Review of Thai Air Asia flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Air Asia
Flight FD 354
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:14
Take-off 02 Nov 18, 17:31
Arrival at 02 Nov 18, 18:45
FD   #5 out of 15 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 30 reviews
By 646
Published on 14th November 2018
Early this month, I revisited Hokkaido for the autumn, making the 4 nights trip over a public holiday. This trip would be flown on a mix of mainly LCCs as well as a finale on my 1st ever flight in SQ Suites. Itinerary would be SIN-DMK-CTS-KIX-SIN. As SQ has upgraded one of the 2x daily flights to KIX to the A380 for the peak travel season, Suites availability was widely open for redemption, with 4 seats or more available on most days. KIX is definitely not a premium-heavy destination. However, before sharing on my Suites experience, lets first embark on the flights up to Sapporo on the AirAsia group.

The flight up to Japan was booked on a combination of Thai AirAsia and Thai AirAsiaX, needing a transit at Don Mueang. Did self check-in for the flight at Changi Terminal 4 and boarding passes for both flights were printed. Baggage were dropped off at the self-drop counters and would be checked through for the connecting flight.

photo 30889556057_84a769ff07_b

photo 45104652244_4888b7b6eb_b

photo 30889554177_3291d2fd5a_b

Most of the departures from T4 were from the AirAsia group.

photo 44916182305_763885e535_b

Passed through the centralised security screening into the departure hall. This afternoon, the terminal was busier than usual with travellers heading off for the weekend getaways.

photo 45104652084_f2f00623f7_b

Using my Priority Pass, I visited the Blossom Lounge, which is both a SATS Premier Lounge and a Plaza Premium Lounge. Other than CX passengers, all other full-service airlines' premium passengers in T4 are sent to this lounge.

photo 44012525250_2c41bb7289_b

Seating was plentiful and there were different seating options, such as individual pods, solo seats, sofas and dining areas.

photo 45829270251_1d2be8ba15_b

photo 30889554457_317f6a3434_b

photo 45104651074_aa4e47f89e_b

photo 30889554557_7d7afb6cfb_b

There is a manned bar.

photo 45104651154_233298e804_b

And a decent buffet selection.

photo 45104651804_383f1e701c_b

Salad bar and cheeses

photo 45104651754_e627e58b99_b

Alcohols, juices and snacks.

photo 30889555617_e12b2e8780_b

4 hot dishes and a soup.

photo 45829271691_a35f8cbe7e_b

Noodle bar offering Laksa and Vegetarian noodles.

photo 44012524680_a746504e63_b

Sandwiches and desserts.

photo 45104651544_33977a17fa_b

Beverage area

photo 45104650534_734e2c3395_b

Something to bite before the flight. The laksa was actually pretty good!

photo 45104650794_f7d546666e_b

02 November 2018
Thai AirAsia
FD 354
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok Don Mueang (DMK)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H15M

Upon reaching the gate, boarding had already commenced and we proceeded immediately to board. No surprises that it would be operated by one of the A320 workhorses.

photo 45104650204_2e69ddf081_b

photo 44916179925_15b42eecb7_b

photo 45829269351_4b8839dd8e_b

The usual LCC black leather seats.

photo 45829269471_09a91c343c_b

Boarding in progress

photo 45829268921_c122034f3b_b

View out the window.

photo 30889553117_64de3cec96_b

I was seated at the emergency exit row, which offered a comfortable legroom as compared to the rest of the tight rows. My Premium Flatbed fare had allowed free selection of the extra legroom seats on the A320 sectors as well.

photo 45829268691_0c62601f95_b

Inflight magazines.

photo 45104649514_b7ccdddf6b_b

Boarding completed, and it was a very full flight. Only empty seats were at the emex rows.

photo 45829268311_010428f2cd_b

Safety demo performed manually and we taxied out to the runway. Even though the taxi distance to Rwy02C was short, we had to hold for some time to allow aircraft ahead of us to depart and land.

photo 30889552777_f0d6cc421e_b

photo 45104649294_6abbcf72ca_b

photo 45829268021_69393a60a0_b

photo 30889552487_15ac162578_b

photo 45829267731_6907618545_b

Finally holding for departure. There was an SQ A330 beside, which was held at the position for quite a while since we started taxi. Not sure what went wrong with the aircraft.

photo 31958460088_2abbc954b4_b

Departing from Rwy02C.

photo 30889552277_373f85263c_b

photo 45104648844_121853b77c_b

Weather was not too good and it took a while before seatbelt signs were turned off. However, the bumps were light.

photo 31958459628_b51424c3df_b

Service started and pre-booked meals were distributed.

photo 30889552017_f1b5d2a4c6_b

My fare was inclusive of a meal and I pre-booked the ML Noi’s Basil Fried Chicken on Rice. It tasted meh… Lots of rice but miniscule proteins in a very watery sweet-tasting sauce. Nowhere near the authentic Thai Basil fried chicken, and this coming from the Thai unit of AirAsia. Came with a bottle of water. The catering standards on the various AirAsia units seemed inconsistent as I find the catering quality on the big brother Malaysia AirAsia to be superior, even for the same dishes.

photo 45104648674_326a261129_b

photo 30889551837_ed37de8782_b

photo 31958458948_691e43acdf_b

The Thai Green Curry with Rice which my friend ordered was probably only slightly better.

photo 30889551627_3715a00647_b

Setting sun

photo 45104648284_b751d4e323_b

Lavatory was basic. The single lav at the front of the aircraft was unoperational and the almost full flight had to use the 2 at the rear. Luckily it was only a short flight and not many passengers had the urge to use the lavs.

photo 45104648064_62640dfecb_b

Cabin view

photo 30889551187_319256732c_b

Soon, we were descending into Don Mueang and landed on Rwy21R.

photo 30889550357_c32d271358_b

photo 45829264451_a059041d1a_b

Parked at the gate. No bussing needed this time round.

photo 30889550017_4aa8d15f9c_b

Disembarking and a look at my comfortable emex row seat.

photo 30889551417_786c101e9e_b

photo 31958458498_780efdfea9_b

Disembarked from the FD A320.

photo 45829266051_143bcbe685_b
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Thai Air Asia

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Blossom Lounge - 4


Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - DMK



It was a run-of-the-mill LCC flight on AirAsia. Catering was mediocre (as as it looked) but comfort was enhanced with the spacious exit row seat, though I am sure the experience would not be as fun if I were to be stuck in the fully filled normal rows with limited seat pitch.

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