Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Shanghai in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 830
Class Business
Seat 92A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 04:21
Take-off 29 Dec 18, 09:33
Arrival at 29 Dec 18, 13:54
SQ   #3 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 696 reviews
By 2786
Published on 14th January 2019
Following my Xmas Bali trip, it was not too long before I hopped onto another plane for the wintery weather in Shanghai over the New Year holidays. For this trip, I had booked on SQ's new A380s to experience the New Business Class up and the New Suites back. Shanghai is one of the few destinations served by the 5 new A380s in the new configuration, and there were also plenty of instances when the scheduled new A380s were swapped with the older ones. So fingers crossed that this would not occur for my flights.

Fast forward to the day of departure, check-in was hassle free at the T3 SQ premium counters.

photo 39698294523_fe6d022182_b

Harry Porter themed winter décor before immigration.

photo 45748152955_057b9739ef_b

photo 45938479364_99e3ed44dd_b

photo 45748152735_d0dc046b30_b

Headed to the Silver Kris Lounge for some breakfast. Being a holiday weekend morning, there were minimal business travellers and hence the lounge was not as crowded as usual.

photo 39698294273_4efc1b5e6f_b

photo 45938478904_c57b76cf53_b

photo 45748152025_d856218bc6_b

photo 45748152585_052f3c5be9_b

Buffet station and a 'live' Nasi Lemak kiosk.

photo 39698294203_55976fb8ba_b

photo 45748152465_f6967e4870_b

photo 39698294213_3d473397a1_b

The nasi lemak was not bad, and I added a couple of dim sum from the buffet as well.

photo 45748152195_587ebf1398_b

Some tau suan and fruits to finish.

photo 45938477584_e57455c059_b

Headed to the gate B5 where the A380 awaits for the flight to Shanghai. 9V-SKV, would had flown back from ZRH hours earlier, would be operating the flight today.

photo 45938477274_6950fc5330_b

photo 32788421038_5bce7acda4_b

photo 45938476754_ce1f5aceb7_b

29 December 2018
Singapore Airlines
SQ 830
Singapore (SIN) - Shanghai Pudong (PVG)
Business Class
Flight Time: 4H21M

Boarding has already commenced and we proceeded to board immediately via the upper deck.

photo 45748151565_88225535dd_b

photo 45938476494_bdfd818b00_b

photo 31721572537_33177031a5_b

photo 45748151365_00731892e2_b

Welcomed aboard and stepped into the brand new and beautiful cabin of the New Business Class. The cabin ambience was soothing and modern. Note the very empty cabin and we were actually one of the last to board in Business. The load was probably only a quarter full in Business Class. Guess the holiday season really affects the business travel loads to major business hubs.

photo 45938476014_a260ddf8e7_b

photo 31721572287_f14c0d4880_b

photo 45748151085_067792df27_b

My original seat was 92A at the aft cabin, and on the seat was already placed a pillow, socks, eyeshades, slippers and an amenity kit.

photo 45938475854_b8dfd80b22_b

Taking a look at a pair of center seats. The divider could be totally lowered if required.

photo 31721571937_d23b931af5_b

As there was also a family of 4 at the front of the aft cabin, the crew informed that we could shift to any other seats within the aft cabin if we liked as there would be no other passengers! Total pax count in the aft cabin is 6! Hence, I moved to the last row (97A) of the cabin, intending to covert the middle seats at Row 96 to a double bed midflight. The cabin crew happily assisted to shift our stuff to the new seats at the rear.

photo 45938475294_1b2c3ee12b_b

Wing view from my seat.

photo 45748150945_6b1c5ba575_b

Exploring the seat features. IFE controller, mirror, seat controls, table release and a foldable armrest. A flaw in the design is the position of the sensitive seat controls, resulting in me (and I heard from others who had flown on the seat as well) accidentally pressing the attendant call button whenever I leaned towards the window.

photo 45938475054_d1c171f83c_b

USB socket, power socket and NFC card reader.

photo 45938472104_5df5d81930_b

Reading light, a beautiful seat mood lighting and headphones.

photo 46610650982_15151a913d_b

Compartment for reading materials and other storage. A large pillow, blanket and bedsheet were stuffed within the footwell. Amusingly, many of them fell out from the seats' footwell (including mine) during takeoff. The crew just stated in a matter of fact "It happens always" when they stuffed the bedding back into the footwells after takeoff.

photo 31721571607_b6f471cd64_b

The January inflight magazine and IFE guide were already loaded.

photo 31721568327_457384c145_b

Items in the amenity kit.

photo 31721568137_16a969d717_b

All boarded and crew preparing for departure.

photo 45748149555_3fe8bd4a12_b

Due to the very light load, the crew asked for our beverage of choice for pre-takeoff instead of offering pre-poured beverages from a tray. A champagne for me please, thank you. This was poured straight from the bottle at my seat ala First Class style, since the galley was just 3 steps behind.

