Review of Thai Airways flight Sydney Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG472
Class Economy
Seat 55K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 08:45
Take-off 17 Dec 17, 17:05
Arrival at 17 Dec 17, 21:50
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By SILVER 3301
Published on 24th January 2019
Thai Airways International HS-TGX "Sirisobhakya" TG 472 Sydney - Bangkok

Flight Details:
Airlines: Thai Airways International
Flight: TG472 SYD - BKK
Reg: HS-TGX "Sirisobhakya"
Aircraft: Boeing 747-4D7
Departure Sydney Terminal 1 Gate 51: 05:05 PM AEDT
Arrival Bangkok BKK : 9:50 PM ICT
Flight time: 8 hrs 25 mins
Distance: 7,523 km

Trip Report: Thai Airways HS-TGX TG472 Sydney - Bangkok


This trip report is of a flight undertaken in Dec 2017. I was travelling to Mumbai via Bangkok. Being holiday season, I searched various options and found Thai was offering the cheapest ticket.

I booked flight with flight from and to Sydney being Boeing 747-400 series. Getting rare to get a Boeing 747 as many airlines are phasing them out of service.

I was travelling light and took train to arrive at the airport. I had checked for the flight before arrive at the airport.


After arriving at the international Terminal 1 by train, looked for the Check-in bay. Check-in had stated at bay G and queued to drop the bag. My passport and visa was checked, gate information was provided. I received boarding pass for both flight till Mumbai. I was advised to check the gate for Mumbai flight after arriving in Bangkok.

photo img32

Being holiday season, flight was full.

photo img33

Immigration and Security

Immigration queue was long but moved fast as had used the self-check kiosk to complete the immigration. Security queue was long, passed through the full body scan before allowed into the departure area.

Flight Schedule

Thai Airways flight was to depart from Gate 51. Actual departure time was 4.05 pm

photo img0a6

Terminal1 International

Flight was running behind schedule and departed an hour late at 5.05 pm. My original transit time was 3 hrs which was reduced to 2. I wasn't complaining as Bangkok transit area has limited facilities passengers compared to other transit airports.

photo imga07

Airside Spotting

British Airways B777 to Singapore

photo img17

Meal time

Had McD before heading to gate 51


After the meal, headed to the gate 51, waiting for the boarding call.

View of the aircraft

photo img18

Crowd had built up as the departure time got closer

Jetstar Airways parked in neighbouring gate

photo img71

Soon there was an announcement regarding boarding

photo img34


With the flight being full, long queue had formed before around boarding time as the delay was not announced. After the boarding pass was scanned, was allowed to head towards the aircraft via the aerobridge

Queue to board

photo img01a

At the door was greeted by the crew

photo img72

Boarding the flight

When my turn came, crew checked my boarding pass and directed me to the other side as my window seat was 55K.

photo img35

Seat view

Flight was full, after settling in the seat. I checked with my neighbour, he was flying to Delhi after couple of days in Bangkok.

photo img73

Window view

Aircraft was parked close to the terminal building

photo img36

Onboard view

Crew were busy preparing flight for takeoff, Captain came on the mic and announced about the delay. Passengers remained seated for about 40 mins while the issue was sorted.

photo img19

Cabin crew checking the if the overhead bins are locked

photo img37


After the issue was sorted, push-back commenced.

photo img39photo img40

Tow truck returning after pushback

photo img41


As departure were from runway 16R, taxi was short.

photo img42

Royal Flying Doctor plane in view

photo img43

and also a Emirates B777 departed.

photo img44

Virgin Australia A330-200 arriving on runway 16R

photo img46

Hold Point

Waited for the Virgin Australia flight to vacate the runway and then lined on the runway to depart. Watch trip video to experience departure onboard 747=400

photo img45

View of South Western Sydney

photo img47

Heading south over Sutherlands and Cronulla Beach

photo img48

Then turning West

photo img49

Sydney in view between the clouds above the wing and onwards to Bangkok

photo img50

Flight details

photo img38

Window view after attaining cruise altitude

photo img51

Cabin Service

Cabin service commenced at cruising altitude with peanuts and drinks provided

photo img52

Seasons Greetings

photo img57

Peanuts and serviettes

photo img56

Window view

Somewhere over Western NSW

photo img61

Inflight Entertainment[IFE]

