Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Barcelona in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1855
Class Economy
Seat 27J
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 10 Sep 18, 14:50
Arrival at 10 Sep 18, 17:40
TK   #13 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 610 reviews
Published on 22nd September 2018
Hi again to this second part of my way back home from Colombia. After 4 hours walking at the old Istanbul airport and drinking some beer even it was not time for fit, it was finally time to take my flight TK1855 to Barcelona. Today I have to say goodbye to Istanbul Atatürk airport, where i've been 5 times from 2009, when I flew my first time from greece. I was quite sad again but I also wanted to arrive in my house.

My last boarding in this airport was by bus again. As I was on my final flight I started talking with a couple who were coming from Istanbul. I told them I was coming from Colombia so they were very surprised of my flights. They were asking me about "How many hours have you been awake?" or "How many flight hours you have at your back?" We were also talking with a guy who was coming home from Dhaka, Bangladesh. This flight is full of people from asia who are back home in Catalonia after a visit to their families. I saw people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India… and some asians who were going to Barcelona probably to visit the city. But let's go with the important things. Here's a picture of the wing today. TC-LNA is the one choosen for this flight
photo p1080555

Equipped with PTV's but thei were very old. Coming from the TC-JND these one were a s**t and no more than ten films and some TV programs were offered only in turkish and english. So during the flight I only used the flight map. Hopefully isn't a very long flight now.
photo p1080554photo p1080556

Pushback was made and engines were turned on. Taxi to the runway was quite long because of the traffic.
photo p1080557photo p1080563photo p1080570

Also safety video was played. I don't really like it.
photo p1080561

Finally we lined up with the runway and… rotate! Bye bye LTBA, I'll miss you!!
photo p1080572

And I will also miss those nice views from Istanbul.
photo p1080573photo p1080575

The new airport is waiting guys!
photo p1080578

Reaching our cruising altitude. 39.000 feet today.
photo p1080580photo p1080582

And meal was served. Pasta or beef were the options. There was also some "hummus" and chocolate cake which was incredible.
photo p1080583photo p1080584

And after lunch some coffee and time to work a little bit
photo p1080585

By the time we were flying over Naples, which was very nice to see
photo p1080586

Some storms caused some little bumps, but nothing serious. Just the seat belt sign on and ten minutes of dance.
photo p1080587

As I had no one next to me (the flight wasn't full) I went to the galley to request another mousse. It was really good

Nearing Barcelona
photo p1080588

Descent started and soon seat belt was turned on again. My trip was reaching the end. The weather wasn't the best today at home…

Airport in sight and some turn over the coast of Garraf. We will land from the south today, runway 7L
photo p1080599photo p1080601

Flaps down and on finals. I'm almost home mum!
photo p1080602photo p1080604photo p1080605

And touchdown after some good 3 hours and 10 minutes in the air. Back home, in Catalonia, where we arrived some minutes before STA. It was raining a little bit so I couldn't take more pictures.
photo p1080606photo p1080608photo 42301101_10215385076973676_5441094334143266816_n

After parking I went to the passport controls and later I picked my bag, which was one of the last to appear. And finally, at the other side of the door my mum was waiting for me and the first thing she said was… "Peace is over for me" I think also for me! We took the L9 train to our house, another hour of trip (more than 26 totally) to our house which I spent explaining some adventures of the last two and a half months in the colombian jungle.

Thank you very much for reading. In a few days I will publish more FR as I have some other trips to make on the following days. Keep in touch, and cheers!
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Again another great FR with Turkish Airlines.



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