Review of ANA flight Hong Kong Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH822
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Flight time 04:05
Take-off 03 Jun 19, 00:50
Arrival at 03 Jun 19, 05:55
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By SILVER 1315
Published on 18th June 2019

Hello everybody! Welcome to my new series with All Nippon Airways from Hong Kong to Hokkaido in Japan. In February, I redeemed the ticket with my mileage. In this series, I am not going to review the flights between Germany and Hong Kong, since I was again flying the Lufthansa direct flight from Munich to Hong Kong (A380), which I had already made a review last year, nothing new to mention. The flights in this series are as follow:

This report will cover the flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo Haneda. On the day of flight, I arrived at Hong Kong Airport at 23:05pm with the bus from the city. The ANA counters were literally empty and I finished my check-in in five minutes. Then we headed directly to the airside.

photo dsc07823

The gate tonight was assigned at gate 28.

photo dsc07824

Here was my plane tonight, JA624A, Boeing 767-300ER with winglet version. The plane was delivered to ANA in August 2011. This flight was actually operated by Air Japan, but all the service are the same as ANA.

photo dsc07825

Next to us parked an Ethiopian Airlines B787-8, ET-AOS preparing to flight back to Addis Ababa as ET645.

photo dsc07828

We started queuing up in front of the gate at 0:15am which was about 5 minutes before the official boarding time written on the boarding pass. Boarding started exactly on time with the staff bowed before the start of boarding procedure.

photo dsc07829

About to embark the aircraft.

photo dsc07830

My seat 26A. I chose to seat on the left side to avoid the sunrise and also hope that I could have the chance to spot the Mt. Fuji. I had made some comments about this seat two years ago, so I am not going too deep again it in this report.

photo dsc07831

Cabin view during boarding

photo dsc07832

Seat back and the welcome screen on PTV.

photo dsc07836

I tapped on the screen and it showed me the main menu of the entertainment system.

photo dsc07838

At 0:42 doors were closed and minutes later I received the immigration card and custom declaration from the crew. As far as I can observe, the flight was quite full. Safety video was then played. ANA has changed the safety video since December 2018 which I think is better than the old one, at least more interesting.

At 0:49am, we started the pushback. I switched to the flight camera view and viewed the whole process. Cabin light was dimmed for takeoff, only the lights on two sides of the cabin remained ON.

photo dsc07839

We spent a little time taxing to the runway 25L and we took off at 1:08am.

photo dsc07840

Five minutes after takeoff, seatbelt sign was turned off. I began to browse through the film database.

photo dsc07843

Finally, I decided to watch a Japanese film, Masquerade Hotel played by Kimura Takuya.

photo dsc07844

About 30 minutes after takeoff, the cabin crew was serving tea and apple juice. I opted for the green tea.

photo dsc07845

Not long after that the cabin light was turned off to allow passengers to have a rest. At 1:40am I decided to visit the lavatory at the back and most importantly, to give my logbook to one of the crew.

photo dsc07846photo dsc07847

At 2:50am, the cabin light was turned on again and wet tissue paper was distributed. 15 minutes later, meal card was shown and there were two options, the Japanese style and the western style.

photo dsc07849

I chose the Japanese style, Braised beed sukiyaki style. The taste was very delicious and I ate everything on the tray. In case you cannot see clearly in the photo, here are the details of the side dishes.
Pastrami beef
Cherry tomato

Japanese udon noodles Grated ginger
Dried nori seaweed
Sauce for Japanese noodles

photo dsc07851

Half an hour later, I looked out of the window and saw the sun began to rise.

photo dsc07853photo dsc07855photo dsc07857

As I finished the movie, I checked the flight map and we were almost close to destination. At 4:10am, the cabin crew returned the logbook to me which I did not expect that quick since usually they would give it back to me after landing.

photo dsc07858

At 4:25am, seatbelt sign was switched on and it was announced that we had began the final approach into Tokyo Haneda airport.

photo dsc07859

Passing over the Tokyo Bay.

photo dsc07860

At 5:36am local time, we touched down on RWY34R. Total flight time was 3 hours and 28 minutes.

photo dsc07864

A long taxing to the international terminal. Weather was not so nice in the morning with a few drops of rain.

photo dsc07866

Reached the final parking at gate 148 of the international terminal.

photo dsc07867

The logbook for this flight. Thank you so much!

photo org_dsc08494

Thanks for reading!

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Tokyo - HND



I know this is very subjective but I have to admitted again that ANA is my favorite airline. With so many options flying to Japan, ANA seems to be my best option. Passengers are mostly Japanese and usually without any tour group comparing with Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, LCC, etc. The cabin was so quiet throughout the flight and passengers are really able take a good rest. Besides, the cabin crew were always providing excellent service.

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