106 Comments
      Hi! I really don't know how expensive are theese flights for mexican national hehe.
      I paid something between 70-80 USD for a 2 hour flight with a documented suitcase. Here in Argentina this would be a bargain ;)
  • Comment 454497 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 999 Comments
    Hola! Reposteo este comentario porque las caritas que puse al final salieron mal. Las tuve que arreglar. :D

    The 7 Eleven! What a great idea!

    Hm! Volé desde AEP la semana pasada pero no me fijé bien en los comercios que había. Sí sé que había un McDonald's y varios quioscos de confites y revistas, pero ahora que lo mencionas no recuerdo haber visto alguna tienda parecida a un 7 eleven. Este miércoles me fijaré bien cuando regrese a Bariloche.

    inviting to those who weren’t sure enough to fly to leave the aircraft

    Kiéeeeeee???? Esa es la cosa más rara que he oído en mi vida!!!

    My seat

    Los asientos se ven cómodos!

    Magazine on board

    Qué interesante que las LCC también tengan sus revistas. Bueno, les conviene por la publicidad, no? Andes también la tiene, aunque no es muy buena, al menos comparándola con la de latam o de Sky Airline, que son las que conozco.

    I had for under 80 MXN (4 USD) my meal:

    Muy buen precio! No he encontrado lo mismo por menos de 6 USD. Y sidra! Yummy!

    Sea Turtles


    El Cielo Beach

    :O :O

    Sea Stars

    :O :O :O

    Cenote Ik Kil

    :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O

    Muuuuy bonito. Lástima que haga tanto calor. Me hace tan mal! :(

    Gracias por compartir!!
    • Comment 454611 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 106 Comments
      Gracias por tu comentario! Me alegro que te haya gustado y que estes disfrutando en Argentina.
      La oferta gastronomica en AEP remontó bastante en los ultimos años. Pero creo que en el país no tenemos ninguna cadena similar o equivalente a 7 Eleven.
      No vendría nada mal que en todos los aeropuertos haya algo asi, sobretodo en el de El Palomar (EPA) desde donde comenzó a volar Flybondi hace poco.
      El anuncio para pasajeros miedosos fue de lo más bizarro. La verdad yo tampoco habia escuchado algo semejante jaja. Y solo fue a la ida, a la vuelta no dijeron nada al respecto.
      Viste lo que son las fotos de la Riviera Maya? Un sueño hecho realidad. En esos lugares el calor se soporta bastante jaja

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