Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Melbourne in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR904
Class Economy
Seat 26K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 13:45
Take-off 07 Aug 18, 21:05
Arrival at 08 Aug 18, 17:50
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By SILVER 4837
Published on 22nd August 2018

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Route Overview ( DOH-MEL )

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Pax for this flight

First Class: No idea
Business Class: No idea
Economy Class: %80-85
There were only middle seats (E-F) available on the main deck and some upper deck passengers were lucky to have a empty seat next to them.


After arriving from my previous flight, I headed to transfer security D which was fast than I expected as we were the only flight arriving at that concourse that time I was in airside within 5 minutes.

photo img_3105

I had almost 4 hours for my next flight so I have walked through shops and boutiques for almost an hour and FIDS were indicating my gate at that time.

photo img_3106

The Famous Teddy Bear

photo img_3107

In DOH, the seating areas in the Duty Free areas are usually crowded , so I had went to the seating area between gate C13 and concourse E as it was empty that time. Also it was possible to spot the aircraft I would be shortly boarding.

photo img_3108

The gate had opened 1 hours 30 minutes before scheduled departure time because of an additional security screening at the gate for flights to Australia. As it was my third time on this flight, it's unnecessary to pass this check early as there would be no queue 20-25 minutes after the gate has been opened.

photo img_3110

As I wanted to have some refreshments at that time, I chose to have some nibbles the Illy Café which was close to my gate. I had an iced coffee, granola and a cookie for €16 which wasn't that cheap.

photo img_3112
photo img_3111

The wood statue near my gate

photo img_3113

Boarding Pass

photo img_3100


I had arrived to gate C13 55 minutes before scheduled departure time and by that time there was no queue in both lanes at the gate for the final liquid check. One lane is for economy class passengers and the other lane for Privilege Club Silver, Gold, Platinum & Oneworld Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald passengers. As there was no queue at that time, the same employee checked passports for both lanes. Just a quick remark that Business Class & First Class passengers has a different boarding lounge at this gate.

photo img_3114

After the final security check, the ground staff checked my boarding pass for the last time and I was asked to take a seat as boarding would start shortly.

There were signs indicating zones to expedite the boarding process. They expected passengers to board first to sit near to the boarding area.

photo img_3115

45-50 minutes before takeoff, priority boarding for status passengers started and I was one of the first ones to board the aircraft. As I haven't received my BA Executive Club Bronze card at that moment they checked passengers eligible for priority boarding, I showed my mobile card which they recognized and I was all set.

DOH isn't a spotter friendly airport but I want to share a last picture of the aircraft before boarding.

photo img_3116


I was asked to board from door 2L even though I was seated in the upper deck. I was the first passenger to board from this door. I was welcomed by the cabin supervisor by name and also by most of the cabin attendants as it was a long way back to the rear staircase.

photo img_3128

The empty upper deck cabin

photo img_3118


The seat was really comfortable for an Economy seat and had plenty of legroom and storage space. As I was seated in the upper deck, I also had the opportunity to stow my belongings to the compartment next to my seat. Blankets and pillows were present at each seat.

photo img_3117

Each seat was equipped with brand new Thales IFE screens and a touchscreen remote.

photo img_3119
photo img_3120
photo img_3121

The seat pocket contained a personal amenity kit and headsets for the flight.

photo img_3123

The overhead panel

photo img_3124

Before Takeoff:

The beautiful boarding music played as I boarded the aircraft.

photo img_3127

A view from the aircraft before taxiing.

photo img_3126

Our route today

photo img_3129

Refreshment towels were distributed as boarding was complete.

photo img_3130

After that, the safety video was played.

photo img_3131

The A320 on the right side of this photo would serve QR1345 to NBO tonight.

photo img_3132

This A321 ( A7-ADT ) is getting ready for his flight to Islamabad.

photo img_3133

And this A350 would serve QR101 to Geneva tonight.

photo img_3134

The VIP terminal

photo img_3135

And, we had finally took of for a long flight.

photo img_3136

As we took of, a video about a charity project was shown at PTV's.

photo img_3137

After the seatbelt sign has been switched off, immigration cards and menus were distributed.

photo img_3141
photo img_3142

Today's options for dinner

photo img_3143

And the options for brunch which would be served just before landing.

photo img_3144

A wide variety of drink would be served at this flight.

photo img_3145

Route map just after takeoff

photo img_3147
photo img_3148


There were three selections available for dinner today and all of them were available at that time as the trolley started servicing from the front. I had opted for the pasta with cheese and spinach sauce which also had some red pepper on top of the dish. A salad, a caramel cheesecake, bread, butter, Babybel cheese, a small Godiva chocolate and a bottle of water was present at that time.

photo img_3158
photo img_3159

After the meal, tea/coffee service had begun and I chose to have a cup of coffee with milk.

photo img_3160

When tea/coffee cups were collected, a bottle of water was distributed to each passenger.

photo img_3164

The route map at that time

photo img_3166
photo img_3168

The IFE was still advertising 2017 destinations at this time. For example, QR started flights to Adana last year.

photo img_3167

A lavatory break as it was clean midflight.

photo img_3171
photo img_3172


There was more content than my previous flight on this aircraft. As the PTV's were brand new and had a remote touchscreen, the remote was very useful to open the route map when watching a movie.

