Review of Firefly flight Subang Seletar in Economy

Airline Firefly
Flight FY3132
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 05 May 19, 17:20
Arrival at 05 May 19, 18:20
FY 19 reviews
By 1525
Published on 15th May 2019

Headed to Subang Skypark terminal via a 30min Grab ride. Unlike the massive KLIA, Subang is simple and uncrowded, catering to only turboprop flights.

photo 32889558057_a03ec0c681_bphoto 46917162955_6fd7f5dc2c_b

Checked in at the Firefly desks without hassle and boarding receipt issued.

photo 32889558137_b39a941e2a_bphoto 40866859173_789fb6acf7_b

There is actually a lounge at Subang, SkyLounge, which can be accessed via Priority Pass membership. The lounge is simple, with sofa seating and a small buffet setup.

photo 32889557627_b6a901acd7_bphoto 32889558027_a0e6ac6fc3_b

FIDS in the lounge.

photo 33956193438_6d4cddbbba_b

Basic buffet selection

Headed through immigration and security to the departure gate, where the earlier flight to Seletar was just being boarded. There were 2 Firefly flights to Seletar Airport within 25min.

photo 32889557557_512a83d83b_b

Main aircraft at Subang were Firefly and Malindo ATR72s.

photo 33956193098_320c1411cf_bphoto 40866858823_0a5a776d79_b

Remainder of the passengers waiting to board our flight.

photo 32889557427_57101cf682_b

15min later, boarding was called and it was a short walk to the tarmac to the awaiting aircraft in a special livery.

photo 32889557387_2526d468b7_bphoto 33956192698_e03446c260_b

05 May 2019
FY 3132
Kuala Lumpur Subang (SZB) - Singapore Seletar (XSP)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H01M

Boarding the prop.

photo 40866858553_a9cc91962b_bphoto 47051772784_928a37144d_bphoto 32889557317_1680e5488c_b

The seats were refurbished recently with new leather upholstery and modern design.

photo 33956189418_38c2e7d33d_bphoto 47043902784_b093389bc3_b

View from the window.

photo 32889557237_a29b93ec4c_b

Average legroom.

photo 47043902704_4fe292f1fd_b

Reading materials.

photo 40866858253_d70040d80c_b

Boarding was completed very swiftly as the fight was only half full. After the safety demo was performed by the crew, we taxied the taxi to the runway.

photo 32889557157_c98a77ea7f_b

Departure from Rwy15.

photo 40866858043_a539ab1655_bphoto 32889557027_b11f6f667c_bphoto 32889556967_26ec791e01_b

Sunset over Port Klang.

photo 32889556867_f06336c92d_b

Immediately after seatbelt signs were turned off, the 2 very efficient and friendly crew started the refreshment service.

photo 40866857793_b3997bb89b_b

Firefly still offers a complimentary snack and drink on all their flights. On offer today were a choice of peanuts or curry puff (or both), and mango juice or soya bean milk. I am certainly impressed with the offerings by the airline.

photo 47043902524_cf01caba86_b

Nothing much to do for the rest of the flight till we started the descent into Singapore. Johor Bahru city center, as well as Singapore's Woodlands estate and the causeway can be spotted.

photo 47833447601_edb41cfe0c_bphoto 40866857613_6ef8682930_b

Flew towards the north-eastern part of Johor before starting the approach into Seletar, descending along the controversial glidepath above Pasir Gudang developments and port into Seletar.

photo 47043902454_59445c59e8_bphoto 32889556537_55f4a3f642_bphoto 47043902394_e729ae3674_b

Landing into Seletar's Rwy21 and taxied to the new airport terminal.

Parked at the stand.

photo 47043902294_9e1c6654c1_b

Disembarked and walked to the terminal. We were the last scheduled commercial arrival flight into Seletar for the day.

photo 33956190488_f90b8368ef_bphoto 47833446711_e8a5dd8a6f_bphoto 46917158845_89913ee5df_b

From the tarmac, you are led straight into the small immigration hall.

photo 33956190128_de084c8e6f_b

The sole baggage belt is just after immigration. There were some interesting décor around as well.

photo 33956189848_7886231f39_bphoto 47833446471_49d4693791_b

After customs check, it is straight into the small arrival hall.

photo 47043901874_648f331001_b

Greenery between arrival and departure halls.

photo 47043902134_3352ce2a29_b

Empty check-in hall.

photo 33956189818_8dc48c3750_b

Seletar Airport is definitely under-utilized at the moment, serving just 6 Firefly departures and arrivals daily. There are news that Malindo and Indonesian carrier Wings Air are also looking at starting flights into Seletar. Hopefully Seletar will be slightly busier with the additional flights in the future, and the secondary airport will play a bigger role in the growth of aviation for Singapore.

photo 33956189518_4f604c6042_bphoto 47833446121_bf6408ab70_b

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Cabin crew8.0

Subang - SZB


Seletar - XSP



Firefly remains as a very comfortable way to fly, especially if you would like to experience a turboprop flight from Singapore.



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  • Comment 503063 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 657 Comments
    I remember seeing them regularly at some Thai destinations when they used to operate Fokker 50s, but never got any chance to fly with them, but it seems they still serve you a decent product compared to MH.
    And out of curiosity, but is there anyway by public transport from Seletar to the City Center? Or is it mandatory to find a transport in terms of a car/taxi?
    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 503368 by
      Eric V P 123 Comments
      Hi Thomas,

      There is a bus service (and only one) to/from Seletar airport, but it doesn't go straight to the city centre - one needs to transfer to MRT and from there continue the trip to the city centre.

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