Review of Singapore Airlines flight Denpasar Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ943
Class Business
Seat 12A
Aircraft Boeing 787-10
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 08 Sep 18, 13:05
Arrival at 08 Sep 18, 15:45
SQ   #2 out of 133 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 569 reviews
By 1991
Published on 1st October 2018
Hi guys,

Welcome to the fourth installment of my series of trip reports.

1. CMB SIN - SQ469 - Airbus A330-300 - 02 Sep 2018 - Follow this link
2. SIN CGK - SQ956 - Airbus A350-900 - 02 Sep 2018 - Follow this link
3. CGK DPS - XT7514 - Airbus 320-200 - 02 Sep 2018 - Follow this link
4. DPS SIN - SQ943 - Boeing 787-10 - 08 Sep 2018 - You are here.


There are thing that you plan, like my previous sector with SQ and then there are things happen in favour of you, unplanned, just like this flight. Originally this flight was assigned an A330-300 which I have already flown four times in the same cabin, one of which being the exact same flight and will be flying in the next sector as well. So it would have been a somewhat boring Deja Vu for me if it went that way but everything changed when Singapore Airlines received the first lot of their Boeing 787-10, starting from April. This stretched version of the Dreamliners were ordered by SQ specifically for short and medium haul operations replacing their A330s which are having older cabin products. At first, these birds were flown between SIN-KUL and SIN-BKK as crew training flights before deploying them for flights to cities like Perth, Manila and Osaka. Routes online reported in late May that one of the four pairs of flights operated between Singapore and Denpasar will be operated by their 787-10s, starting from July and that flight happened to be the one I have booked. It was confirmed when I checked my booking online where the equipment for this flight has suddenly gone missing from the booking information. Interestingly this is the second time this happened to me, as in 2016 one of my flights changed from an A330-200 to a 787-8. Though I didn't have a special interest in flying this type, it was great to review one of the latest products in the sky.

On the flight day

After staying for a week in the paradise island, which is "short" in terms of Balinese standards, sadly it was time to head back home. We left our Airbnb in Seminyak at 9.30 am using a trusted BlueBird taxi which can be booked using their mobile app. You can hail on the streets but should be careful when doing so because there are dodgy taxis with very similar appearance to the original BlueBird, especially the one with "BLUE BIRO" front sticker. You can hardly spot that its ending with "O" not "D"!!!

photo dsc01793photo dsc01795

Traffic was not as bad as we expected, so we reached the international terminal with 3 hours and 15 mins left for the departure.

photo dsc01802photo dsc01805

Our flight was displayed on the screens as it approached the standard check-in opening time.

photo dsc01822

Singapore Airlines is using check-in desks C1 to C12.

photo dsc01829

After a quick check of our tickets followed by a security check we were let through to the check-in area.

photo dsc01832

CAS is doing ground handling for SQ at DPS and I noticed some of their female staff is dressed in traditional Balinese kebaya uniforms.
When I inquired they told that they have some special passengers traveling in SQ today, so dressed as such for that.

Battle of the Kebayas. SQ vs CAS :P

photo dsc01833

Check-in was done by an enthusiastic lady with whom we had a little chat as the lines were quite empty for business class. I asked whether the similarly friendly lady who checked me in last time is still with them. She was quite surprised about my memory and told that she left the company to join Garuda's cabin crew. Good for her to be a part of an award wining crew! The lady wanted to confirm that we want to sit with our original seat selections which again are two single window seats. She insisted that she can move us to seats C and D on a same row so we can be together. I had to explain that since this is my wife's first time to Bali, we can both enjoy the views of the island from above and that we are not angry with each other ;) Also told that we are anyway seated together in the next sector. She laughed and handed us the boarding passes for both sectors and the invitation for the lounge.

The check-in desk monitors still showing the flight leaving an hour before ours.

photo dsc01838

It took about 10 mins for check-in and we are off to the immigration.

photo dsc01843

FIDS showing departures till evening.

photo dsc01844

First up was security and it was a breeze. They have new type of advanced body scanner installed which I didn't see last time.
The immigration had long lines even though all of the counters were manned, it took about another 10 mins to get to the airside.

The compulsory walk through the duty free shops.

photo dsc01846

Some beautifully designed kites on display to promote Bali Kite Festival.

photo dsc01849photo dsc01850

The lounges are located in the mezzanine floor. CAS operated Premium Lounge is the one used by SQ.

photo dsc01854photo dsc01861

After handing over our invitation to the lounge reception staff, we were welcomed inside.

