Review of Lufthansa flight Seattle Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH491
Class Economy
Seat 37A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 09:45
Take-off 08 May 19, 13:50
Arrival at 09 May 19, 08:35
LH   #70 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
Published on 25th August 2019


Greetings all, and welcome to my new trip report. This flight was the first leg in a trip to Berlin, my first time visiting Germany or Europe in general. I took this trip with my father, who was visiting Berlin for a business trip, and let me take time off from class (I'm in high school) to visit the city. We decided to take Lufthansa since it had a convenient schedule for our needs, and it had the added bonus of being able to fly on the increasingly rare Boeing 747.

My itinerary for this trip is as follows:
May 8: LH 491, dep. SEA 1:50 pm, arr. FRA 8:35 am (+1)
May 9: LH 180, dep. FRA 10:45 am, arr. TXL 11:55 am
May 13: LH 175, dep. TXL 7:45 am, arr. FRA 8:55 am
May 13: LH 490, dep. FRA 10:45 am, arr. SEA 11:55 am

Sea-Tac Airport

Unfortunately, the travel experience started out a bit rough for this trip. My dad and I had planned to take an 8:30 ferry to Seattle then take the light rail to the airport, arriving there around 10:45, but the 8:30 sailing ended up being cancelled due to maintenance issues, so we took the next ferry an hour later. We weren't in any danger of missing our flight, but we ended up taking an Uber to the airport, getting dropped off at the Lufthansa check-in counter at about 11:30.
photo 34001326698_9a0e0a739d_k
photo 40912079363_c2fce7e2c8_k
There was a bit of a line, but it moved fairly quickly. I had already checked in online the day before, so the only thing that needed to be done was getting boarding passes and dropping bags. After that was done, I went through security. I don't have TSA Precheck, so I went through the regular security line.
photo 34001345188_a50c76d339_k
I was airside by about 12:20. I wanted something to tide me over before my flight, so I had a bagel from a cafe in the main terminal. It was good, but nothing to write home about. Our flight started boarding at 1:10, so at 12:50, we headed over to Concourse B to take the train to the S gates, where our flight was leaving out of.
photo 47831491222_d2857a2d69_k
photo 47831491262_934b701c85_k
I didn't have much time for plane spotting, but it was international prime-time in Seattle, so I was able to snap pictures of JAL, ANA, and Virgin Atlantic 787s parked near my gate.
photo 47831491252_73dbf49a1f_k
photo 40916987793_4cb4c013f9_k
photo 40916988273_a56e57bbb8_k
Annoyingly, my plane was parked at the corner of the terminal, where getting a shot of the aircraft was impossible, Lufthansa's boarding process in Seattle had us lining up by rows, and since I was in the forward section of the economy section, I got on towards the end.
photo 47831509062_f04f62efb2_k
photo 40916991563_cfa18020a3_k

Lufthansa Flight 491: Seattle to Frankfurt

Around 1:30, I finally boarded.
A closer view of the 747 that would soon take me across the Atlantic Ocean. I was flying on D-ABVP, a 22.2 year old 1997-built Boeing 747-400 that had spent its entire life with Lufthansa.
photo 47839647192_8dcef58a9f_k
The elusive staircase. Oh, what I would give to fly on the upper deck of a 747 someday.
photo 47839647502_0faeb41230_k
Cabin view during boarding.
photo 40925244693_fbc1763ed4_k
photo 40925245763_6bb4a3ae56_k
photo 40925246663_133ab3689c_k
I had paid for a seat assignment when I booked my flights, so I sat in the forward coach cabin, at seat 37A. Lufthansa 747-400 economy has 31 inches of pitch, and has a fairly comfortable seat, though the legroom wasn't great for me (I'm 6'4" or 1.93 m). Blankets and pillows were distributed at every seat, and although they weren't of great quality, it was better than nothing, so they were appreciated nonetheless. As for power, there was a USB port at every seat, and 2 underseat power outlets for every row of 3 seats. The overhead bins were small and dated, but that wasn't an issue for me since I put my backpack under my seat.
photo 47839648952_c100875bb4_k
photo 40925247463_77f2de02c3_k
photo 48117235973_b110c10e58_k
Despite being an older 747, it had a fairly new IFE system.
photo 47947795621_44e126f96e_k
It didn't have individual air vents though, which was annoying, since it got kind of warm mid-flight.
photo 47959395357_54c45c66e4_k
Headphones were distributed to passengers who wanted them before pushback.
photo 48117235513_e4b0bcedec_k
Being peak hour for international departures, there was some ground congestion, so we pushed back at about 2:15, 25 minutes behind schedule. I noticed that there was an empty middle seat between me and my seat mate, and the extra space to store items was appreciated. The safety video was played in German, then English, as we taxied out.
photo 48080296453_892ac67e83_k
photo 48080296508_483a3cfcd2_k
At 2:34 we lined up for takeoff, on runway 34R/16L.
photo 48080296908_9ca8592bba_k
A link to a takeoff video is attached below, in case you want to check that out.

