Review of Southwest Airlines flight Kahului Honolulu in Economy

Airline Southwest Airlines
Flight WN325
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 29 Jun 19, 08:15
Arrival at 29 Jun 19, 08:55
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Published on 21st October 2019


Hello all,

This report is covering a Hawaiian interisland flight I took on Southwest Airlines, from Kahului to Honolulu. Personally, I live in the Seattle area, but my family and I visit the Maui area for vacation every so often. The day before we left (we took a Delta 757-200 from SEA to OGG and back), we decided to take a day trip to Honolulu to see the island and visit my aunt, who lives on Oahu, so I started looking for flights there. Being 4 days before departure, I wasn’t sure that fares were going to be very cheap, but I decided to look anyways.

Changing gears a bit, Southwest started flights to Hawaii on March 17, 2019 with much fanfare. In late April, they started interisland flights as well from Honolulu to Kahului and Kona, with four flights each. At the time of my flights, Southwest had these two interisland flights, plus Honolulu/Kahului-Oakland/San Jose, although they will start service to Hilo and Lihue and more mainland flights this winter. When shopping for flights, I was personally hoping to take Hawaiian in order to get another ride on the elusive Boeing 717, but I was open to taking Southwest instead, given the novelty of flying them interisland because of how new they are to the market. Upon a cursory search of Google Flights and Southwest’s website, I learned that Hawaiian was in the $120-140 round-trip range, but Southwest was only $78 RT, so my choice was obvious, and I immediately snapped up these tickets for my parents and I.

My itinerary for this day trip was as follows:

June 29, 2019: WN 325, dep. OGG 8:15 am, arr. HNL 8:55 am, Boeing 737-800
June 29, 2019: WN 319, dep. HNL 7:45 pm, arr. OGG 8:30 pm, Boeing 737-800

Kahului Airport

On the day of departure, I woke up at about 5:30 am. After getting ready, my parents and I got to the airport, parking at Kahului Airport's on-site lot at about 6:45.
photo 48904936151_c9591d71b7_k
At this time of day, the terminal wasn't terribly busy. The vast majority of flights were other interisland Hawaiian flights, and the only Southwest departures were my flight and an Oakland one.
photo 48904108836_ea704edc95_k
photo 48904108566_9281edc6ed_k
photo 48904414568_81d7cbc002_k
Since we weren't checking bags, check-in went by rather quickly.
photo 48904316822_a8ce8ec69a_k
photo 48904316007_40c85d1aa6_k
Security took about 10 minutes, so we were airside by about 6:55 am. Needing breakfast (and energy because I was planning on hiking up Diamond Head in a few hours), I stopped at Starbucks for an egg sandwich and coffee. Kahului Airport is partially open-air, so there was good views from the terminals. The downside of this though is that it can get very warm in certain areas at times, like it was before my redeye flight home.
photo 48903588673_ed6a79c01c_k
photo 48903589073_a409a3eced_k
Afterwards, I proceeded to my gate about 15 minutes before boarding started. Here's my 7 year-old 737-800 that took me to Honolulu, N8309C. It had recently gotten painted in Southwest's new livery and retrofitted with the new cabin.
photo 48905149027_0223f225b6_k
The gate area was a bit crowded, so I was glad that I waited at Starbucks for as long as possible.
photo 48904414758_063b533019_k
photo 48905149232_10a1682faa_k

Southwest Flight 325: OGG to HNL

At 7:50, I boarded. I had paid $15 for EarlyBird check-in to get a good boarding spot, and getting A21, I chose seat 9A forward of the wing.
photo 48904414778_0a04aa879a_k
photo 48904936571_4d7d379213_k
photo 48904414998_a81c002efc_k
photo 48904414978_f6bac6eb15_k
photo 48904936786_a2a016769d_k
I personally like Southwest's new seats, they feel comfortable, have good legroom, and look aesthetically pleasing.
photo 48911977361_f3bf254ea0_k
photo 48921975606_ea6dcf1d79_k
We pushed back 4 minutes before schedule, at 8:11 am. During our taxi to the runway we got treated with some more nice views of the Maui countryside.
photo 48921436353_acad2f434b_k
photo 48921436673_a12b25cdd5_k
There was no line for takeoff, and at 8:19 am we rocketed out from Kahului Airport, passing the coastline about 15 seconds into flight.
photo 48912188232_18026743f5_k
photo 48921976196_4a4b40ae35_k
photo 48922185007_cf2a1bdaeb_k
photo 48922024971_11fa4e26c4_k
photo 48921444558_9731d33783_k
photo 48922185112_d9f3778033_k
photo 48922026796_65285dc6fc_k
photo 48922026956_f0b7262cad_k
photo 48922228287_0205b677d1_k
photo 48922025226_32eaa03d39_k

