Review of Air New Zealand flight Singapore Auckland in Economy

Airline Air New Zealand
Flight NZ 281
Class Economy
Seat 54A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 08:55
Take-off 18 Aug 18, 09:05
Arrival at 18 Aug 18, 22:00
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By 5810
Published on 9th September 2018
In mid-August, I took leave from work and went on a break in the wintery southern hemisphere, to Middle Earth, also known as New Zealand. This trip would consist of 5 flight sectors, with 4 economy sectors with Air New Zealand, and the last sector on Singapore Airlines in Business. This review would be photo-heavy.

Forward to the day of departure, NZ operates a daily morning flight on its Dreamliner from Changi to Auckland. This flight, which is code-shared with SQ, would soon be operated by SQ instead while NZ would shift its flight to an additional evening departure to AKL from SIN, supplementing SQ's evening departure.

NZ operates from Terminal 3, and reaching the check-in desks about 1.5hrs before departure, the 3 counters opened for check-in were totally empty. Check-in was completed without any wait and boarding passes issued.

photo 43836264654_6469dacbf4_b

photo 29616334747_6e2c199ba2_b

The Dreamliner was parked at gate A1, and was clearly visible from the transit hall after immigration.

photo 43836263954_3c4c819bc0_b

Using my priority pass, I went to the SATS Premier Lounge to grab a light breakfast. The lounge was not too crowded and had a soothing environment.

photo 43836263554_c0ab9b07ec_b

photo 43836263754_ea34051c03_b

photo 29616335897_a42878e3e5_b

Food and beverage selection for breakfast was decent and plentiful, though not as impressive as airline flagship lounges.

photo 29616335427_b068b722d0_b

photo 29616335147_c8286f80e7_b

photo 44554261701_3a41fda609_b

photo 43644875065_92dc776fa5_b

After the lounge visit, it was only a short walk to the gate, where boarding had just commenced.

photo 43836263434_6d54a47e48_b

photo 43644874715_1c2a79ce37_b

18 August 2018
Air New Zealand
NZ 281
Singapore (SIN) - Auckland (AKL)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 8H51M

ZK-NZC all ready for boarding.

photo 43644874465_c99ea29c8c_b

photo 44504684802_2126c54a81_b

It would be my first time flying the B787 in economy, expecting a tight-width seat and aisle.

photo 29616334047_5c7bf2d91f_b

photo 44504684582_94e2d85597_b

Welcomed onboard by the friendly crew and made a right turn into economy. NZ's economy seats, configured 3-3-3, are upholstered in dull black-coloured tone and comes with adjustable headrests. On each seat was a pillow, blanket and headsets.

photo 43644874055_89bdfa205c_b

There is a touch-screen IFE monitor with very good resolution. The touch-screen monitor also serves as call buttons and overhead light controls. There is a USB port under the monitor, as well as 2 electrical outlets for every 3 seats. Seat pitch, at 31" pitch, felt reasonable and seat cushioning and support was comfortable.

photo 29616333607_ebae1a9897_b

Amenities include a pillow and blanket.

photo 43644873645_9c5bf8f316_b

Safety card and the cheeky vomit-bag. There were no inflight magazines available at the seats. Instead, some copies were available in the magazine racks at the rear bulkhead of each cabin.

photo 43644873475_4540d770dc_b

Worth a mention is the economy headphones, which I must say is the most comfortable and of best quality of any economy headphones I received on airlines I have flown. The headphones came with leather pads, which made for a comfortable fit as well as provided a bit of noise-cancellation capability. Sound quality was very good as well!

photo 43644872175_9656ca1496_b

Less than 9hrs to Auckland today. The flight map was very easy to navigate, and very responsive via the touchscreen monitor.

photo 44504683972_ccd36ab350_b

Still at the gate.

photo 43644873135_ed8628e247_b

Boarding almost completed. The cabin was rather full, with approximately 80% load factor in economy I guess. All 3 seats at my side were taken up.

photo 44504684312_43faa866c2_b

Pushed back, ANZ's entertaining safety video was played. For this season, the safety video was Antarctic-themed.

photo 43644872975_a77a7b1cfb_b

photo 29616333347_8d44f6dba1_b

photo 43644872695_ec2e311c8c_b

Full video can be watched via the link below.