photo 48080297208_205c0ff735_k
photo 48080270791_57967f66bb_k
Flying over downtown Seattle.
photo 48111337002_936fd7df09_k
photo 48111274843_d3a0c599b6_k
Passing over Paine Field, a.k.a., the 747's birthplace, and the San Juan Islands.
photo 48111274608_953fdf259a_k
Around this time, I decided to fire up the IFE system, to see what it offered. It had a good selection of TV shows, movies, games, and some videos about Lufthansa and Germany, but I mostly kept it on the moving map, which was rather high-quality.
photo 48116975713_8cf0755e26_k
photo 48116975758_2062c72897_k
photo 48111232771_4c8f0f80ba_k
Around Kelowna, cabin service started, with pretzels and a drink service. Hot towelettes were distributed shortly thereafter. Like I said, this was my first international flight so I didn't know what to expect and if this is normally done on other airlines, but this was a nice touch that I liked.
photo 48111336387_4f1847548b_k
photo 48111337972_7b68951bf5_k
photo 48117199156_af08f4930e_k
Flying over what I believe is Banff, Alberta.
photo 48117203706_531cb02f45_k
Somewhere between Alberta and Saskatchewan, dinner service started. The choices for coach were teriyaki chicken with rice, or pasta puttanesca. I decided to have the chicken, which seemed to be a popular choice. It came with a side salad, crackers with cheese, a roll with butter, and a brownie.
photo 48117291437_396d2af3a7_k
The brownie was a bit dry, but everything else was good, and the portion size was decent. So far, I was feeling impressed with Lufthansa, and thought their catering was good (though my latter opinion would change once breakfast was served). After the dinner service finished up, we had about 6 hours left in the flight. It was about 5 pm in Seattle, still fairly early, so I chose to listen to some music, do some work, and read a bit of my Rick Steves guidebook about Berlin. I periodically looked outside at the Canadian landscape. I want to say this was around Hudson Bay, but I'm not entirely sure.
photo 48117236793_876dd3fdbc_k
Around this time, I decided to walk around the aircraft a bit to stretch my legs, and change into some more comfortable clothes, in the hope that I could get some sleep. The cabin lights had been dimmed by now.
photo 48117232073_c7ad69f73a_k
photo 48117231708_ac495752cf_k
I visited one of the lavatories in the rear of the aircraft, and found it spacious, but a bit dirty and somewhat less modern than newer aircraft (not that the latter point is a bad thing, per se)
photo 48117291432_5afcb11023_k
photo 48117291347_bf7e823dd8_k
Heading back to my seat, I chatted with the FAs a bit, thanking them for the great service so far, mentioning that this was my first trip to Germany. They were nice but a bit standoffish, but I chalk that down to just them perhaps being busy, or the fact that some Europeans are less chatty than Americans. They had pretzels and a variety of pre-poured drinks available, which is a nice touch on such a long flight.
Making progress, slowly but surely.
photo 48117294362_0f79bace6d_k
Then, I decided to call it a night (at about 7:30 pm Seattle time, 4:30 am in Frankfurt), took a melatonin pill that I brought with me, and tried to get comfortable. The blanket Lufthansa supplied me with was adequate, but the pillow was a bit lacking; I was glad I had brought one of my own. I slept fitfully for about 2 hours between eastern Canada and Iceland, mainly because I wasn't able to get comfortable and it was still early in Seattle. Due to the northern routing of the flight, it didn't get very dark, but I awoke briefly over western Greenland, to see this. I'm not sure if it was the sun setting or rising, but it looked cool, especially with the tundra in view below.
photo 48117294347_18ef4242ae_k
After I was done with trying to sleep, I changed back into my regular clothes, and just tried to relax until breakfast. I also tried out their WiFi, which wasn't free, but had a little bit of complimentary content available. I was starting to get a bit dehydrated around this time, due to the 747 being an older aircraft, and water services not being terribly frequent.
photo 48117199691_8ccce68b13_k
Around the British Isles, hot towels were distributed again, and breakfast was served. Only one choice this time (other than special meals, I presume), just eggs, tomatoes, and mushrooms as the main dish, and then a fruit bowl and roll on the side.
photo 48122295256_de01e53d28_k
photo 48117419671_fa97017152_k
If the photo didn't give it away…oh my gosh, that was awful. The eggs were dry and had a weird texture, the mushrooms were bad (though I've never been a big mushroom guy myself), and the fruit plate was sad. I ate it since I had no choice, but it was easily the worst meal I've had on a plane. IMO, even something cheap like a muffin or breakfast sandwich would be better than this. However, I was still impressed overall with Lufthansa, and the catering on the flight home was good, so I'll just consider this an anomaly in the service.
The pilots announced that we had begun descent over the English Channel. They mentioned that we'd be a little bit late into Frankfurt, getting in just past 9 am, due to some drone sightings there that closed the airport briefly. My flight to TXL wasn't supposed to depart until 10:45, so I wasn't worried, but still found it a bit weird.
photo 48117418546_5373dc45a7_k
Breaking through the clouds over Benelux.
photo 48117235008_beeb0aeda0_k
photo 48122392192_cd60a00cc0_k
On final approach to Frankfurt.
photo 48122326443_1c4f17d85c_k
photo 48122290396_9001acf0fc_k
photo 48122327453_87b7de2ecc_k
photo 48122388502_02d9796084_k

