Review of Delta Connection flight Nashville Minneapolis in Economy

Airline Delta Connection
Flight DL3719
Class Economy
Seat 10D
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 18 Nov 18, 16:40
Arrival at 18 Nov 18, 18:55
DL   #85 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 137 reviews
Published on 3rd December 2018


Welcome to my Flight-Report, for Delta Connection flight 3719 between Nashville and Minneapolis. I was rebooked onto this flight, connecting onto a 757-300 to Seattle after my original itinerary from Nashville to Seattle via Atlanta went haywire due to my Nashville-Atlanta plane going tech. The reports from my other flights in this trip are here:

Waiting…and waiting…and waiting…

As I mentioned before, my plane from Nashville to Atlanta had a maintenance issue that created a delay so long that I wouldn't have made my connection. It was a busy travel day, being a few days before Thanksgiving, so while I was lucky to even get seats on these flights, I had to wait for 6 hours in the airport which got boring quick. After I got off my previous flight and informed family at home about my flight changes, I went to a gate to get my boarding passes printed out. Amazingly, even though this was a completely full flight, I got seat 10D, a window seat in the very first row of economy. For my other flight, I was to get my seat assignment at the gate in Minneapolis. During my wait I alternated between doing schoolwork, walking around the airport, and plane-spotting. As with my previous reports, some plane spotting photos are in the bonus section below.
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Flight 3719: BNA-MSP

I'll just skip over the boring waiting part and get straight to the flight from here. My plane left Minneapolis about an hour late on its inbound flight, so a 20 minute delay was posted, but I wasn't too terribly concerned since airlines pad their flight times anyways. At about 4:15 pm, my plane arrived at the gate.
photo 44204071750_748c0bad45_k
N264SY, a 0.7 year old Embraer 175 operated by Skywest Airlines.
They turned around the airplane rather quickly, and announced that everyone's tighter connections in Minneapolis should be fine. Boarding was announced shortly thereafter, at around 4:35.
A closer view of the plane.
photo 46118270081_9652897a63_k
There was a bit of a holdup in the aisle thanks to the person in front of me taking 5 minutes to store a bag in the overhead that was too big, but other than that boarding was quick. I took my seat in row 10, over the wing.
photo 46035397661_9bc2720ca5_k
This was my first time flying on an E-Jet, and I was very impressed with it. The seats were comfortable and wide, the windows were huge although they were slightly misaligned, and the overhead bins were decently-sized for a regional jet.
The photo doesn't show it well, but legroom was also good, although that may be because the plane is in a special 70-seat configuration due to regional airline scope clauses.
photo 46035397971_479e35925d_k
My view of the cabin after boarding was finished but before pushback. Since this is a new plane, the cabin was basically pristine.
photo 44218417010_a9f0d65f6a_k
After everything was said and done, we pushed back a few minutes before 5 pm. The Chicago-based crew introduced themselves, then did a manual safety demonstration. The taxi time was short, and we only had to wait for a Delta 757-200 bound for Atlanta to depart before it was our turn.
Here's a video of our departure. It's not the best quality, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Our climb was fairly turbulent but quick. Once the streaming IFE was turned on, I started to explore it and was satisfied with what it had.
The movie/TV show library looked impressive, although I chose to read a book during the flight instead.
photo 31096542937_3dca28951b_k
There was also a flight tracker, arrivals info, and aircraft data.
photo 46035399481_139db40dde_k
photo 44219577670_e84b862195_k
photo 45123618175_650d54b800_k
30 minutes or so into the flight, the attendants came through with beverage and snack services. The only snack choice was a KIND bar, and I had a Sprite to drink. The flight attendants were friendly yet professional, having brief conversations with passengers as they were serving them.
photo 45123620255_a66e0dae6a_k
After that, the flight was mostly uneventful, save for some turbulence around Iowa. I visited the aft lav before descent, and it was clean and served its purpose.
photo 45123620875_a597c3a6c4_k
A view of the entire economy cabin.
photo 46138838681_33def9ca6b_k
Descent was uneventful too, and we made a smooth touchdown in chilly Minneapolis (26 F, -3 C). Just like with the takeoff, a YouTube video of our landing is below.

Although it was dark so photography was difficult, we passed a good number of MD-90 and 717 aircraft on our taxi to the gate, which was interesting given how rare they are in other parts of the world.
photo 31080790107_f1583fbeec_k
photo 45969981202_f759abb78a_k
photo 45969982852_6598662e2b_k
We docked at gate C13 exactly on time at 6:54 pm. For the sake of completeness, here's a blurry shot of the first class cabin I took while deplaning.
photo 46154896971_f64af2cef3_z
Since I had a tight connection in Minneapolis, I didn't get a shot of N264SY at the gate, but it was heading to Chicago O'Hare after this. In the gate area, I met up with my grandparents and started making our way to the gate for our next flight in concourse F, which was quite a walk.
Here's the FR24 stats for this flight.
photo 45431144054_187b546b6a_k
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Delta Connection

Cabin crew8.0

Nashville - BNA


Minneapolis - MSP



Overall, I really liked this Delta Connection flight. The airplane itself was nice, with passenger features that definitely aren't reminiscent of typical regional jets. Although the slight delay was annoying, it was due to weather so it wasn't controllable, and besides, we arrived on time anyways. The crew was nice too, and service was adequate for this short-haul flight. I wouldn't hesitate to fly on a Delta E-175 again, and I'd gladly recommend it to anyone.



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