Passed a newly-retired SQ B772 and more while taxiing to the runway.

photo 43836260484_8828c33712_b

photo 43644871725_ae864ed84f_b

Departure from Rwy20C bound for the Middle Earth!

photo 43836260264_ef3d48fa04_b

photo 43644872005_5efd04ebc8_b

Lets explore NZ's IFE system. I must say that the entertainment selection is pretty extensive, and the ease of use is rather idiot-friendly.

photo 43644872625_9a9f39879d_b

photo 44504683512_af2a83a57b_b

There is a cool feature where your seatmate could join you in a movie at the exact same point of the movie!

photo 43836260634_82b942377b_b

Water was first offered right after takeoff.

photo 43836259974_6e66d14756_b

Decided to watch 'Love, Simon'.

photo 43644871235_c11a561174_b

After the water service, breakfast was served. As no menus were offered, an announcement was made in the economy cabin regarding the both meal choices available and the rest of the starters/desserts served. For breakfast, we were offered a choice of Omelette with chicken sausage, hashbrown and spinach, or Vegetarian fried noodles. Accompanying the meal were cut fruits, yoghurt, muffin and selection of hot/cold beverages.

Breakfast served by the friendly NZ crew.

photo 43644870165_d88d3da7e9_b

Meal tray. Cutlery were in plastic, but the coffee/tea mug was the biggest and most generous I have seen in economy. I chose the vegetarian fried noodles option, which was pretty good.

photo 43644870805_fb8c652dbb_b

photo 43836259324_308abf0db1_b

photo 43836259484_2056cbbd16_b

photo 43644870535_a153b07384_b

The omelette choice was normal airplane omelette.

photo 43644870685_947fc6d164_b

Enjoying my tea with the movie. The quantity of tea in the mug easily double what is normally served in a SQ economy tray teacup.

photo 43644869875_6531d76d7c_b

Nearing Surabaya after breakfast and 1st movie.

photo 43836259104_1558a01b6c_b

Paid a visit to the lavatory at the rear. There is a single huge economy galley at the rear of the aircraft.

photo 43644869865_759c78f1e7_b

The lavs have unique designs on the walls, and offer the basic amenities. The rear lavatory has a 'cloud' design on the walls.

photo 43644869375_de8b6808db_b

photo 43836258764_938949900a_b

View of the Dreamliner cabin with mood-lighting switched on. Quite a full flight and it seemed that most passengers are connecting from the SQ/MI flights.

photo 44504682202_63185b239b_b

Grabbed a copy of the inflight magazine (July-edition) from the magazine rack and requested for a toothbrush set from the crew. Other amenities were also available on request.

photo 42745513620_a308b21d61_b

Probably over Bali or Lombok.

photo 43644868955_b19e6cbc43_b

Midflight while watching mu second movie, the IFE popped out an announcement that the "inflight bites" is now available. This is a cool feature where passengers could just order snacks and drinks through the IFE system, and have it delivered to your seat by the crew! A very wide range of beverages are available, as well as 2 snack choices, and even some amenities!

photo 42745513300_be3e29083c_b

photo 43644868525_9e6462de66_b

photo 44504681542_24e531919a_b

photo 43836258044_5351c76ea0_b

photo 43644868065_31eca7ab60_b

photo 43836258534_ddec79db9a_b

photo 43836257374_9223eb5f62_b

And so we ordered snacks, a hot lemon tea and a ginger ale. They were promptly delivered after a few minutes. Not a fan of the corn chips, but the cookie was yummy!

photo 44504681262_970cf1908e_b

photo 43644867645_4775b6d64d_b

Midflight a couple of hours after breakfast, New Zealand Natural chocolate ice-cream was served!

photo 43836257634_3b2716f8b2_b

Ice cream with the Avengers.

photo 44504680982_6d0732ff09_b

Somewhere over mid-Australia after 2nd movie.

photo 43644867195_e6ed180c89_b

Starting on the 3rd movie while the sun gradually goes down.

photo 44504680732_0cd62b4aed_b

photo 42745512390_fe3cb7549b_b

photo 42745512110_8d57018361_b

Dinner service commenced about 2hrs out of AKL.