photo 31721570367_24bba366d6_b

Doors closed and safety video played. It would be a rather short 4.5hrs flight to Shanghai today.

photo 31721569537_0fd43c5e68_b

It was only a short taxi to the departure runway Rwy02L. During the morning peak, both runways were used for departures.

photo 31721569407_6dd309f137_b

photo 45938471984_790a4ea936_b

Departure from Rwy02L.

photo 45938471484_98df86a29f_b

photo 31721569117_3c19b5466c_b

photo 31721569227_fce9d33c35_b

photo 45938471024_c2905ccc44_b

photo 31721568917_358b2730e2_b

photo 31721568737_a0d2342279_b

photo 31721568647_97ccb5bc88_b

Flight map info

photo 45938470834_51a7f7aa18_b

photo 45748148885_db2fdd69d4_b

Requested if the SQ teddies were available, and the crew kindly found 2 of the A350ULR female bears for us!

photo 45748148335_f53b4fb201_b


photo 46610651512_dd91f7a9d8_b

Visit to the lavatory, which was stocked with the usual Business Class amenities. The orchid on the wall has definitely been replaced with a fake. For some reason, the 2 lavatories (went to 2 different ones at mid and aft cabin) visited had a damp and slightly unpleasant odour, though both were clean and dry.

photo 31721566747_f6ebc6db9e_b

photo 45748148715_28b266d8ba_b

photo 45748147505_748a1a75a5_b

First up was the satay service, which I enjoyed with a Darjeeling. The crew also confirmed our lunch orders, and as the flight was so empty, asked for our preferred dining time. Dine-on-demand just like in First Class! Haha, the perks of a lightly loaded flight.

photo 46610651332_9daea6f788_b

We were each provided a bottle of water next.

photo 31721567827_b6c6744d8d_b

Views of the empty cabin midflight.

photo 45748147295_f2e044c0ff_b

photo 46610650762_f6788be2a0_b

Middle seats with the dividers fully up.

photo 31721567757_6f85220949_b

My window seat in the lounging and fully-reclined mode. My thoughts on the new seat: It was more functional than the previous generation seats, with all the nooks and crannies well thought out. IFE is definitely superior with touchscreen high resolution monitors. Also, I liked the cosiness of the seat compared to the more open seats on the older A380s. For those who preferred the width of the older seats, the new ones might be a bit of a squeeze. It is either you love it or hate it, and for me, I loved it (though I know people who are not fans of the new seats).

photo 46610650702_288c68416e_b

photo 45748147815_242beefc36_b

Trying out the pseudo double-bed at Row 96 middle seats. It is not a full double-bed as there is still a divider along 1/3 of the seat length.

photo 45938470324_859d61a7cc_b

Another view of the Business double bed with the SQ teddies. The sleep pillow was plushy but the bed was a tad hard. It would be good if SQ could supply soft mattress a well.

photo 46610651242_d9e2b672ce_b

Being at the bulkhead, I could stretch out forward. For the rest of the seats, the legs would need to be angled into the foot well even though the beds could also be joined to be a double. Watched Venom in bed.

photo 31721567337_d3ffc776d8_b

At our earlier stipulated time of 1130am for lunch to the crew, the crew asked if we were ready for lunch. Yes, we were, but lets peruse the menu first.

photo 45748150715_d16e7bbbaf_b

photo 31721571267_f7eb29ec09_b

Lunch offering for this SIN-PVG sector.

photo 31721571187_cec7ec28b5_b

photo 45938474654_7c8b0b39f0_b

And for the return SQ833 sector.

photo 31721570727_fcde3ac40f_b

photo 31721570667_24589f2bef_b

Wines and other beverages

photo 45938473644_fc3f8e44a6_b

photo 45748150095_e2d4ab68f1_b

photo 45938473224_20ae140e84_b

photo 31721570057_dea217c02b_b

Hot beverages. The Mao Feng tea which is supposed to be available on China flights, was not stocked on this flight, and I heard from the crew nor in Suites as well after they rummaged through the galleys. Overlooked by the catering department I guess.

photo 45748149755_f38f9e376c_b

photo 45938472674_dbe5e38dc2_b

photo 31721569757_3178d6ef51_b

I had pre-selected the Shi Quan Wei Mei cuisine for lunch. First up was the starter course of Golden Melon and Poached Yellow Croaker roll, along with a NZ Sauvignon Blanc. The sliced melon dish was fine but I am not a fan of the Yellow Croaker which was a bit too fishy for me.

photo 45938467004_ed5152fa82_b

photo 32788417218_b964b3deca_b

Main course was next, which was a Braised Beef Shortribs with Broccoli and rice. This was very tasty, which flavourful and tender ribs. Rice was a bit dry, but I actually preferred dry rice.

photo 46610650542_d7e12550ec_b

photo 45938466654_6df0a1cba8_b

For dessert, I was offered both the Western and Asian desserts. The western dessert was an Apricot sorbet, and no, I am not a fan of sourish sorbets. Give me a vanilla or chocolate anytime.