It was crowded as there are many departures around noon.

photo dsc01863

Outside seating area.

photo dsc01889

View from the balcony.

photo dsc01891

Breakfast was still on offer at the buffet. Few hot and cold options were available. Hot food was mainly Indonesian and Chinese.

Drinks station.

photo dsc01895

Snacks. Apologize for not being able take photos of hot food buffet.

photo dsc01896

My selection of snacks. Tiramisu was great!

photo dsc01896a

After having late breakfast, I checked the status of the our inbound flight. It showed that flight is about to land so we decided to leave the lounge and head for the gate.

photo dsc01905

SQ939 has not left yet means…

photo dsc01907

Two SQ flights at adjacent gates!

photo dsc01911

AirAsia aircraft with special livery - No. 01

photo dsc01912

Elders leaving, giving chance to the youngsters.

photo dsc01913

We are at our gate.

photo dsc01916


photo dsc01927

Singapore Airlines is the launch customer for this variant of Dreamliner and still the only one operating them. They will be followed by KLM, United and Etihad.

photo dsc01934

DPS is a spotters paradise and there are many movements at this hour which gave me the opportunity take the following.

JQ109 to Perth.

photo dsc01940

A Malindo B738 with standard tail design.

photo dsc01941

Another Malindo B738 but with Batik Air tail design.

photo dsc01947

Meanwhile a Citilink A320 is taking off.

photo dsc01948

Private jet terminal across the runway. The gigantic statue in the background is located at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park in southern Bali.

photo dsc01951

SQ939 on takeoff roll.

photo dsc01960

There she goes…

photo dsc01964

AirAsia aircraft with special livery - No. 02. This time its an AirAsia X A333 from KUL.

photo dsc01967photo dsc01968

This tiny amphibian also has a space among giants landing on this busy airstrip.

photo dsc01975

The batik clad Malindo taking off.

photo dsc01979

Boarding was called 20 mins prior to the schedule departure and there were few families with children joining the priority lane.

photo dsc01987photo dsc01989

We were welcomed by the in-flight supervisor, Freddy who directed us to our seats.

First impressions of my seat. The seats are staggered where the position of the shelf changes in alternative rows. I chose 12A where I get a direct window view. The seat obviously looks narrower than the one in A350 but this is designed for short haul flights. Also if you select a direct window seat you may have to squeeze in to get in or out of the seats as the passage between the shelf and the front seat is really narrow. Seats are equipped with 3-point seat belt like in a ground vehicle.

photo dsc01997

Business class seat map of Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10. They employ 2 class configuration in these with Economy Class having industry standard 3-3-3 abreast seating which may be little uncomfortable compared to 2-4-2 abreast layout of retiring A330-300s.

photo dsc01997a

The ottoman and the stowage space below. The tray table is stored below the IFE screen.

photo dsc02000

View of the business class cabin from the front…

photo dsc02002

…and from the back as well. The J class was around 90% full today.

photo dsc02006

Middle seats of row 16 with adjustable divider for privacy. This option is not their for rows with shelf located between the two seats, not towards aisle.

photo dsc02012

Wifi onboard!

photo dsc02013

Some features of my seat…

IFE screen is large as it can be.

photo dsc02017

The power and USB ports along with stowage space for small items.

photo dsc02032

The vanity mirror.

photo dsc02032a

IFE and seat controls along with headphone port. I forgot to illuminate the seat control panel before taking this pic :/

photo dsc02033

The pocket for printed articles is located at the bottom.

photo dsc02044

Additional reading lights located at the side of the seat. There are three lights focused at three different positions; for bed, lap and tray table respectively.

photo dsc02050

The bulkhead seats 11A and 11K have space for bassinets.

photo dsc02190

Welcome drinks and oshibori were offered in the meantime.

photo dsc02039

Safety information card.

Menu for this flight.

photo dsc02004

Menu for the inbound flight.

photo dsc02005

We pushed back exactly at the scheduled departure time.

photo dsc02051photo dsc02052

But then we had to wait in the queue.

A Batik Air B739 leaving DPS.

photo dsc02056

We began our slow taxi run.

AirAsia aircraft with special livery - No. 03.

photo dsc02063

After the safety instructions another video showing seat functions of this new aircraft was played.

photo dsc02065

Good assistance from the wind!

photo dsc02067

At the edge of the runway.

photo dsc02073photo dsc02079

All clear!

photo dsc02080

A little Scooty following us to Singapore. In fact she is late by two and half hours.

photo dsc02083

Takeoff roll began 15 mins past the scheduled departure time.

Until next time, good bye Bali!!!

