Review of ANA flight Chitose Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH84
Class Economy
Seat 9K
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 08 Jun 19, 21:25
Arrival at 08 Jun 19, 23:00
NH 206 reviews
By 801
Published on 14th July 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to part three of the series to Japan. This report will cover the flight from Sapporo New Chitose to Tokyo Haneda airport.

Spending six days in Japan, it was time to go home. We took the bus from Sapporo city to New Chitose Airport.

photo dsc08338

It took about one hour and twenty minutes and we arrived at the domestic terminal of New Chitose airport at 19:00pm.

photo dsc08340

Once arrive at the airport, we headed directly to the ANA check-in counters. There were serval counters handling international transfer. Our luggages would be delivered directly to Hong Kong, and we were not require to take them back in Haneda airport.

photo dsc08341

The boarding pass.

photo dsc083681

Besides the boarding pass, we also received the bus ticket for the transfer from domestic terminal to international terminal. 

photo dsc08370

On the third floor of the domestic terminal, there is a place called 北海度ラーメン道場 which gathers some ramen restaurants. We decided to have our dinner there.

photo dsc08351

This is the most famous ramen restaurant among them, Ebisoba Ichigen(えびよば一幻). 

photo dsc08345

At 19:30pm, after queuing for 10 minutes outside the restaurant, there was a place for us. We spent about 30 minutes in the restaurant.

photo dsc08352

The third floor is basically full of all kinds of restaurants.

photo dsc08353

The central plaza of the domestic terminal.

photo dsc08354

We then went downstairs to second floor where there are a lot of shops.

photo dsc08359

We brought some souvenirs for our friends and we headed for the security check.

photo dsc08363

Passing through the security, the security certificate was issued.

photo dsc083691

Our flight was assigned at gate 9, which was not far away. This flight would be operated by the newest A321-200neo. ANA has ordered a total of 24 planes in which 11 of them have been delivered. The first flight was commenced on 12th September 2017 as NH641 from Tokyo Haneda to Kumamoto. My flight would be operated by JA137A which was delivered to ANA in August 2018.

photo dsc08364

Waiting area in front of gate 9

photo dsc08366

Boarding was started at 21:03pm. As usual, sequential boarding was enforced and I was again in group 3. Cabin earphones were located in the airbridge for the passengers who need one. As I entered the aircraft, the crew was also distributing the earphones but I did not take it.

photo dsc08373

My seat 9K. The A321-200neo is configured for 194 passengers with 8 premium class seats and 186 economy class seats.

photo dsc08374

Back of the seat. A321-200neo is the only plane type that is equipped with PTV in all seats for the domestic flight. The PTVs are using RAVE from Zodiac.

photo dsc08377

Welcome screen.

photo dsc08378

The Main menu of the entertainment system. The plane is also equipped with ANA WiFi service for all the cabin class. 

photo dsc08379

The remote control. The black square is actually the finger pad for controlling the cursor on the screen.

photo dsc08381

As I browsed through the film database, there were only two films to choose. 

photo dsc08382

View of the cabin during boarding. The flight was quite full and the loading should be above 90%. Once I settled down, I handed in my logbook to one of the flight attendant.

photo dsc08383

At 21:21pm, all doors were closed and push-back was started at the same time. With a few minutes taxing, we took off at 21:29pm from RWY19R.

photo dsc08387

About seven minutes after take-off, due to the weather condition it was announced that the captain decided to keep the seatbelt on, but passengers were allowed to recline the seats.

photo dsc08390

Shortly after the seatbelt sign was turned off, I visited the lavatory.

photo dsc08391

View of the cabin inflight.

photo dsc08395

As I returned to my seat, the crew were serving drinks and I opted for an apple juice.

photo dsc08396

At 22:23pm, we were informed that the arrival time would be at 22:45pm. A few minutes later, seatbelt sign was turned on again. My logbook was returned and the crew thanked me for taking the ANA flight again.

photo org_dsc08496

Final approach into Tokyo Haneda airport.

photo dsc08397

At 22:44pm, we landed on RWY34R, total flight time was 1 hour and 15 minutes. At last we parked at gate 70 of domestic terminal 2.

photo dsc08398

Before we disembarked the plane, the Safety Video: Behind the scene was shown on the PTV.

Thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew9.0

Chitose - CTS


Tokyo - HND



This is also the first time for me to be onboard A321-200neo. The plane was very quiet and the monitor of the PTV was perfect, this is even much better than those in the international flight.

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