While taxiing to the gate, I turned off Airplane Mode. It took a couple of minutes for my phone's international plan to kick in, but once it did, I got this message.
photo 48122295576_ac5d7ec589_k
I was a bit surprised to see this, since I didn't know how many flights were disrupted from FRA being closed. Looking at Flightradar24, apparently all the U.S. flights got in without too much trouble, but lots of inter-European flights were affected. My plane to Berlin was doing a Hamburg-Frankfurt flight earlier that morning, but it had been cancelled, stranding the aircraft there. I wasn't the only passenger with this issue either, since my seatmate heading to Athens had her flight cancelled, and ditto with my dad's seatmate heading to Prague (I think?). I tried to not worry about it too much though, and just focused on getting rebooked once I got parked at the gate.
photo 48122329528_c97238e941_k
photo 48122292461_de3754b133_k
I kind of like that Lufthansa has their crane logo at every gate at Frankfurt. Appropriate, given that it's their flagship hub.
photo 48122389027_a6a1f45f38_k
photo 48122406031_296a9b8088_k
photo 48122441008_5845dbba21_k
photo 48122332098_4ed89d3708_k
photo 48122502642_58e304ca77_k
photo 48122502712_9f546d472e_k
photo 48122406326_df06424633_k
One last look at D-ABVP parked at gate Z50. It would fly to Philadelphia next in a few hours.
photo 48122406166_111e70e8ae_k

Brief overview of FRA-TXL and my visit of Berlin

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Cabin crew8.5

Seattle - SEA


Frankfurt - FRA



Overall, I was fairly satisfied with Lufthansa on this trip. The crew was friendly, the seat was decent, and the IFE was good. Getting a ride on the increasingly rare 747-400 was nice too. My only gripes were with the subpar breakfast service, dry cabin, and the flight not being well-timed for sleeping, but they weren't too important, in the whole scheme of things. Thank you for reading my Flight-Report, and feel free to like it, or leave a comment if you have feedback or any questions.



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  • Comment 518753 by
    Ohsamuel 33 Comments
    Thank you for this FR. I’m surprised KH have great IFE on their old planes.
  • Comment 518763 by
    757Fan 633 Comments
    Nice report. I used to fly through Seattle a lot, and saw LH's daily service to FRA boarding from the S gates at several times. I also like to take melatonin on flights; usually helps with sleep when the seats are not very comfortable!
    • Comment 518963 by
      jetcitytraveller AUTHOR 13 Comments
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed my report! I agree that melatonin is useful to sleep, but this flight just left too early to be able to sleep for a long time, given that breakfast starts about an hour and a half before landing when it was 10 pm in Seattle. However, the Frankfurt-Seattle flight is perfectly timed for minimal jetlag, so from a financial standpoint I can understand the early departure to Frankfurt, since Lufthansa likely doesn't want a 747 sitting on the ground in Seattle all day.
  • Comment 519303 by
    CanadianWings 31 Comments
    Nice flight report on Lufthansa. It's nice to see some airlines still using B747-400s on long-haul routes unlike other carriers who are replacing them with other aircraft.
  • Comment 519453 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for a nicely written review.
    Berlin is definitely a unique city in Europe with all that history and that mix of a gone era of west and east blocks.
    LH usual service here, I find their offering so standardized, it's boring.
    No bad surprise, but no personal touch, no effort beyond what's supposed to be offered.
    As a European who speaks German and often goes to German speaking countries, I actually avoid LH because of their robotic crew.
  • Comment 572142 by
    SeaMatty 1 Comments
    I was just searching for the aircraft registration and found your review. I was on this flight and sat just ahead of you in rom 30! Miss flying and this brought back so many memories. Thanks!

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