Review of Eurowings Discover flight Munich Fuerteventura Island in Business

Airline Eurowings Discover
Flight 4Y314
Class Business
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 04:30
Take-off 14 May 22, 12:00
Arrival at 14 May 22, 15:30
4Y 4 reviews
By GOLD 1338
Published on 25th May 2022


Hello there Everyone,

welcome to anooooother trip of my Senator race ;)

Today I want to show you my trip to Fuerteventura and back to Munich so: 


  • 4Y314 - Business - Munich- >Fuerteventura - Airbus A220-300 You are here
  • 4Y315 - Business - Fuerteventura -> Munich _ Airbus A220-300 Coming soon

Due that Eurowings discover have a wet lease from AirBaltic so please be not surprise to see it in this report :)

At the airport

So it was very nice and warm Saturday 14.05.2022. I went to the Airport after 08:00 to be ca. 09:00 there. When I arrived there was first struggle. Terminal 1 is so unintuitive that I moaning around ca.20 minutes when I discovered where is check-in for Eurowings discovered. Additionaly this is quite old terminal…..After I found it I waited ca.30 min before check-in has been started. What I discovered in spite of that business class was there , no priority baggage……but ok due to LH it's "low-cost holiday carrier…."

photo img_3527photo img_3528

When check-in has been started I was asked to go first in….economy check-in ok fine for me……when I asked where is the Lounge lady told me that it's near my gate A13……ok then I went to security which was……..closed……this ridiculous……again need to wait another 15 minutes when they open it……in security was no fast line…….but everything took me 10 minutes. Afterwards I went to check where is lounge and there was no sign…..when i asked security people no one knows…….I went upstairs and discovered thet there is a sign to non-schengen Airport World Lounge……unfortunatelly this means that i need went throught passport control ……but I couldn't due that there was no single person who could check my passport…….totally angry and resigned had in mind that I will have something hot on the board I went to the near my gate pub and order beer…..6 EUR per 0,5…..Yes I had a oiption to go to terminal 2 but unfortunatelly i lost so much time in checkin and security that it was not worth to go to bus and then went throught half of terminal 2 to sit down for 20 minutes and comeback again…….


Good thing was that Priority boarding was there but of course we were transferred by bus. It was good that there was no so much passengers on this flight so bus was rather not so occupied.

on board

So Business class today was 13 passengers but 8 rows was dedicated  so it was very spacey :) What was unusual from long long time was pre-departure drink. I could order whatever I want inlcuding sparkling wine… I took it :) I just felt that I am going to holidays(in spite of that partially working from hotel ;)) but it was saturday so I was already happy :) I asked also for the pillow.

we started with 20 min delay. weather was perfect. ca. 12:45 so 20 min after departure service has been started with beverages. All crew spoke in English due that plane and crew was from AirBaltic , they were extremly friendly. Of course I ordered Coke and sparkling wine. Both has been delivered immediately and nice touch glassess with Eurowings logo :) Meanwhile Chief of FA went through business class and asked who wants to eat when. Due that I haven't any lounge I was hungry so I ordered meal immediately. During ewaiting for food FA asked everyone for some refills. then I saw something strange…….everyone one received food… spite of me…..and then FA came to me and asked to remind him If I want to eat immediatelly or later on……I was very surprised….I told him that I want to eat immediatelly, he apologised and went to prepare meal…….he told me that he need ca. 25 minutes to prepared I sad ok no worry…….in the end meal i received after 45 minutes…..all Business pax long ago finished meals and I didn't even received it……when finally he brought me a meal the only hot option was……3 potatoes…….I asked him what took to heat so long?this 3 potatoes? he told me you know I needed 25 minutes to prepared it……I just resign to argue to not loose good humor… the end the asked for refills so he was still polite. Later on I asked for some beers. Rest of the flight I spent listen music and even get some nap so I woke up before landing  

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Eurowings Discover

Cabin crew9.0

Munich - MUC


Fuerteventura Island - FUE



AirBaltic plane and crew was great(in minus of course about this little feaux pas with food but I assume that this was only exception), service is really nice,, on minus Terminal 1 in MUC this is disaster......



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