Review of AeroVaupés flight Miraflores San José Del Guaviare in Economy

Airline AeroVaupés
Flight 1111
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Douglas DC-3
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 31 Jul 18, 13:15
Arrival at 31 Jul 18, 13:55
XX 4 reviews
Published on 21st August 2018
Hello again:

After a few days lost in the jungle it was time to fly back to Bogotá to relax a few days. But first I had to fly to San José, the capital of Guaviare Region. There I spent a night before my next flight. It was the 31st of july the day I had to take the flight back. If you read the first report I explained that planes here don't have any timetable, they just fly when they can and if weather conditions are good. Today it wasn't one of these days and during the first hours in the morning it rained a lot. That means that the runway will be wet and it needs some hours to be prepared to recieve our DC-3. The flight time is more or less at 9AM in the morning, and there are a total of 3 flights per day. There's a man in the town who advises by phone, when the plane is arriving. You also have to buy the ticket to that man, normally the same day or the day before.

When we recieved the call, my contact there came with me to the entrance of the runway, where the plane stops. There is a small house with a bar, but actiolly you don't have any terminal or nothing similar. Before taking the plane you have to talk with the police station, which is next to it, to comunicate you're leaving. After being waiting for a few dozens of minutes, the plane arrived.

Wingview and cabin view

We've been waiting a few minutes until load was completed. A young guy who was working at the field told me some things about the DC-3. I asked him if he like planes and he said "yes". I gave him my Turkish Airlines handbaggage marker and he was very happy. Once the plane was completed, door closed and the captain turned on the engines again.

Our very short taxi to the runway
photo p1070119

And take off again. Bye bye Miraflores hope to see you again someday!
photo p1070122photo p1070123

We took off at 13:50 heading to the south and soon we made a right turn to the north. Views were crazy and the man who was seated next to me explained a bit about the natural resources of this region. At the very back we could see Chiribiquete's national park, which during the war was controlled by FARC-EP, the main and nowadays is still unexplored by nearly no one.
photo p1070127photo p1070129

The afternoon today was developing some clouds which had to be avoided by our DC-3. At this altitude is difficult to avoid all of them and the flight had to across some of them. Bumps were quite heavy today. I was wondering which kind of turbulence had that plane passed throught (I'm not a big fan of them). There were two indigenous at the end of the plane who were really scared. Maybe it was their first time on a plane…?
photo p1070136photo p1070144photo p1070148

Captain flying with the door opened
photo p1070137

Soon we started our descent. My DC-3 adventure was ending at all… Here we have some different landscape, less jungle than down there.
photo p1070151photo p1070154photo p1070156

Getting closer to San José del Guaviare
photo p1070158photo p1070159photo p1070160

And we landed after some other 40 minutes in the air. Again in the entrance of the Amazonas, San José welcomes us with some good 30 degrees and partly cloudy weather.

An obligatory visit to the cockpit and some details before leaving our plane
photo p1070169photo p1070177photo p1070179

Bye jewel!
photo p1070180photo p1070181

Once in the terminal, baggage were delivered next to the building, where we picked them up and after a security check, we could pick them up. I waited a few minutes for my collegue who arrived at the airport and we went to our house by a taxi. Time to relax and prepare our bag for the flight next day to Bogotá.

Thank you for reading!!
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Cabin crew5.0

Miraflores - MFS


San José Del Guaviare - SJE



Again no rating of the flight as I see it quite innecessary. I will do it with my following FR which will be published soon!



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  • Comment 461004 by
    flyLWA 30 Comments

    Great report, thanks for sharing!
    I´d love to try the DC-3, I´ll add it to my to-do list next time I go to Colombia.
    One question though, was it really operated by Avianca? I recently flew with them CTG-BOG and I did not see the DC-3 listed on their fleet list...

    • Comment 461027 by
      Guillbcn BRONZE AUTHOR 68 Comments

      Hello, thanks for your comment! No, the flight is not operated by Avianca, it's operated by two different carriers which are "fighting" to take the passengers. I bought the ticket with Aerovaupés, and the plane is operated by Aliansa. The reason is because there's no option on the webpage to select the real airline so I decided to put Avianca as nowadays is the main airline in the country. Cheers!

  • Comment 461035 by
    Chibcha SILVER 479 Comments

    Thanks for sharing these amazing FRs!
    Guaviare was indeed one of the most violent places in Colombia, Miraflores fell to a very nasty takeover by the FARC...hopefully the new Peace Agreement will bring some solace to its people and allow them to exploit the natural beauty of the region.


    P.S.: you can write to the site managers and they will create the appropriate profile for the airline.

  • Comment 461070 by
    Zadas88 12 Comments

    Wow! Thanks for sharing! I heard of DC-3 flying in Bolivia, but I did not know they fly in Colombia as well. I spend most of my time in Latin America in Peru and there they don´t fly anymore... I should visit Colombia next time I´m in Latin America and try this amazing bird. I had the pleasure of flying a DC-3 around Salto del Angel waterfall back in 1995. It was amazing!!!

  • Comment 461074 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5893 Comments

    Hi again, Thanks for another cool exotic report! I changed this report to show AeroVaupés as well. Please update the ratings as you see fit. Remember, this is an airline review website, the ratings are a very important part of the process. Gracias!


  • Comment 461544 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 815 Comments

    Tan asombroso como tu reporte anterior.

    Creo que encontraste la palabra correcta para describir este DC-3. Una verdadera joya!

    Gracias por compartir!

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