Review of Singapore Airlines flight Hong Kong Sydney in Premium Eco

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ863
Class Premium Eco
Seat 32A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 13:00
Take-off 27 May 19, 14:30
Arrival at 28 May 19, 05:30
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By 3770
Published on 5th June 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen
Welcome to another Trip Report this time I will be flying from Hong Kong to Sydney via Singapore with Singapore Airlines. I had just finished a 1 week trip to China with my family, my father took 25 of us to visit his village when he was in his younger days which was great because we could see something different that we are not normally used to seeing. 
When it came to purchasing my tickets I really wanted to fly with Singapore Airlines because they are my favorite airline to fly with. When doing the research I saw they were doing a special deal $1000 AUD flying Premium Economy which I thought it was reasonable so i bought it and was excited to fly with Singapore Airlines again. 

 This report will cover 2 flights 
 Hong Kong to Singapore SQ863
 Singapore to Sydney SQ221   

 Here is the First sector from Hong Kong to Singapore SQ863     

I Arrived at the Airport after traveling on the Airport Express which took about 20min from Kowloon Station 

photo img_1479

Then afterwards walking to Aisle F to Check In 

photo img_1480

Using the Dedicated Premium Economy Check In Line. 

Check-in was super quick the agent at the desk just wanted to confirm with me that I was traveling to Sydney which i said Yes so she checked my bags all the way to Sydney. Handed my boarding pass and afterwards was on my way to Security. 

photo img_1481

Since i has some extra time to kill i decided to grab some Vietnamese Beef Noodles since i was Hungry. Taste was fine nothing spectacular. 

photo img_1482

After clearing security and Immigration I headed to Gate No 1 and waited for boarding. 

Route: Hong Kong to Singapore 
Flight: SQ863 
Aircraft: A350-900 9V-SML
Scheduled Departure: 2.25pm    
Scheduled Arrival: 6.20pm 

Actual Departure: 3.07PM 42min Late 
Actual Arrival: 6.51pm 31min Late 

Here is a Picture of our aircraft 

photo img_1483photo img_1487photo img_1486

We Started Boarding On Time but it started to rain Heavily as well. I used the decideated Priority Line to board the aircraft

photo img_1484

The Premium Economy Seat 
I personally found the design of this seat very good, legroom was very generous space. Also to make another point I am a 6ft man my legs weren't touching the seat which was good so it allowed me to stretch my legs a bit out as well. Recline was also a generous amount which was good because you can actually go to sleep, whereas other airlines I have seen don't have much recline but still call it premium economy which I don't agree with because if airlines want to have a premium economy cabin they should improve it on normal economy cabins

Recline was 8 inches which I believe is quite generous 
Seat Width: 19.5 Inch which was quit

After Doors closed we were told by ATC we were going to be delayed by 1 hour since the weather was getting worse. And also there were other planes that were delayed as well. As you can see here the rain started to come down more heavily. But what i thought was nice from the crew was they handed out drinks and a hot towel during the delay. 

photo img_1488photo img_1493photo img_1495

Menu for the flight  Hong Kong to SIngapore 

After take off the meal service started. I ordered the Beef Steak which was delicious, not overcooked which is good because sometimes airlines have steak on the menu but it's normally overcooked. Nothing spectacular about it. For dessert, the crew handed out Haagen Dazs Ice Cream but in this particular flavor which I thought was so refreshing. If you see this flavor I definitely recommend you to try this it's so good. 

photo img_1498photo img_1500photo img_1501

After the meal service, I watched some movies. Honestly, the range of movies that Singapore Airlines have on the Krisworld System is so many that you are spoilt for choices. If comparing this to other airlines the only other airline that comes to mind with the number of movies they have on the entertainment network is Emirates which they call Ice. Eg: Chinese Airlines only have 5-7 Hollywood Movies on their inflight entertainment. Keep it up Singapore Airlines!!!!

During the Flight the crew were serving drinks. I ordered Singapore Sling which is the Airline's signature cocktail onboard. OMG So delicious. 
Later on they also handed me a Bottle Water to keep myself hydrated during the flight.  

photo img_1502photo img_1507photo img_1510

Seat Pocket Content eg Krisworld Magazine, Inflight Wifi Brochure, Mobile Services 

photo img_1504photo img_1505photo img_1506

Picture of our Aircraft in the Air turning left

photo img_1513

As we were descending into Singapore there was a section on the entertainment screen showing the flight arrival status, and other connections onwards on the Singapore Airlines Network. Our flight was arriving at Gate B1 T3 and at 6.20PM but it was actually 6.51pm. I checked for my onward flight to Sydney which was leaving from Gate B4, great for me since I didn't need to walk far. I think other airlines should do this feature on their entertainment Network 

photo img_1511photo img_1512

Final Approach into Singapore. (Qantas A380, A330 at their respective gates) 

We parked next to this Star Alliance Livery Plane 

photo img_1530

Now for my onward flight to Sydney 

photo img_1531

Aircraft A380-800 9V-SKU

photo img_1532

Boarding was on time and i could see lots of people going to be on tonight's flight to Sydney

photo img_1536photo img_1537photo img_1538

I Boarded through the first door on the Lower Deck Door 1

photo img_1539

Inside the cabin 

photo img_1540-35049photo img_1541

Menu for Tonight's flight to Sydney 

photo img_1542photo img_1543

Left the Gate On Time and we taxied to Runway 20R. We took off on time and turned left and climbed to 40.000ft heading to Sydney. 

photo img_1544photo img_1545

Dinner Meal Service (I went with the Tomato and Seafood Pasta) 
I wanted to make a general point during this meal service the crew just came to everybody's individual seat and asked what they would like for dinner. I personally thought this process took longer than usual compared to if you had a trolley and drinks ready, but this was nice as they were attentive to every passenger, it made me feel like i was flying Business Class even though i wasn't. 

photo img_1546

Another SIngapore Sling since it was so good 

photo img_1502

After Dinner i just watched 2 movies and slept for 5 hours then later waking up for Breakfast Service. Ordinary Breakfast nothing spectacular 

photo img_1547

Landed in Sydney 5.30am 8 degree which was freezing cold. 
Here is a final shot of our aircraft taking us to Sydney. (Beauty Aircraft) 

photo img_1549

After clearing Immigration bags were already on the Belt. Quickly picked up my bag and headed home. 

photo img_1550
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Overall Conclusion

Overall the flight was very nice and comfortable, food and drinks were good, seat comfort and legroom space were good as well. My personal advice for anyone is if you want to try Premium Economy try it with Singapore Airlines you won't be disappointed everything is great about it and definitely worth the money or if you want to use your Krisflyer Miles. This is also great for people who want to upgrade from Economy and want to give themselves a bit more extra legroom.

Shoutout to Singapore Airlines if your reading this I hope you find this interesting and I myself will be on another Singapore airlines flight in the near future
Thank You for reading this report see you next time

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