We departed from runway 9 as usual and turned back to fly towards Singapore.

View of the runway and the airport.

photo dsc02108photo dsc02116

Beaches of Canggu area.

photo dsc02118

Soon we were flying past East Java and its volcanic mountains.

Mount Baluran.

Food trolleys rolled out and crew inquired for our choices. I chose the Indonesian option of spicy lamb curry accompanied by stir fried veges and rice. All courses were served in one go.

photo dsc02150a

The starter and the dessert. Both were good in quality.

photo dsc02150b

My usual choice or bread, served warm!

photo dsc02151c

and the main course…. was fantastic. The lamb was tender and spiced to perfection. Vegetables complimented well. By far the best dish I had in the sky.

photo dsc02150d

Singapore Sling as the choice of drink, Again!

photo dsc02154

Time to check the IFE. The product is the same as the one installed in A350s. Very responsive.

I was taking some shots of the wing and some photos with my wife, when Freddy came and offered to take a photo of both of us. We happily accepted.

photo dsc02172

Wifi was enabled in this flight with complimentary 30MB data for J class pax. You have to connect to Krisworld network and then log in using the browser. The connection seemed fast enough and had no hiccups.

Cabin crew came by to see if I need anything else and I requested for another Sling which was delivered promptly.

photo dsc02205

Arrival information can be obtained from the IFE.

photo dsc02207photo dsc02208

There was still time left for the descent so I went to the galley to chat with the crew. Flight attendant Sharon and Senior stewardess Josephine were really friendly and were interested in our trip details.

Soon it was time for landing but the captain informed that due to typical congestion at Changi, we have circle over Johor before taking the final approach.

Approaching runway 20R.

Touched down at 3.52pm, 7 mins behind the schedule.

9V-SQJ, a stored Boeing 777-200 with SQ logos removed.

photo dsc02262

Someone from the House of Orange is here! She will be heading to where we came from.

photo dsc02266photo dsc02268

All the heavies lining up at T3.

photo dsc02269

Qatar Airways A350-900 landing right behind us.

photo dsc02272

After the short taxi, we docked to gate B2 in Terminal 3. We thanked the cabin crew and left for the terminal only to remember we forgot a jacket at the seat. We returned to the gate and were asked by the security to wait until the crew comes. When Sharon came out she saw us waiting and asked about the issue and quickly ran back to retrieve it for us. Kudos to the young lady!!!

In the meantime another A350-900 lands, this time its all the way from Helsinki.

photo dsc02290

It was nearly 4.30 pm when all these over and we have another 6 hours to kill before taking the final flight of this journey.

That's brings us to the end of this flight report. Thanks for reading. Please await for the next one as well.
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A delightful flight. It was a great opportunity to test a new cabin product and. The hard product is highly advance than the A333s they are replacing but compared to their A350s these seats are narrow and space is somewhat limited which is fine for a flight of this length. On board WiFi is also a plus point. IFE is easy to navigate and responsive, while the selection is great as usual. The meal was wonderful and the cabin crew was one the friendliest yet being so efficient during the cabin service. They take pride in serving these new birds and they were able to deliver their best for this short flight. Overall it was enjoyable!

Information on the route Denpasar (DPS) Singapore (SIN)


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    aaqib67 45 Comments

    Hi Thurya,

    Once again an amazing FR!
    May I know what Camera you use?


  • Comment 468085 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4904 Comments

    Thanks for sharing another beautiful report with great pics and planespotting :-)
    Nice to see an aircraft change actually work out for the better--I'm not so lucky, usually I end up with a worse plane haha. The cabin is really modern and beautiful. It's funny how SQ went from veeeery wide seats to these much narrower seats, but I guess they're flying the -10s on shorter sectors. Still the seats look really cool and futuristic.

    • Comment 468128 by
      Thurya AUTHOR 77 Comments


      "Nice to see an aircraft change actually work out for the better--I'm not so lucky, usually I end up with a worse plane haha. "
      - Ouch... It hurts physically and psychologically when that happens :)
      "It's funny how SQ went from veeeery wide seats to these much narrower seats, but I guess they're flying the -10s on shorter sectors."
      - Narrower seats are okay for a flight of 3-4 hours but they use these for longer flights around 6 hrs which can be little uncomfortable.
      Still the seats look really cool and futuristic.
      - You can't find a cooler "regional" J class seat than this.

      Thank you for the kind comments!

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    AbyssinTeam 89 Comments

    Thanks for this report with so many pics!
    So cool as we will take this flight mid november and just notice the seat design in the center not talk friendly !
    We will move from the center to window seats.

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