Review of Turkish Airlines flight Bogota Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK800
Class Economy
Seat 6B
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 16:35
Take-off 09 Sep 18, 09:20
Arrival at 09 Sep 18, 09:55
TK   #12 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 668 reviews
By BRONZE 1598
Published on 22nd September 2018
Hi everyone again. After two and a half months working in Colombian jungles it was time to start my flights way back home. I have to say sorry, first of all, because I couldn't take as much pictures as I would like to on the long flight from Panama to Istanbul. Even that I will try to report it as good as I can. Flight TK800 is operating from Bogota to Istanbul and it makes a stop in Panama. I made the same flight last year so I know more or less how were things going.

On september 9th I woke up at 5:00AM and after a quick shower I took a car to the airport. I was at the check in counters about three hours before the flight, but some people were waiting already. It took about 15 minutes until I checked my bag. After that I passed throught the immigration control and then I went to the security check. After this I went to the gate to take some looks at the apron before boarding.
photo p1080477photo p1080478

My TK800 arriving after more than 13 hours in the air. TC-JND today it was well treated in Bogota with three trucks just for him.
photo p1080482photo p1080487photo p1080490

Boarding started some good 50 minutes before STD. I went to my seat, 6B today. Fortunately no one was seating next to me during this first sector (unfortunately on the long one it was, but the flight was quite full today)
photo p1080491

Very nice IFE on those new cabins with lots of enterteinment options on board. Hunreds of films and TV programmes, thousands of songs, games and a very modern in flight map. I was familiarized already Safety video was played and some information about the new Istanbul airport which is about to be opened in a month or so.
photo p1080495photo p1080500

Legroom (which is quite good) and flight map for this morinng route.
photo p1080499photo p1080506

Pushback was made some minutes before STD and engines were started again. On time today
photo p1080507

Bye bye Bogota, bye Colombia, see you next year! (hopefully)
photo p1080512photo p1080514photo p1080516

Quite sad to say goodbye again, but I'll be there soon. Clouds quickly were passed and we were heading to the northwest.
photo p1080519

Service started very fast, two options again: sandwich or muffin? I went for a Sandwich and an orange juice
photo p1080521

Cabin during flight
photo p1080523

Soon we left Colombia and we entered in the Panama airspace. It was there where we started our descent.
photo p1080524photo p1080526

I was looking the first movie of Harry Potter, even I'm not a big fan of these kind of "sagas".
photo p1080529

Some nice islands during descent. Last year I was at the other side, but today views were very good too. Someday I have to go there.
photo p1080530photo p1080531

Flaps down and soon we were on finals. Today I had very nice views from the capital, Panama City, and it's financial area which is very big.
photo p1080534photo p1080537photo p1080538

Touchdown at Tocumen International airport at 10:35AM, after an hour and eight minutes in the air. (That was saying FR24) We left the runway at the end of it and we went to the parking position.
photo p1080542photo p1080545

People who boarded in Istanbul left the plane here and cleaning services quickly went inside the plane. Cabin crew was changed and the new passengers boarded. Here concludes this first part of the FR, with a route map which was pictured by me some days after my arrival.
photo 42452749_10215385076133655_2468724288090275840_n


As I said at the beggining I have not so many pictures of this flights. First of all because my seatmate who boarded in Panama had the window closed for the WHOLE flight, he just opened during take off and landing. Also row 6 on these flights are not the best to seat on planes TC-JNA toTC-JNE because views are blocked. Also I wasn't feeling very good during this flight and I wasn't thinking very much with the FR. Even that here's my short report. Again, sorry.
Florence hurricane was over the Atlantic today, and it was in the middle of the rout from Panama to Istanbul. So the flight we took today was much more northern than the normal ones. Here's our route. Normally TK800 goes over this area where Florence was located and heads to Azores Islands before reaching Portuguese coastline. Not today.
photo 42363036_10215385076573666_6766747397486804992_n

We took off from Panama at 12:55, fifteen minutes after STD. After seat belts were off crew gave our kits and Menu for today's flight.
photo p1080550

Only 45 minutes after takeoff the crew started with their lunch-dinner service. It was very fast for a 13 hours flight, but I was already hungry so it was good for me.
photo p1080551

Lights were dimmed less than two hours and a half after take off, so passengers were allowed to rest. Water was given before the cabin crew disappeared from the cabin for the next 9 hours. On these kind of flights I like to walk around the cabin but crew was very rude and I was sent to my seat on some times. Even I wasn't feeling very good I remained awake for some hours. Our flight was quite bumpy on the first 7 hours, and seat belt was turned ON over Cuba first and over the atlantic again. I slept some hours before reaching the southern part of the Irish coast and I woke up again some good three hours before landing.

Breakfast was served two hours before landing. I had some problems to publish this pictures so finally I had to make a picture of the picture, so quality is not the best.
photo 42308523_10215385093054078_5336312353484963840_o

I requested a picture to my seatmate, he took me than some minutes before starting our descent in Istanbul.
photo pty-ist

We landed in Turkey at 9:20AM (STA is 9:50) and we taxied to a remote stand. Then I headed to the terminal. No more Avianca flights here, this is TK land.
photo p1080552photo p1080553

Thanks for reading the report, again I'm so sorry because the result is not the best one on the long flight. I'll do it better on my next TK flight!
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Even the flight is longer, TK is a very recommended airlint to fly. Even the crew is usually quite rude, the service on board is very good and on these long flights to and from Latin America enterteinment and meals are very useful and used.



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