Review of bmi regional flight Bergamo Munich in Economy

Airline bmi regional
Flight BM1746
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Embraer ERJ135
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 10 Aug 18, 16:20
Arrival at 10 Aug 18, 17:25
BM 8 reviews
By 508
Published on 15th April 2019
Hi there
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I didn't expect the airline would be defunct while writing these reports. Moreover, russian report had been written before the airline ceased its operations. It means we have a deal with the material which may be considered as a historical one.
Let's start, 2 reports more in this series!

Departure from Bergamo airport

Milan was a transit city in my voyage so I didn't have an opportunity to spend there much time for sightseeing. Probably it's worth to come back and to see more. Right now we'll have a look of Bergamo airport. To reach it, just pay 5 euros and you're in. Buses depart from the railway station Milano-Centrale.

photo img_4082photo img_40831

That was my first time there. It's naive to expect something extraordinary if you go to the low-cost airport. But I think this is necessary to place some seats in the common zone..Unfortunately, I arrived to BGY earlier and it was too difficult to find the space for seating even in cafes. That's not a good deal.

photo img_4084photo img_40861photo img_4089

My check-in desk was 20th. I got a single letter from BMI Regional for mobile check-in where I accepted my seat. The agent at BGY told me I would print the boarding pass for LH flight to Moscow at MUC. Practically it didn't matter but that's a bit strange fact to my mind when LH cooperates with the airline and sells the tickets for BMI flights but doesn't give the passes for all segments.

photo img_4091photo img_40921photo img_4093

Here's a big number of calibrators, actually I'm not used to see such pictures:)

photo img_4100

Check-in started 2 hours before the departure time and then as usual I went next..

photo img_4102photo img_4104photo img_4105

The view of subway close to the terminal building:

photo img_4108

More interior views:

Here's seen that BGY is a typical base of Ryanair. Moreover, there were some jet bridges, I always had the opposite point..

photo img_4118photo img_4122photo img_4124

It seemed you had everything for the spotting: nearly situated runway, good weather, not the worst glasses of BGY's building. However I didn't manage to catch the planes normally:(

photo img_4129

Soon I saw our plane, no delay was remarked.

photo img_4133

The boarding started immediately after the plane had arrived on the stood.

photo img_41341photo img_4136

One more FR's plane:

photo img_41381

Flight BM1746 Bergamo-Munich

That was our plane. Basically I wouldn't have amazed if you hadn't heard about this type. I learnt about this model while booking these flights. Amazing! Almost everybody took the photo with this "baby". Who knows when you'll fly on E135 again:)

An overview of the local apron:

photo img_4150

37 seats with 2-1 configuration..That's the view you'll see after coming in.

photo img_41511

My seat was 12A. It looked as a big chair:)

photo img_41521

The panels and luggage compartments looked old-fashioned:

photo img_4153photo img_4154

The pitch was also comfortable but such claims can't be fully relevant in case of 45-minutes flight..

photo img_4155

Safety card and the airline magazine are available for using.

photo img_41621

That feeling you'll hear the engine roar all the flight..)

photo img_4163photo img_4164

Amazing fact but we left BGY 2 minutes earlier..
Frankly, new experience for me.

photo img_4167

photo img_4178photo img_4181

Firstly I went to the lavatory. Here this room is the end of plane's aisle so the only kitchen is situated in front part of the cabin.

photo img_4183

As the entertainment you may use the airline magazine, here there're pages with the fleet description and destinations map:

photo img_41851photo img_4186

Probably you may forget about your report, your planes for the next day because of seeing such views and just enjoying the flight on this small plane.

photo img_4187photo img_41891

Suddenly the only stewardess on board began the voyage with the snack packs. My seat was close to the tail so I got some nuts with juice while the plane was descending to MUC.

photo img_4195photo img_4196photo img_4199

photo img_4213

Somebody leaves the plane for taking large hand luggage, somebody just goes to the cockpit. As usual, nothing special.

Arrival to Munich airport, T2

My way to the terminal starts with the bus travel.

photo img_42231photo img_4227

Inside the building..

Apparently, LH transit centre "found" me itself. There I decided to obtain the paper version of my boarding pass..

The automat worked normally, I hadn't found any problems in its work.

I didn't see any reasons for staying at zone G hence I went to the upper level for passport control passing..
The third time I had a look of this BMW(previously at FRA and HAM).

photo img_4241photo img_4242

Last views for this report. It's worth to emphasize the atmosphere is quite pleasant at this airport.

photo img_4243photo img_4248photo img_4250

Here I put a dot, the last part will be dedicated to MUC's departure zones description and the moments of Munich to Moscow flight. Thank you for reading!
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Bergamo - BGY


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BMI Regional was(unfortunately) too sweety and pleasant airline, I was too glad of having that experience with them. E135 is rare jet, I catched a huge luck. I think you've just seen everything, nothing to add.



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