Review of Lufthansa flight Barcelona Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1817
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 17 Jul 19, 07:55
Arrival at 17 Jul 19, 09:55
LH   #65 out of 86 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1212 reviews
By 318
Published on 28th July 2019


Hello everyone and welcome to another FR heading to Colombia. This time will be a Latin America tour as I will be travelling in Colombia and México with some surprises such as another flight with he fabulous DC-3.
It's my 3rd time trough this country, again motivated with the opportunity to visit some of it's most aisle areas such as the departments of Guainia (in the colombian Amazonas) and the region of San Lucas mountains. This time I will be flying with Lufthansa and Air Canada, as Turkish Airlines was much more expensive, and the direct flight with Avianca from Barcelona is sooo expensive during this part of the year. So let's start.

latin america tour

To the admins: My flights with the DC-3 were made a few hours ago with an airline called "Aeroguainía". If it is possible to add the possibility to make FR with this airline it will be great. :P


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17 of july

Well, after a very long period waiting, it finally arrived the day-D. I woke up at 4:30 and I took a quick shower and took a coffee before calling a taxi to make my way to the airport. As it was very early in the morning I didn't took the metro, even it was opened (it opens at 5AM). From my house to the airport it's a quick 15-20 minutes ride, quite longer if you find traffic, but of course at that time streets weren't crowded.

I'm sorry for the quality of some pictures, sometimes it was difficult to fix my phone camera and some of them were moved.

photo 20190717_052856photo 20190717_052927photo 20190717_053010

Enter text here…

Once at the airport I went through Lufthansa check-in counters, which weren't full. The flight wasn't full today and that was traduced in a very quick check in.

Bye darling, see you in Colombia

photo 20190717_053918

Right after, it was time to walk to the security check and made my way to the boarding gate. It was kinda fast even today, and even it was first time in the morning, it was quite cramped.

Some pictures from the terminal

Some heavys were arriving at first time in the morning in Barcelona. American triple 7 from Miami and the Cathay Pacific A350 on it's flight from Hong Kong. By the time, my A321 was resting a little bit before getting prepared for it's first flight of the day.

photo 20190717_070738photo 20190717_062005photo 20190717_062911

After a long wait, boarding started right at 7.20 in the morning, some good 30 minutes before STD. As the plane wasn't very full it didn't take long.

Okay, here we go

photo 20190717_073059-55629

Took my seat and relaxed while cabin crew welcomed us on board and expected a Flight time of 1:45 in the air.

photo 20190717_073245photo 20190717_073618photo 20190717_073632

Enter text here…

Ten minutes to eight o'clock in the morning pushback was made, safety instructions were explained and engines were turned on.

Taxiing to Runway 25L for take off

photo 20190717_075522photo 20190717_080242photo 20190717_080317

And take off!! At 8AM. On time. As you can see the Terminal 1 is being upgraded for heavy planes, as nowadays is very congested during some hours. American, Cathay, Etihad and Qatar (LATAM) were the first flights of the day arriving in Catalonia.

Bye bye home! See you in september!

It was kinda choppy during the first half of the flight, and the seat belt sign was ON. My last flight with lufthansa was 7 years ago and was in this area where I had the worst turbulence of my life. Luckly, today it wasn't, by far, so hard.
Later on the flight, cabin crew started "breakfast" service, which was a bit disappointing. I read a few days before the service on european economy flights was cut-off during summer because of the high demand on LH flights. Even I think Lufthansa should be able to manage this situations.

Here it is

photo 20190717_083845

By the time we were over France, where we entered over Nice.

photo 20190717_083001

And then we started the beautiful Alps crossing, which gave me veery beautiful views as it was sunny downthere. We flew over Innsbruck before starting our final descent. Again, sorry because of the quality, but sun made it difficult here.

And then we started our descent into a sunny Munich. Some nice views from German land were also possible to see from the window.

And finally we landed in Munich Airport at 9:45AM, right after 1 hour and 40 minutes in the air.

photo 20190717_094432

Our next flight is waiting :P

photo 20190717_094859

Are we in Munich or in Washington?

photo 20190717_094935

I got off the plane and I headed through the other terminal for my second flight of the day.

Thank you for reading guys!

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Cabin crew7.0

Barcelona - BCN


Munich - MUC



Overall, a good flight with Lufthansa. Legroom is correct for european flights. The worst part of the flight is related with the on-board service, but at least it was free.

Absolutely recommended airline.

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