Review of LOT Polish flight Warsaw Munich in Business

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO375
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 01 May 22, 17:10
Arrival at 01 May 22, 18:50
LO   #48 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 232 reviews
By GOLD 560
Published on 4th May 2022


Hello there Everyone,

So last leg on my comeback trip from Gdansk to Munich ;) To have a more miles( I aiming for Senator Status due to Double miles till end of June) I made a upgrade to Business Class for 75 Euro 

in the lounge

So from plane we were transported by bus to the terminal. Due that I knew I have more than 3h layover I went very relaxing steps to the Polonez Lounge. When I enter I was surprised due that there was a lot of people(maybe not so full as during the week due that I found place but  more than I expected).I found some one of last places  and put all my things and go for some hot food.
Today it was `Tomato soup with rice or pasta(as you like), chicken breast in creamy souse and as fish option Cod.I decided to take soup and chicken with rice. Sparkling wine of course and Pepsi also.

photo img_3443

Due to fact that I ate in GDN after this I was full and decided only to drink. So from Bar I ordered 2 x Mimosa this is Sparkling wine, vodka "Żubrówka Czarna" and orange juice. Then I decided to take whisky sour due that i remembered that I like it very much this also I drink 2 x.Afterwards I saw some new liquor and ask what is it. It seems that it was sour liquor which tasted like Lime. Nice lady behind the bar proposed me a drink which was her interpretations so this liquor, ice, limes and sparkling water. OH MY GOD I love it and asked for another one, then she told me that she was waiting for my opinion , this time she prepared with lemon. This was not so good and I told her that she should use limes but definitely this drink should be in summer menu it was refreshing and very good.Those drinks I thinks i drunk 3x or 4x

Time elapsed very fast but I was very happy and due to gate was very near lounge I went 10 min before boarding. Unfortunatelly as almost always, boarding was by bus so I laready knew no priority will happened and I was right…..I hate this in the LOT…….

on the plane

So finally when I board the plane as almost last I took my place  andalready felt like at home. Love those Embraers from LOT they are very comfortable and spacious :) I asked for Pillow and blanket and of course was delivered immediatelly. Surprise for me was that water as pre-departure drink has been proposed, same like pre-covid times. Nice.We had a long taxi but finally we started and ca. 20-25min later be;t "signal" has been turned off and service started. Alcoholic wipes were distributed but then I don't know what happened but the Chief FA took somewhere 20 minutes to start service.I was a little bit surprised, in spite of that man was very friendly and helpful but was slow. Later on lady from Economy came and helped him and there was only 5 pax in business class…..

Finally meals were distributed and somewhere 10 min later drinks. If you read my flight report from March I think you know that I had a chat with FA Chief of that flight and he told me that there will be some changed in catering. So I see first change…….food didn't changed(hot rolls comeback in spite of packaged, and tablecloth also comeback(on this flight they apologized had only paper cloth))) but from alcohol choice Glenfidditch 12 disappeared and Tullamore Dew came……….Minus……big minus…..Food as always was very good and when drinks has been distributed some snacks also has been proposed so pretzels or popcorn. Nice touch as usual. After all plates and glasses were clear I decided to order whisky with pepsi and here another change, normally pepsi or drinks were served in cans, here i received 500ml bottle but her it's ok :) Rest of the flight was uneventful, After I finished drinking whisky seat belt signal has been turned on and we started approach to land in MUC

after landing

We landed on terminal 2 satellite so we need to go by train to terminal 2 for baggage.After I reach proper baggage line I was waiting…….and waiting……..and finally my baggage was not delivered……Immediatelly I went to baggage claim and I was informed that… baggage is still in Warsaw….WTF? I had such situation3 years ago with LOT on this same route but then plane from GDn was late and we had 40 min layover I can understand this but here my baggage was in WAW more than 3H!!!!!
Honestly I was mad, fortunatelly i had there only some clothes and  toiletry bag. I was inform that my baggage will be transport first flight next day in the morning. It was indeed .So 02.05 my baggage came to MUC at 09:15, then i waited another day and baggage has been delivered before 12:00…….I don't really understand this but ok I was just afraid that after such delay will be somehow damaged or some perfumes will be stolen but everything was fine.Not good experience honestly….. 

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew7.0

Warsaw - WAW


Munich - MUC



In spite of this whole situation of delayed baggage service in the lounge and on the plane was good , cannot complain, FA were very nice and helpful(in spite of slowly Chief in Business) bt generally I recommend Business Class in Europe in LOT I like it very much

So already i am inviting you to look forward for next flight:

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after those:
LH Senator Status

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