Movie selections for the day.

photo img_3157
photo img_3170

Also I was surprised when I have seen a Turkish classical music group ( a famous one but not known by most of Turkish people ) on the IFE and I would advise you to listen them (Borusan Quartet) as make really good music and the music makes you feel relaxed.

photo img_3169

Power supply which was under the seat

photo img_3122

The Oryx Magazine - It was interesting that even though it was the 7th of August, the seat pocket contained the July edition of this magazine.

photo img_3151

A news article about new QR flights which started to LGW last month.

photo img_3152

Technical information about our aircraft

photo img_3153

QR Route Map

photo img_3154

QR Oceania Route Map

photo img_3155

Upcoming new Routes that QR plans

photo img_3156

The duty free catalogue was not present in my seat pocket this flight and I don't know if this service was available during this flight.
Safety card

photo img_3149

Donation envelope

photo img_3150

Onboard wi-fi was available on this flight.

photo img_3125

8MB's of data was free to all passengers onboard.

photo img_3161

The price tariff was like this for who wished to connect more ;
5 USD - 30 MB ( 1 hour )
10 USD - 100 MB ( 3 hours )
20 USD - 200 MB ( whole flight )

I had used this service mid flight and the internet wasn't that fast and it took long to sync mails as I had consumed 8 MB of data in 8 minutes.

photo img_3180
photo img_3181
photo img_3182


Movie refreshments, chips and a chocolate bar, was provided 2 hours after the last coffee service.

photo img_3173

Another service was made midway, 7 hours before arrival. This time there was an option of a chicken sandwich or a vegetable sandwich. I went for the chicken sandwich.

photo img_3176
photo img_3178

The box also contained a lemon sponge.

photo img_3179

Route map at that time

photo img_3174
photo img_3175

Water, orange juice and rubbish runs were made during the flight as well.


Both of the crew serving upper deck economy was amazing and they were doing their job perfectly. One of them offered me drinks at the galley when I was waiting at the line for the lavatory and the other one asked me to call him if the elderly women who sits next to me wakes up, the passenger was sleeping at the meal service, so she can have her meal as well.


There was three options for this service. This time the crew started to serve passengers from the rear so my first choice ( waffles with apple compote ) wasn't available. So I opted for the braised chicken option.

photo img_3183

The tray contained the main meal, a strawberry yoghurt, pink apples slices, a small orange juice, bread, butter, Babybel cheese and a small Godiva chocolate.

photo img_3184

All the meals, including this one was fantastic and above expectations for an Economy Class service.
The route map as I had my meal.

photo img_3186
photo img_3187
photo img_3188

Tea&coffee service after the brunch service.

photo img_3189

Before Landing:

A video concerning Australian Immigration and things to declare were shown.

photo img_3190

The cabin crew asked to open my window blind.

photo img_3191

Some flight information at that time

photo img_3193
photo img_3194
photo img_3203

Some photos before landing

photo img_3204
photo img_3205

Air camera views as well

photo img_3206
photo img_3207

Some photos of Melbourne from the air

photo img_3208
photo img_3209
photo img_3210
photo img_3211
photo img_3212
photo img_3213

Just before landing

photo img_3214
photo img_3215
photo img_3216

We had successfully landed at MEL

photo img_3217

A JetStar A320 appeared there

photo img_3218

Terminal 3 from the runway

photo img_3219

Terminal 2

photo img_3220

EK aircrafts in sight as well as one CA 330.

photo img_3221

Some cargo containers

photo img_3222

We had parked to gate 16 at Terminal 2.

photo img_3223

All 3 jet bridges were connected to the aircraft. I had exited the aircraft from the upper deck door this time.

photo img_3224


Gate 16 had a SQ ad.

photo img_3225

After a 5 minute walk to immigration, there was no queue at that time and I was in the baggage claim area 10 minutes after we had approached to the gate.

Bags arrived at Carousel 1, 15 minutes after I arrived to the belt. As OWR status doesn't allow to have priority bag tag, I had to wait another 10 minutes for my baggage to arrive. After I claimed my luggage this flight experience had came to an end.

photo img_3226

Thanks for reading.
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.5

Doha - DOH


Melbourne - MEL



(+) Transfer security was quick
(+) Boarding was well organized
(+) Wide café and shop selection
(+) Meals were served in a good order of time
(+) Remote control was useful when checking flight information
(+) Water and orange juice runs during the flight
(+) Cabin crew was professional
(+) It was nice to see that one of the meal services started from the front of the cabin, and the other service started from the rear. This process was fair to all passengers.
(-) Recent issues of the Oryx Magazine wasn't present
(-) Free internet access was reduced from 10MB to 8MB
(+) Fast immigration process

A more detailed conclusion could be found on the next report.

Information on the route Doha (DOH) Melbourne (MEL)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Qatar Airways avec 8.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 13 heures et 26 minutes.

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  • Comment 461098 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    All this "art" (teddy bear lamp or wooden mickey) at DOH is actually scary, combined with the dark atmoshpere, it really doesn't make me want to transfer there.
    The meals look much better than on EY.
    How full was that flight?
    • Comment 461099 by
      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Hi KL651,
      - I have never flown EY but I can tell you that the meals are better than those in EK ( as I last flown them in 2014 ).
      - The Economy Class cabin was slightly empty as some middle seats were empty at the upper deck but the main deck was almost full as no seats available during OLCI. Business Class wasn't full as well as upgrades were offered both by mail and by the link through OLCI.
      - The art in DOH can be scary, especially the wooden mickey when it's dark but I haven't noticed any darkness at the duty free area especially when looking to the teddy bear.
      Also I would like to thank you for your comment and have a nice time.

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