Review of ANA flight Tokyo Hakodate in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH553
Class Economy
Seat 31A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 03 Jun 19, 10:05
Arrival at 03 Jun 19, 11:25
NH 206 reviews
By 870
Published on 23rd June 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second part of the series to Japan with All Nippon Airways. This report will cover the flight from Tokyo Haneda to Hakodate.

After we disembarked the plane from Hong Kong, we quickly made our way to the immigration counters. There were a lot of people because they only opened so few counters despite serval flight arrived almost at the same time. Finally, it took us about 25 minutes to get through. We picked up our luggages and went straight to the domestic check-in transfer counters. Before we reached these counters, there were staff who came up and took care of our luggages. Since we already had our boarding pass on hand for the domestic flight, we were told to go through the security check opposite to the domestic counters, which would then take us directly to the airside of the domestic terminal. We decided not to do so, as we had quite a lot of time and we want to spend some times exploring the domestic terminal.

photo dsc07868

Firstly, we headed upstairs to the departure level. Every year during this season, there is a hydrangea exhibition inside the airport.

photo dsc07869

It was too early and most of the shops and restaurants were not opened yet.

photo dsc07870

Then we decided to visit the observation deck for some plane spotting.
1. JA807A HND-GMP NH861 
2. JA888A HND-HAN NH857
3. JA839A VIE-HND NH206. It would later handle the flight to Paris as NH215.
Also at the background, the JA899A in Star Alliance livery was preparing its flight to Bangkok as NH847 at 11:00am. 

photo dsc07871

The observation deck of international terminal.

photo dsc07872

View of the domestic terminal side.

photo dsc07873

JA884A was preparing its flight to Beijing as NH961. The 767-300ER which took us to Tokyo was being towed to a remote gate. She would be used on the flight NH923 to Guangzhou at 9:15am.

photo dsc07874

We spent a short time in the observation deck and we then took the normal shuttle bus to the domestic terminal 2. The journey just took about 8 minutes.

photo dsc07876

Arriving at the domestic terminal 2 where it handles all the flight for the ANA groups.

photo dsc07877

One side of the departure hall of terminal 2.

photo dsc07878

We headed again to the observation deck and there we could see more domestic traffic on the apron.

photo dsc07879

JA803A was preparing its flight to Hiroshima as NH673 at 8:15am. Behind the B787-9, an A321-200neo was departing to Takamatsu as NH531 at 7:45am.

photo dsc07880

On the other side, we could saw a few B777-300.
1. JA755A to Okinawa as NH467 at 8:35am
2. JA751A to Sapporo New Chitose as NH53 at 8:00am
3. JA754A to Sapporo New Chitose as NH51 at 7:00am

photo dsc07881

The Star Wars jet was being towed to gate for its next flight

photo dsc07882

B777-200, JA743A was preparing its flight to Fukuoka as NH243 at 8:30am.

photo dsc07886

B787-8 without engine was passing by…

photo dsc07887

Then, we then went downstairs to the restaurant, Airport Gill & Bar. We picked a seat by the window so that we can enjoy the view on the apron while having the breakfast.

photo dsc07889

Time for the Star War jet to depart to Fukuoka.

photo dsc07890

We spent about half and hour in the restaurant, then we decided to head to the airside. We checked again from the flight information display board that our flight to Hakodate NH553 would be departing from gate 71 and it was recommended to use the security check zone D.

photo dsc07893

In front of the security check zone D.

photo dsc07898

After passing through the security, the certificate was given.

photo dsc0731

Our gate was not far away and we reached there in no time.

photo dsc07899

Our plane had already arrived. JA809A, the 787-8 was delivered to ANA in June 2012. For domestic version B787-8, there is only one type present in the fleet. It is F12Y323 configured with a total of 335 seats.

photo dsc07901

The waiting area in front of the gate 71.

photo dsc07902

Official announcement of the boarding time of our flight would be 9:37am.

photo dsc07903

The boarding time was commenced preciously at 9:37am. Passengers were asked to board in accordance with the boarding group printed on the boarding pass and security certificate. I was in Group 3 where group 1 are for diamond members, group 2 are for the star alliance gold members.  A boarding information sheet was issued while boarding.

photo dsc07930

In front of the airbridge, cabin earphones and bags were placed so that everyone can take one before entering the plane.

photo dsc07904

About to embark the plane.

photo dsc07905

Cabin view

photo dsc07906

My seat 31A. 

photo dsc07907

Front side of the cabin as seen from my seat.

photo dsc07909

Back of the seat. As you can see, there is no PTV installed in every seat, but I think this is fine for short domestic flights. Once I settled down, I gave my logbook to one of the crew as usual.

photo dsc07911

View out of window from my seat. The weather condition was getting much better.

photo dsc07912

At 10:00am, all doors were closed and 5 minutes later safety video was shown.

At 10:08am, pushback was commenced.

photo dsc07914

Taxing to the active runway.

photo dsc07915

At 10:17am, we took off from RWY34R.

photo dsc07916

Seconds after takeoff, we had a good view of the Tokyo center.

photo dsc07917

About 7 minutes after takeoff, the seatbelt sign was turned off. Since 1st April, 2018, ANA offers free in-flight Wifi on its domestic flights. I connected the WiFi with my mobile phone, and the connection speed was quite good indeed.

photo img_4258

The entertainment provides quite a variety of choice for short haul flights.

photo img_4264

Besides these entertainment programs, it also provides the real-time flight map.

photo img_4260

During the flight, the overhead monitor were broadcasting the ANA original program, セレクトラベル 静岡編.

photo dsc07919

At 10:40am, I opted for an orange juice for the complementary drink.

photo dsc07921

Passing through Tsuruoka-Shi (鶴岡市) and Sakada-Shi (酒田市) in Yamagata Prefecture.

photo dsc07923

and soon the Akita-Shi (秋田市) in Akita Prefecture.

photo dsc07924

Odate-Noshiro Airport (大館能代空港).

photo dsc07925

At 10:55am, announcement from the cockpit that we had 10 minutes more to the final approach into Hakodate airport.

photo img_4265

The Mount Iwaki (岩木山) in the Aomori Prefecture.

photo dsc07926

Entering the Tsugaru Strait (津軽海峡).

photo dsc07929

We had a good view of the Hakotate city. The famous Goryokaku tower could also be seen.

photo dsc07933

At 11:18am, we touchdown on RWY12

photo dsc07935

Reach the final parking position at gate 4.

photo dsc07936

After landing, my logbook was returned!

photo org_dsc08495-40541

Thanks for reading!

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This is the first time for me to fly the All Nippon Airways domestic B787-8, I am really glad that the weather was quite good so that I could enjoy the scenery during the flight.



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