Review of SWISS flight Zurich Gdańsk in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX1380
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 15 Apr 19, 12:55
Arrival at 15 Apr 19, 16:00
LX   #18 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 821 reviews
Published on 26th April 2019

Hello There Everyone
In my Last report I started journey from MUC to ZRH

Now it's time to continue so:
I went to SWISS Lounge A and……….I don't remember which lounge disappointed me more…….In spite of that my flight has been delayed for 1 Hour more, additionally there was almost no empty seat to eat with relax it was really overcrowded…….I put my jacket and gifts for friends in on of computer places and went to take someting to eat and drink.
  Optionwhich I choose was fish in asian style with rice and to drinks sparkling wine

photo img_0380

After I ate and think regarding taking something more , but do not want to leave my things I took them with me for refill sparkling wine. Of course after my comeback my place has been taken over so….no place for sit. Later on I found one where are charges and other computer sits……tragedy , there even aren't any lockers(or I didn't saw them) to place your things and go relaxed to enjoy lounge…….
I was already waiting to go from there for boarding……I don''t remember  when I want to escape so fast from any lionge ever.

But ok it was time to go to gate…….and there another surprise. People were waiting and it was boarding by bus. I thought that there will be business class bus and economy bus……no……as LH CityLine everyone will be place together…….Additionally boarding started ……..only for that all passengers will take 2 steps and waiting before locked door for bus another 20 minutes…….when already bus arrived and we started to   go to plane , before we were let to boarding……..we were informed that we must still wait because plane is still not ready…….we wait another 15 minutes in bus which started drive me crazy……..

photo img_0381

After we already boarded , very nice FA welcomed us( she was French) and what I saw was……empty water bottle….so what took them prepare plane so long?

photo img_0385

I checked also the curtain and leg room everything was great as I expected. water and refreshing tissue were distributed soon.

photo img_0382photo img_0386

Capitan apologize for delay( planned start 11:55- with delays-13:45)…….
But ok I was waited for this flight so I had big hope that it will be no disappointed as ZRH airport stuff and………..I wasn't't!!
On the beginning this French FA asked who want's to have blanket and pillow(4 pax was in Business) together with SWISS cholocates

photo img_0387photo img_0388

After we already made a taxi and achieve our ALT I was asked by name what I would like to drink. I took Champagne(I read and heard a lot of good things regarding that-and real champagne in Intra-european BIZ(LOT and LH should learn something ) and was really great, as addition I received also Olive crackers, so cheers!!

After some time Service with food came with additionally drink so I asked what wines they have and which will be the best for this meal, so I took red wine from Toscany  as FA recommended

photo img_0396photo img_0397

After meal there was still more than 1h flight so I just relaxed, listen music, drink whisky which I ordered after meal to check-Glenlivet 12 yo so for me perfect.. But after that I decided stay with champagne which was the best and of course again I received olive crackers. FA came on and on and asked I want to refill. later on I spoke with her after I used toilet and we had a small talk regarding comparison Business Class on LOT and LH and after I told her that SWISS is till now the best I received surprise on the debarring-wuth words" for Good friendship with SWISS" she thought to my bag 10 SWISS chocolates:) Nice gesture and appreciated.

And near 16:00 we started descending and landed in GDN

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Cabin crew10.0

Zurich - ZRH


Gdańsk - GDN



To summarize:
LOUNGE A is tragedy.
Boarding-also massacre-no comment
Service on board-EXCELLENT and perfect-Really it was just perfect I couldn't imagine to add something to this on short haul flight , I love it.



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