photo 43836257214_fe3cb7549b_b

For dinner, the choices were (as announced) Morrocan chicken with polenta, or Fish curry with rice, served with a soba noodle salad, cheese and crackers, roll with butter and a passionfruit mousse dessert I grabbed a water and white wine to go with dinner.

photo 43836257174_8a12fc72b6_b

photo 44504680202_b805dd927f_b

As the Morrocan chicken had run out, I was offered a chicken breast main instead (probably from a special meal menu). Surprisingly, the chicken breast was moist and juicy, and the accompanying vegetables crisp and fresh.

photo 43836256884_2c7e3ac576_b

photo 42745511950_64279eb5ca_b

Soba salad was good.

photo 43836256944_fd09eb715b_b

Dessert was ok, though because I am not a big fan of soury desserts.

photo 43836256444_c1d3de8a94_b

The other choice of Fish curry with rice, though visually unappealing, was actually, like most curries in the air, delicious!

photo 44504679842_b57044a4a8_b

Visit to the lav at the mid-cabin, which was 'library-themed'.

photo 44504679512_ffc588a79f_b

Before descending into Auckland, the crew came around with lollies. The crew along our side got a young 'cabin crew' to help in the distribution.

photo 43836256244_38b9ff9c21_b

Nearing to Auckland.

photo 42745511650_7dd0be4710_b

photo 43644864755_6ec41e3610_b

We flew over the city of Auckland during the descend.

photo 43836255644_9c80b4183c_b

photo 43644863875_ccce8e56c4_b

Final approach and landing in Auckland Rwy23L slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 43644863895_3a7421530b_b

Disembarking and passing the all-white business class cabin.

photo 43836255134_b06b0a53b9_b

photo 44504678292_0592b0cd90_b

photo 43644863115_3a263a6d32_b

photo 43836254564_78b171e528_b

Immigration and customs were swift as there were not many arrivals at this time of the evening. After clearing both, we looked for the bus stand for the Yellow Bus to the airport hotels. We would only be staying a night near the airport as we would be catching another flight the next day to Wellington. Aftr a 10min bus ride, we reached Holiday Inn Auckland Airport for the night.

The hotel has a cosy reception and fireplace.

photo 43660741045_f03ba719b1_b

photo 30700010508_dd57710ed5_b

The room was big, cosy and comfortable. Perfect for a night's stay.

photo 43660741825_c12581dc74_b

The hotel rate included breakfast, which was a pretty extensive buffet selection.

photo 30700011698_ca439134f6_b

photo 42760826050_7ff5690414_b

photo 43660741595_3db95ed3da_b

photo 44520912352_278a25cd46_b

Explored the hotel grounds before checking out. The hotel has a very resort feel and very spacious.

photo 43660741425_d698810a10_b

photo 30700010908_d54a305549_b

photo 42760825910_e67d783ffa_b
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Air New Zealand

Cabin crew8.0

SATS Premier Lounge


Singapore - SIN


Auckland - AKL



It was an enjoyable long-haul flight on Air New Zealand. The crew were friendly and responsive though it was a pretty tiring schedule for them (learnt that they only had 26hrs layover in SIN). Catering was above average with plentiful quantity and of good quality. Loved the F&B ordering system through the IFE. IFE selection was great (though no inflight wifi available), and sufficient amenities were provided. The ambience of the Dreamliner, with huge windows and higher humidity, made for a better flight experience though the 3-3-3 configuration seemed a tad squeezy, though personally I think it was not as bad as the 3-4-3 configuration on the 777s. Air New Zealand certainly ranks highly among the airlines I have flew on.

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    Hi TerryYong !
    Thank you for a lovely detailed report,I enjoyed the read. It has been just under two weeks since I saw an Air New Zealand 787 for the first time (sistership ZK-NZL) whilst I was flying from Houston to Manchester. I hope you like my review. Nice to see delicious meals and free amenities. Loved the themed washrooms and I note the pillows are placed at an angle just like on Singapore Airlines. The mini crew member handing out lollipops was just so "sweet" ! Thanks for a great report.
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    Thanks for this FR.
    Well NZ is sure a good way to have a first 787 Y class experience.
    Both breakfast and dinner seem of good quality and quantity.
    I'm not a fan of the all black or all white cabin tones, a different colour headrest would be nice.
    The IFE snack ordering system is greta, just like VX had.

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