Checked the IFE

photo img74

Remote controller

photo img53

I didn't watch any program, scanned through the offerings, Panel light was reflecting of the small screen making to difficult to watch.

photo img54photo img55

Seat pocket content

Seat pocket was stocked with inflight magazine, dutyfree magazine, headphone, blanket and safety card

photo img58

Thai Airway Boeing 747-400 Safety card

photo img59

in full

photo img67

Traveller - DutyFree magazine

photo img68

OTOP - magazine

photo img69

Sawasdee - Inflight magazine

photo img75

Thai route information

photo img15


photo img23


I had enough space.

photo img65

Window view

photo img61

Dinner Service

Dinner service commenced with drinks, I chose beer.

photo img60

Dinner packaging

photo img62

Dinner - Red curry chicken

The option was thai veg fried rice / thai red curry chicken. I chose the chicken option

photo img63

Flight route

Cabin was darkened after the supper

photo img04

Cabin view

Visited the toilet before snoozing, they were clean.

photo img64

Window closed

photo img70

Flight map

photo img09

Inflight information

photo img05

Twilight over Northern Territory

photo img21

Flight route was over Northern Territory.

photo img10

Window view

Sunset somewhere close to Darwin

photo img08photo img20

Flight information in Thai, 4 hrs 50 mins to arrival

photo img03

Flight details

Flying over eastern Indonesia

photo img12

Flight details with arrival in 2.20 mins

photo img13

Relaxing while seated

photo img14

Overhead locker

photo img16

Snack Service

Dinner service commenced 2 hours before landing

photo img22

Snack packing

photo img24


Snack was Veg or chicken noodles. I selected the chicken noodles.

photo img25

Flight information

Reflection off the screen was making it hard to read the information

photo img26photo img27

Somewhere closer to Vietnam

photo img28

Landing in Bangkok

Soon it was time to land, Watch trip video for Bangkok arrival


After a short taxi, arrived at the gate, exited the aircraft through the aerobridge

photo img29

Flight Schedule

After entering the terminal building, headed to the transit area

photo img30

Check the departure board and headed towards security, After the checking the boarding pass and passport was allowed to take escalator for security check.

photo img31

Flight Details

photo img76

Transit and Departure

After passing security, I had a transit time of 2 hrs before departing to Mumbai.

Read the the Trip Report here=> Thai Smile HS-TXC "Nong Bua Lam Phu" WE335 BKK-BOM

Hope you enjoyed the report. Thanks for reading.

End of Trip

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Sydney - SYD


Bangkok - BKK



Thai Airways flight was smooth as silk apart from the delays. It didn't affect me as I had reduced transit time. The cabin crew were ok with the service and passengers requested were attended professionally. IFE screen was small and the light reflection made it difficult to watch. Sydney Airport was efficient even though busy. As I had arrived 3 hrs before boarding time, I had enough time. Bangkok transit was quick as just had pass the security. Found many of the charging port nonfunctional. Overall was satisfied choosing Thai Airways.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Emirates avec 8.4/10.

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  • Comment 485241 by
    atco 134 Comments
    Hi Koresh,

    Thanks for a lovely report. Always a treat to fly on a Queen.

    Thai's service looks not bad. 2 free and proper meals and even beer included when so many airlines these days are moving to buy on board service.

    Unfortunately though the old girl is showing her age in a lot of ways. Those monitors are not great. The seat and legroom seem nice enough though. Perhaps coming from an age when airlines didn't care so much about squeezing a seat into every last inch of available space!

    Thanks for a nice look into this flight with TG
    • Comment 492100 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 106 Comments
      Thanks for the comments, I enjoyed flying on the B747, seats are more comfortable. IFE wise its not modern but I'm fine with it as I don't watch it anyways. Service was good and thats what I wanted and chose Thai.

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