Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Taipei in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 876
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:25
Take-off 30 Aug 18, 08:53
Arrival at 30 Aug 18, 13:18
SQ   #4 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 695 reviews
By 2014
Published on 28th September 2018
Just 3 days after I returned from New Zealand, it was time to fly again as I went up to Taipei for a short escapade. Being a morning peak departure, there was a short queue at the Business Class check-in counters at T3, but we were checked in swiftly and boarding passes issued.

photo 29975493077_7d1295c620_b

photo 43999618095_556a3161c7_b

Went to the crowded (as expected due to the morning peak) Silver Kris Lounge to grab some breakfast.

photo 43999616885_16529f6ca0_b

photo 31038901378_e6bddc21e8_b

Apart from the standard not-so-impressive breakfast buffet selection, there were 2 'live' stations offering Mee Siam and Seafood Congee.

photo 43999618315_37d1866a27_b

photo 43999618445_a4ab98f3fe_b

photo 31038901268_9f7c3fdbbf_b

My breakfast items. It was all very average, especially the Singapore Carrot Cake, which seemed less tasty than the last time I had it in this same lounge some time back.

photo 43999617895_cb040b2255_b

photo 31038901168_bdceb81b1a_b

photo 43999617095_6ab873418a_b

Proceeded to the gate at A19, where boarding had just commenced.

photo 31038900798_1a1e30e985_b

photo 43999616405_d606399458_b

30 August 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 876
Singapore (SIN) - Taipei Taoyuan (TPE)
Business Class
Flight Time: 4H25M

Another A333 at the adjacent gate during boarding.

photo 43999616145_b035aa23d8_b

Boarded the youngest aircraft in SQ's A333 family.

photo 43999615475_325d6a5082_b

No introduction needed for this angled-flat Regional Business Class seat on the A333s, which would be gradually replaced with the B787-10s with the new lie-flats. We were seated at the last row of Business. Flight was about 70% full in Business Class on this sector.

photo 31038899918_2239859be0_b

As soon as we settle in, welcome beverages of juices, welcome mix or water was offered as this was a morning departure. I had an orange juice.

photo 31038900278_b00c668ef8_b

View out the window.

photo 43999614885_0cf36d2587_b

Crew offered newspapers and magazines, and handed out hot towels.

photo 43999614585_871f1eab77_b

photo 43999614275_07c57782a2_b

Pushed back with safety video played.

photo 43999613995_78afff342b_b

photo 43999613785_676df6c097_b

Flight time was estimated at 4hrs.

photo 43999613555_eb3bfdc33e_b

Started the taxi to Rwy02C, passing Terminal 4. The T4 narrowbody gates were seriously underutilized, with most gates ending up as remote stands for SilkAir and Scoot aircraft.

photo 43999613385_c59d6de21d_b

photo 43999613145_d07d85dc40_b

Passing T4

photo 43999612945_8789a8d393_b

Departure from Rwy02C.

photo 31038898288_4a6072c317_b

photo 31038898148_71665a6080_b

photo 31038898028_b9c976a5ce_b

Video of the takeoff.

Visit to the well-stocked lavatory after seatbelt signs were turned off.

photo 31038897958_3250633abb_b

photo 31038897838_3884bfc856_b

photo 31038897768_538cb1fb68_b

Blue skies and sea.

photo 31038897578_d7188b7cdd_b

After takeoff beverages were offered and I requested for a soya bean milk, which is offered only on oriental flights. Watched the local comedy Ah Boys to Men 4.

photo 31038897458_1bd8cdaa7d_b

Lets take a look what is offered for breakfast.

photo 43999612585_4a1d823afd_b

photo 43999612315_1e5f902d1a_b

And the selection for the return SQ877 sector for August.

photo 43999612155_95b2b7c9f8_b

The wine list.

photo 43999611915_dba4ba794a_b

Breakfast service commenced.

photo 31038897378_156c14a174_b

The breakfast tray was served with fresh fruits, butter and jam. A selection of breakfast pastries were also offered. Had a coffee to go along.

photo 31038897218_9b060180ac_b

Raisin bran with milk and yoghurt.

photo 31038887708_65377d3420_b

For the main, I had Booked-the-cook the Grilled Angus beef burger with portobello mushroom, onion jam, cheese and tomatoes. Typing this report, I just realised there was no cheese in the burger…. However it still tasted pretty good.

photo 31038897138_a3574e5688_b

photo 43999609145_d7d9cefb0a_b

My friend pre-ordered the Nasi Briyani (An Indian specialty, fragrant Basmati rice, cooked with aromatic spices, herbs, tomatoes, saffron and milk, is served with tender chicken simmered in gravy), which was delicious!

photo 44911699511_ea98a9bc31_b

Somewhere over the South China Sea

photo 31038896848_2c9925cebc_b

Requested for a Mao Feng tea from the Chinese tea selection. It was served with a pack of almonds and cashews.

photo 29975487837_bdbbe2eb60_b

F1-branded SQ mineral water offered.

photo 44911700031_0a9940813b_b

View of the cabin and seat.

photo 44192138274_0e6cd8effc_b

photo 31038896588_e3e491c512_b

An hour to go after completing my movie.

photo 44192137724_bb3a7ed5f5_b

Started on my second movie, a Hong Kong comedy.

photo 44192137524_f1e333a579_b

Ordered a cappuccino to keep myself awake, especially with the early start of the day.

photo 44192137944_69effaef00_b

Started the descend into Taipei. We were flying in the clouds for the most part over Taiwan.

photo 31038896168_ae6c778530_b

photo 31038896138_0c474712a3_b

Descending into Taipei from the south.

photo 31038896068_82a4586eda_b

Approach and landing into Taoyuan Rwy05R.

photo 31038896038_450b5eaae1_b

photo 44192135874_11c8a2d6c5_b

photo 44192135614_d1b24a3d04_b

photo 31038895968_97f500c89c_b

photo 44192134904_d7c4fcff06_b

photo 44192134624_a3b45c10ee_b

Video of the landing.

Missing the Tigers in Changi. Making do with the Taiwan versions.

photo 31038895558_5d1d37a348_b

Parked at the gate.

photo 31038895388_03b6fae319_b

Disembarked and last look at the seat and aircraft.

photo 31038895288_2c16741c9a_b

photo 31038895068_546b5a9307_b

Luckily, queues for immigration was short and priority baggage came out early.

photo 31038894948_a6535276e0_b

From the airport, we bought the Airport Metro round-trip and 48hrs metro pass combo tickets, which offers significant savings. The new Airport metro line allows us passengers to reach Taipei city center in less than 40min. Very much improved convenience!

photo 31038894718_319b8abbc8_b

We stayed at Caesar Park Hotel, which is very conveniently located beside the Taipei Main Station and the airport metro. Was upgraded to a bigger and newly-renovated room, which is clean, modern, comfortable with a very spacious bathroom.

photo 31038894458_6d03948917_b

photo 31038894318_28ee6babd4_b

View from the room. CI A330 can be seen approaching Songshan Airport in the city center.

photo 44911702621_a3022dbcb8_b

photo 44911702411_4ef9fac29f_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business - 3


Singapore - SIN


Taipei - TPE



Another pleasant flight on SQ Business Class, with high standards of onboard service and offerings maintained.

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    I'm impressed that SQ uses Penhaligon's toiletries in its WC. Now if they can only provide amenity kits in J with its "Sartorial" Eau de Toilette.

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