Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Nuremberg Munich in Business

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH2163
Class Business
Seat 2D
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 07 Jun 19, 20:20
Arrival at 07 Jun 19, 21:00
CL   #88 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 240 reviews
Published on 5th August 2019

Hello, bonjour and gamarjoba everyone! This is the first FR of my summer trip 2019. I am already hoping that you are enjoying them.

For my summer trip 2019, I wanted to travel to a special place, a country that only few people know about and as I knew that WizzAir is offering cheap flights to Kutaisi, Georgia, I checked the price. The flights departing from Vienna were the most cheap ones, but when my companion received the confirmation of the holiday dates, the prices increased and travelling to Vienna by train and flight together were too expensive for us. Because of that, I checked other possibilities to travel to Georgia: Those were LOT, Baltic, Belavia, Lufthansa, Ukrainian and other. However, the schedueles were quite bad or my companion did not want to fly them (safety reasons). So I strated the search flights from other airports around my home town (MUC, PRG, NUE, SZG, LNZ)

But then, during December 2018, I found out that Lufthansa offers a Business Class ticket from NUE to Tbilisi via Munich for the same price as a direct economy class ticket from Munich. First, I was a bit afraid of the 75 min connecting time, but we booked the flight and I hoped that everything would work well. I also have to say, that it doesn't really make sense to drive to NUE (even if MUC is a bit closer) and fly 30 minutes to MUC, but I always wanted to try the CRJ and of course it is cheaper (= Business Class flight for free).

Regrettably, one week later, I saw that the flight back from TBS to MUC was cannceled. In that case you have 14 days to rebook or the new routing (one day later) will be automatically accepted. Normally, you get an email, but (I think) I did not. So I can be happy that I check the booking.

To rebook the flight, I had to call the hotline of Lufthansa. I did not wait really long for an agent. First, he said, he cannot do anything because this is the only flight. Because of that I asked him to rebook me on an other airline (he directly checked TK). However, he worked slowly and after 20 minutes the connection broke down. Second try. I directly told the friendly agent, to rebook me on an other airline. She told me, that I can fly with TK business class via IST or Georgian Airways (Economy) and Eurowings (Business) via Vienna. As I heard many good thing about TK and TK is much more expensive then LH or Georgian Airways on that route, I took TK and within minutes I got a new E-ticket. The second call took me 30 minutes.

Here is the routing: 


  • LH 2163 / NUE-MUC / Business / CRJ 900 You are here
  • LH 2556 / MUC-TBS / Business / A320 Past
  • LH 2557 / TBS-MUC / Business / CANCELLED Not available
  • LH 2158 / MUC-NUE / Business / BOOKED ON OTHER FLIGHT Not available
  • TK 387 / TBS-IST / Business / A321 Coming soon
  • TK 1503 / IST-NUE / Business / A321 Coming soon

Check-in and Security Check

I arrived at NUE a few hours before depature to have enough time to check out the airport. The airport is quite small and not too crowded. For Business/First Class and status passengers, Lufthansa has prepared a priority check-in desk. Only one person was in front of me. The staff was quite friendly and after 3 minutes we could head to the security check.

photo p1030949-71617photo p1030950-10658photo p1030952

Lufthansa Business Lounge

For the security check, I could use a seperate lane. It was fast, but not faster than the normal lanes because enough lanes were open.
At NUE, the security check was the exatest I have seen until now.

Later I visited the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge (directly next to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge).

photo p1030975

The lounge is sometimes more and sometimes less crowded. It depends on when the flights to FRA an MUC are leaving.

The selection of food and beverages for such a small lounge was nice. They even offered tomato soup with warm bread rolls.

The flight

Around 10 minutes before the expected boarding time, I left the lounge.

photo p1030976

My gate was A16, but the plane had not already arrived.

photo p1030977

Then the CRJ landed:

photo p1030980

Boarding started 20 minutes later. We have been informed serveral times about the status. When I finaly wanted to give my passport and my boarding pass to the lady, who also did the check-in, she only said: "I only need your boarding pass. We still know us from downstairs (–> check-in)." I found that quite nice because I would not expect that the staff remebers someone (after 3 hours) when there are hundereds of other passengers.

We boarded by bus and got on board over the stairs of the CRJ 900.

photo p1030990-13384photo p1030988

Look. The bags of my companion and me are getting loaded:

photo p1030999

The cabin crew welcomed us onboard and I took seat 2F. A bulkhead seat behind the toilet.

photo p1040069photo p1040006photo p1040010-39257

The cabin is nice for a short flight. The seat next to you is kept empty.

photo p1040044photo p1040046

We started taxiing 15-20 minutes later and took off. I had a nice view over Nuremberg. 

photo p1040005photo p1040018photo p1040024

Directly after take off the two cabin crew members asked for our drink orders and served a meal. As I was not hungry, only my companion had something. Here it is. Great for a 30 minutes flight!

photo p1040034

Due to turbulence. One of the trays fell down. Only the floor got dirty. However, the cabin crew, who was realy friendly, reacted correctly: Asked if everthing is ok and was sorry for all.

Later I visited the small toilet: 

photo p1040042

For the rest of the flight, I have been looking down to the nice Bavarian landscape:

photo p1040029photo p1040032

Then we started the descent and landed in Munich.

photo p1040053photo p1040055


photo p1040062

We said bye bye and thanks to the great cabin crew and went to the bus.

photo p1040075

Then I check out the departure gate of my flight to Tbilisi and wen to the passport control. The delay did not have any effect and I had even time to visit the lounge.

photo p1040080photo p1040082photo p1040084

The report of the flight to Tbilisi will be published soon.

Thanks for reading the report of the only inter-Bavarian flight and have a nice day!

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Cabin crew10.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge


Nuremberg - NUE


Munich - MUC



Lufthansa CityLine for Luthansa did on Lufthansa's shortest flight a great job (even if we were delayed). An empty seat next to you and a nice real meal is more than you could expect on such a flight.

The airport is small, but the Lufthansa Business Lounge is great. They put real effort in it: Nice selection of cold and hot (!) meals...

NUE is a nice little airport. Nothing special, but I would departe from there again.

MUC is large, but efficent (execpt the passport control).



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