photo 32788417138_2091b894c5_b

The Asian dessert of Chilled Papaya and Snow Fungus soup was comparatively better.

photo 46610650442_a2d25bc7a0_b

Cheese and fruit. I passed on the Blue.

photo 45748146785_8faa68e2a8_b

Ending with a Guatemala coffee and pralines. It was a satisfactory meal.

photo 46610650322_e75300f0cc_b

My travel partner has pre-ordered from the Book-the-cook menu. The starter was the International selection of Smoked Duck Breast.

photo 45748140755_826897be7a_b

The Book-the-cook main of Grilled Chilean Seabass on New England style clam and mussel chowder, served with ciabatta crouton, was very tasty.

photo 31721557037_473e92af17_b

Less than 1.5hrs to go after lunch service was wrapped up. Back to the bed to try to grab a short nap.

photo 45748146645_b7d31e3a3c_b

photo 32788416948_910d6ee664_b

Soon, we started our descent and cabin was prepped for landing. The pilot also announced that descent would be fast as the ATC had requested for us to expedite the approach, and we would be arriving way ahead of schedule.

photo 46610650112_798d6530be_b

photo 31721565237_d7a6b52dd6_b

photo 45748146365_41984a3921_b

photo 31721564897_527d484e9b_b

photo 45938464544_d5346213ca_b

Landing on Pudong's Rwy34R about 30min ahead of schedule.

photo 46610649822_9daf885ae9_b

photo 46663165751_37af77e2db_b

photo 45938464184_0777881639_b

Passing a sister B77W heading back to SIN.

photo 46663165521_290b2f38c5_b

Yes, we are in Shanghai alright.

photo 46610649682_2366b322ce_b

Parked at the gate.

photo 45938463714_bf94b63e96_b

Disembarking from the still as clean and tidy as before departure Business Class cabin.

photo 31721564517_ee6ec160ba_b

Just a short walk to immigration, and foreigners would need to do a self-registration of fingerprints before the immigration counters. As it was not busy, process was fast and immigration did not take too long as well.

photo 45938463384_3677be0a36_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business - 3


Singapore - SIN


Shanghai - PVG



The flight in the New Business Class seat was excellent (some may prefer the older seats due to the narrower seat width of the new seats), with comfortable seating and First Class-level of personalised service, which undoubtedly was helped by the very empty cabin. With the option of a double bed and a separate seat, it certainly felt more First Class than Business.

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  • Comment 483965 by
    atco 134 Comments
    Awesome report thank you!

    I can't wait to see your report on the Suites flight from PVG-SIN as I'm booked on that exact flight myself later this year so it will be fantastic to read about your experiences.
    I fully appreciate the nervousness about the chance of being swapped out for the older Suites (which is still pretty great). I'm doing the same thing now. I've got an ExpertFlyer alert set just in case as with the terrible luck I seem to have when it comes to equipment swaps I'll bet if it happens it will be the day I'm flying!

    That new SQ J product looks really sweet, I must try and book a flight in their 787 to sample it myself. So far my only SQ experience has been J on the A330 to KUL so their oldest product on their shortest flight, not exactly ideal :)

    Thank you for another really high quality report, I've read so many of yours and always really enjoy them
  • Comment 484416 by
    hometoyyz 539 Comments
    Hello Terry!

    The familiar scenes of Changi bring back fond memories, and make me yearn to spend some time at my favourite airport.

    “Being a holiday weekend morning, there were minimal business travellers and hence the lounge was not as crowded as usual.”
    - Very nice! I thought that lounge was pretty much perpetually packed.

    I don’t recall ever seeing a “live” station in this lounge. Is it new, or is my memory failing me? Not that the two are mutually exclusive. Nasi lemak looks pretty good - a nice addition to the catering there.

    Glad you didn’t get “downgraded” to “old” J. I like the design of the new seat, particularly the in-seat mood lighting and all the storage cubbies. Maybe not such a big deal on this short flight, but would make a difference on longhauls.

    “Amusingly, many of them fell out from the seats' footwell (including mine) during takeoff. The crew just stated in a matter of fact "It happens always" when they stuffed the bedding back into the footwells after takeoff.”
    - That certainly seems like a design fail, unfortunately.

    Nice that SQ has started doing a more traditional amenity kit. Nicer still that it’s offered on this relatively short flight.

    “This was poured straight from the bottle at my seat ala First Class style, since the galley was just 3 steps behind.”
    - Ah, the benefits of strategic locations and light loads! And dine-on-demand too. Oe could get spoiled.

    Business class “behind the wing” is such an odd A380-only experience.

    It sounds like the business class double bed is nice in theory, but maybe a bit of a challenge in execution.

    As always, the SQ menu is elaborate even on this relatively short segment. And the meal looks very good to boot. Book the Cook is such a nice option.

    Lovely shots of the sights and tastes of Shanghai to wrap it up.

    Thanks for sharing this great look at SQ’s new product. And happy flying!

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