As you might have noticed in the video, our takeoff and climb-out was quite steep. We hit 10,000 feet about 3 minutes into the flight, and cabin service started 5 minutes in. For this short hop, plastic cartons of Ocean Spray juice, some poured cups of ice water on a tray, and bags of pretzels were being offered, which I found adequate and competitive with Hawaiian, who served POG (Passion-Orange-Guava) juice and water on the same route (not that anyone's really choosing who to fly on such a short route based on the snack offerings). You could tell that the FAs were working hard to serve everyone in the ~15 minutes they had to do so, and they finished during descent right before approaching HNL, which was quite impressive.
photo 48932468516_6dd2265e46_k
Passing by the northwestern tip of Maui.
photo 48926267917_d9b05c2c5d_k
photo 48926072421_d97f4a5654_k
Flying over the island of Lanai, population 3,102, about halfway through the flight.
photo 48926074271_25b723fd29_k
photo 48925541838_b05ee07710_k
Just for kicks, I decided to check out Southwest's streaming entertainment. They had a selection of streaming movies and TV, and a moving map, but given the flight time I just glanced at the map for a minute or two.
photo 48926072916_6fae6f83f4_k
Before I knew it, we started our descent into the Honolulu area.
Turning on final to HNL.
photo 48926076051_234d17e233_k
First view of Oahu, about a minute before landing. We approached Honolulu from the west on this flight.
photo 48925543163_02d02c669b_k
Flying over what I believe is Hickam AFB, located on HNL property.
photo 48925544258_e9394e7177_k
photo 48925543853_55747a5922_k
At 8:40, after 21 minutes in flight, we touched down at Daniel K. Inouye Int'l Airport.
photo 48925544863_5d96a32b67_k
photo 48926078806_163834f0c6_k
photo 48926275167_5340ed20a3_k
photo 48926081031_8cc84cde35_k
photo 48926279357_6b2269d315_k

We parked at gate G7, a newly-renovated part of Concourse G at HNL specifically for Southwest flights. These were hardstand gates, but as an avgeek I didn't mind.
photo 48926083551_3b800af6dc_k
photo 48926280857_7dbda56cd6_k
photo 48926085991_936ee61e83_k
photo 48925553688_0b773361ff_k
photo 48926086946_85aa1d9c69_k
A few terminal shots of Southwest's Honolulu facilities, which are much more modern than the rest of the airport.
photo 48932572006_27a45ec1a6_k
photo 48932759302_6e67404c86_k
photo 48932573746_396c78bcdc_k
photo 48932572346_48daac41c4_k
After meeting up with my parents, we all took the Wiki-Wiki shuttle bus to baggage claim (my only gripe with the Southwest terminal is that it's so far away from the rest of the airport), headed over to the cell phone lot, met up with my aunt, and we were off on our way. I'll include some photos of Diamond Head and Oahu below in the bonus section if you'd like to check that out.
photo 48932035203_b957e28261_k
photo 48932035458_26e3629046_k
photo 48932761787_7011301917_k
To wrap up this report, I'll share the FR24 stats and routing of my flight.
photo 48932761452_1a349c0bf9_k
photo 48932086693_ce2cd83601_k
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Southwest Airlines

Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Kahului - OGG


Honolulu - HNL



All in all, I really liked flying Southwest on this trip, and I think they're a formidable competitor to Hawaiian in this market. The fares offered on this route are incredibly reasonable, and the FAs were friendly and provided good service. I particularly found their determination to serve all passengers food and drink on a 21-minute flight quite impressive, and given how many times they thanked the passengers for flying with them, you could tell that they were still very enthusiastic about their much-publicized Hawaiian flights. Some may lament the lack of assigned seating, but it isn't very important on short interisland flights IMO and Southwest offers EarlyBird as a work-around to that problem. The terminal facilities were also fine overall, with Kahului's being unremarkable and Honolulu being new but isolated. I wouldn't hesitate to fly Southwest on this route again, and I think that they'll slowly but surely build up a niche in the Hawaiian market over time. Thank you for reading my Flight-report, and feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comment section.

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