Review of Delta Air Lines flight Salt Lake City Baltimore in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1189
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:15
Take-off 09 Jul 19, 09:55
Arrival at 09 Jul 19, 16:10
DL   #39 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 802 reviews
Published on 17th July 2019


Hello everyone,
I took this flight heading to Baltimore, MD to visit family. I live in the Seattle area, and visit relatives in the southern Delaware area every summer, usually flying on Southwest or Alaska. This time, to shake things up a bit, I decided to take Delta eastbound, and Alaska home, on a Seattle-Salt Lake City-Baltimore-Seattle routing. My itinerary was as follows:
7/9/19 DL 1985 dep. SEA 6:00 am arr. SLC 9:00 am 737-900ER
7/9/19 DL 1189 dep. SLC 9:55 am arr. BWI 4:11 pm 737-800
7/23/19 AS 765 dep. BWI 5:20 pm arr. SEA 8:10 pm 737-900ER
I've already written a report for my SEA-SLC flight; a link to it is attached here if you haven't checked it out yet.
Now with that out of the way, let's get to the report itself.

SLC Airport

I had landed in SLC on-time, parking at gate D2 shortly before 9 am. After deplaning from my SEA-SLC leg, I made sure to check out the connections board in the terminal, so I'd know where to go. If you can't see it, my BWI flight was departing out of gate C6.
photo 48294315706_166334d37f_k
Looking down Concourse D. I made sure to get lots of photos of the terminal, knowing it'd be gone in just a few years.
photo 48294416732_c79c08e0fb_k
The view in between concourses D and C, where the majority of Delta's mainline flights at SLC are. The 767 was heading to BOS, the A220 in the middle to DFW, and the A319 and 737 side-by-side to AUS and BWI (my flight).
photo 48294316471_1d69cbd5db_k
photo 48294417582_77ed32ef5c_k
Looking at the departure/arrival board.
photo 48294316686_f7f4a77fd4_k
photo 48294418157_384dfc414f_k
Concourse C.
photo 48294418342_8fbaa357d1_k
photo 48294317346_754c78f9fc_k

Delta Flight 1189: SLC to BWI

I got to the gate at about 9:10, about 5 minutes before boarding. The gate agent was kind of funny for this flight, doing a "Bueller? Bueller?" impression when paging a passenger. I later boarded at about 9:35 with the Main Cabin 2 group.
photo 48294419022_7d22d99d2b_k
A closer view of the plane taking me to BWI, N3754A, a 17.9 year old Boeing 737-800. It arrived in SLC from DEN earlier that morning.
photo 48294465571_17726f651e_k
The SLC-based cabin crew on this flight was a bit on the senior side and all-male (the first time that had happened to me). During boarding, one of them complimented me on a Delta plane pin I was wearing.
photo 48294567087_e3d843c1dc_k
photo 48294566437_372cfdb563_k
Outside view from seat 21A.
photo 48294566982_a3c1a17b20_k
Unfortunately, the cabin had seen better days, with older (though comfy) seats, and an older IFE system that was usable, but didn't have as much content or as good touch sensitivity as on my SEA-SLC flight. Though old IFE is better than no IFE, I suggest that Delta consider redoing the cabins of these old 738s, if they plan to keep them into the 2020s.
photo 48294567462_6610dac32c_k
photo 48294466866_f4f6ead653_k
photo 48294467221_f1a672baab_k
Legroom is okay.
photo 48298900407_61b0f261d0_k
Boarding wrapped up a bit early, so we pushed back before schedule, while the safety video played, as before.
Taxiing past the Delta hangar again.
photo 48294467341_c429032240_k
There was a bit of a takeoff line, after which we took to the skies at 10:16 am heading southbound, then east. SLC's altitude was evident here, as we had a bit of a sluggish takeoff roll.

photo 48294713786_dcd6067f99_k
photo 48294713711_a840a2e2ce_k
photo 48294817472_92ad8e5ae0_k
photo 48294817817_f0b1a3c889_k
photo 48294817977_b46da48f36_k
photo 48294714376_aec41539f6_k
For this leg, I chose to watch The Internship on the IFE. I'm not a movie nerd, but it was just okay. Good enough to pass the time on a flight, but I probably wouldn't want to watch it at home.
photo 48294714606_53c46fdb0d_k
Cabin service started over Colorado, first with the BOB menu, then the snack/drink cart. I purchased a Luvo chicken wrap for about $8, and it was good.
photo 48294818507_9a5b830332_k
photo 48294818622_83909b3b4d_k
After I ate, I continued watching The Internship on the IFE, intermittently checking the moving map, listening to music, or just relaxing and trying to nap. The crew came through the cabin once or twice offering water, a nice touch so that people could stay hydrated. It was a bit rough over the Rockies and western Maryland, but the flight was mostly smooth and unremarkable.
photo 48294819382_2d8b96c5d9_k
photo 48294715626_8d46c54395_k
photo 48294715541_c83b636f62_k
Near the West Virginia-Maryland border, we started descending into the hot, hazy Baltimore area.
photo 48298894651_cf18560f9f_k
We touched down at 4:02 pm EDT, with a 2-hour time change.

photo 48298821336_34f02c9a0e_k
photo 48298935717_a5829e30a9_k
photo 48298936102_4adce42b38_k
photo 48298893696_a72d2bc48a_k
photo 48299008677_84a0dc9440_k
Pulling into gate D23, next to a Delta MD-88.
photo 48299023907_ecb9eed5b0_k
Cabin shot while deplaning.
photo 48298787936_9eba8cd799_k
Looking back at N3754A before its next flight back to SLC.
photo 48298788536_1f1ec179a3_k
After that, I went to baggage claim to pick up my checked bag, and met up with my relatives shortly thereafter, getting out of the airport by 4:35. If you're interested, the FR24 stats for my flight is also attached below.
photo 48298789096_c95e5f8a2e_k
photo 48298904042_24b6bae057_k
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.5

Salt Lake City - SLC


Baltimore - BWI



Overall, this was a decent flight on Delta. The cabin crew was friendly, service was appropriate for the flight lengths, and we left and arrived on time. This was my first time visiting Salt Lake City, and although the terminals were a bit crowded and dated, amenities were fine and it wasn't absolutely terrible, but I can understand why they're building new facilities. The 737-800 that I flew on was a bit tired, with an outdated IFE system and legroom that was just passable. Apparently Delta has refurbished about half of their 738s with new IFE, and like I said before, I hope that they refurbish the other half soon to bring them in line with the product offered on most of their domestic fleet. All in all though, I was satisfied with this flight, and I wouldn't hesitate to take Delta from SEA to BWI again. I hope you enjoyed part 2 of my trip report from SEA to BWI, and feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comment section.



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  • Comment 511941 by
    Harry_He 66 Comments
    Nice report! I agree with you, the IFE system needs work. I think I had seen this nearly identical IFE on Delta's 777 when I was flying it from LA to Atlanta last year.
    • Comment 511944 by
      jetcitytraveller AUTHOR 13 Comments
      Yeah, they should consider refurbishing these planes. Luckily, Delta's been retrofitting their 777s, so they don't have that system anymore, but some 737s and 757s still have it (I had the same old IFE on a 757-200 from SEA to OGG last month, a flight which I have yet to review). Anyways, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed my report!
  • Comment 512308 by
    jish.b 283 Comments
    Interesting to see that Delta keep their 20+ year old A320s in a crisp condition with new IFE, and yet there are some 737-800s like this which are just...left around. Nice report though - enjoyed the pictures!

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