Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore London in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 318
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:05
Take-off 03 Aug 19, 12:48
Arrival at 03 Aug 19, 18:53
SQ   #2 out of 136 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 607 reviews
By GOLD 5999
Published on 24th August 2019
Early this month, I took a trip to one of my most wanted country to visit, and a very popular tourist destination these few years, Iceland. During the trip, I also dropped by London, Stockholm and Oslo. This trip was flown on various airlines, including Singapore Airlines, Icelandair, SAS and Qatar Airways, both in Business and Economy Classes.

Starting with the 1st sector, I flew up to London via SQ Business Class. Check-in at the Business Class counters were empty as it was the non-peak hours during my flight departure.

photo 48607387342_1eb1ae97c6_b

Proceeded to the Silver Kris Lounge, which was rather empty a this time of the day.

photo 48607386862_a102935ec3_b

photo 48607387282_203e89009e_b

photo 48606875148_4003e84126_b

Food and beverages in the lounge. Nothing exciting compared to many other airlines' hub lounges.

photo 48607239546_cfd909fdef_b

photo 48607239501_12e579f810_b

photo 48607061298_64bbdf35b9_b

photo 48606874953_125510fe80_b

photo 48606874898_1514d6eecc_b

My 'snack' before flight.

photo 48607386917_e6cb2086af_b

photo 48606874813_d7d67cfcdd_b

Soon it was time to head to the gate.

photo 48606874668_3bbe3133ba_b

03 August 2019
Singapore Airlines
SQ 318
Singapore (SIN) - London Heathrow (LHR)
Business Class
Flight Time: 13H06M

Flight would be operated by SQ's long-haul workhorse, B777-300ER.

photo 48607239216_fc4ddc97e9_b

Boarding has commenced at the gate and we proceeded to board immediately. Newspapers and magazines available at the door.

photo 48607386717_af133e7b10_b

photo 48606874593_53a9bc7f54_b

Boarded via Door 1 and passed the intimate 4-seater First Class cabin.

photo 48606874453_c273052da2_b

Into the forward Business Class cabin.

photo 48607061323_b124500079_b

Despite the rather full Business Cabin, I was able to score the bulkhead seat at 11K, which offers nearly as much space as the First Class seat just behind the curtain! Many of you would have already been very familiar with this Long-haul Business Class seat fitted on all B777-300ERs and most A350s.

photo 48607386662_bc04ea1ef2_b

photo 48607238071_c44a650f32_b

photo 48607237441_4f59882bb5_b

photo 48607384947_7da45ac899_b

View from my seat.

photo 48606874393_19db7217f8_b

13hrs to London, and a champagne to start the long-haul.

photo 48607238816_2f14f9bebf_b

photo 48607386472_8e8d692c92_b

Hot towels distributed. I am pretty sure the hot towel has shrunk in size.

photo 48607238796_ce0882170b_b

Inflight literature and menu booklet.

photo 48606874133_352e9317d9_b

Amenities provided and a selection of magazines for the flight.

photo 48606874318_82723ac9a2_b

Noise-cancelling headphones

photo 48607385492_ba4fd4559f_b

Safety video played.

photo 48607238686_26b2a6c004_b

As we started out pushback.

photo 48607386212_15db742c58_b

photo 48607238321_c7b1c0cfa1_b

Taxied towards Rwy20C for southerly departure.

photo 48607237966_5fff036a95_b

photo 48607237861_23ab82623c_b

And here we go! A very powerful takeoff assisted by the GE engines as we began our 13hrs trek across continents.

photo 48606873318_cb9848f2a0_b

photo 48607237691_2d9fffe773_b

photo 48607237651_5b3c119173_b

Powering away from Changi

photo 48607237641_7c6a3ba8fe_b

photo 48607385062_bf09e325db_b

As this was a day flight, most of the flight would be spent on the IFE. Starting with the first mindless local comedy. Lots of room to stretch at 11K.

photo 48606872938_658b7a1662_b

For the post takeoff drink, I requested for a cappuccino.

photo 48607237391_5c1c824e75_b

This was quickly followed by the famed satay service.

photo 48607237356_bd8f163f06_b

View of the 12-seater forward Business cabin, which is the Jcl cabin to be in on the B773ER.

photo 48607384757_fe88fe9c2f_b

Visit to the lavatory, which was stocked with the usual amenities. However, the linen towels were not stocked since halfway through the flight. Not sure if overlooked by the crew or SQ uplifted fewer linen towels now.

photo 48607237281_955cef3e17_b

photo 48606872803_8b34e648d7_b

photo 48607384677_46a87a9148_b

Lunch service started nearly 2hrs into the flight, by which time we were over the Nicobar Islands. It was also starting to get pretty bumpy.

photo 48607237031_e3967fc55d_b

photo 48606872718_43144b593b_b

I had also started on my second movie, another local mandarin comedy.

photo 48607384447_571a0e826d_b

Lunch, midflight snacks and dinner would be served on this flight.

photo 48607238576_df7ab40f2b_b

photo 48607386127_65bee1c6ee_b

photo 48607238496_02cdf7fa3a_b

The menu offered for the LHR-SIN SQ319 sector for those interested.

photo 48607238431_bedd580abe_b

photo 48607385962_8dda0bfcb4_b

As usual, a very extensive beverage list.

photo 48607385947_fa9ee5aa31_b

photo 48607238281_89f37c0964_b

photo 48607385777_e4d1b3185b_b

photo 48606873738_8dd512761c_b

photo 48606873718_c0654cb095_b

photo 48607238131_3a992d7839_b

Table set up for lunch, starting with the appetiser and bakery selection.

photo 48606872678_c823a521c6_b

Duck liver terrine and smoked duck breast was alright.

photo 48607384527_0bf384d8ee_b

For main, I had Booked-the-Cook the Grilled Chilean Seabass on New England style clam and mussel chowder, served with ciabatta crouton. Seabass was tender but the chowder tasted and smelled very fishy compared to the last time I had it. And as I was typing this, I just realised that the ciabatta crouton was missing too!

photo 48607384482_e7af591fe3_b

My friend has the Gosht Biryani from the inflight menu, which was pretty good.

photo 48606872428_78442e330a_b

Coconut ice-cream was light and refreshing.

photo 48607384357_a0948b1a78_b

Port to go with dessert and cheese.

photo 48607384207_6549933303_b

Cheeses and tropical fruits. Not a fan of the cheese selection as they were too strong-tasting.

photo 48607236706_c204e47d75_b

photo 48607236676_6bc6da7543_b

Ending with an earl grey and pralines. Here was when I thought that the crew had forget to give out the post-meal hot towels, until we asked the crew and they confirmed that the post-meal hot towel service has been withdrawn, and gave a lame reason justifying that it was not due to cost-cutting… roll-eyes…. Come on SQ, even the most basic full-service airlines still provide this basic frill in their Business Classes.

photo 48607384137_a02d1e7d49_b

By the time lunch service was completed, we were already over India.

photo 48607384107_ffb91c59b1_b

Cabin view after lunch. Time to make my bed!

photo 48607573907_d9db2214ee_b

photo 48607384087_d3da13f0fd_b

On to the 3rd movie.

photo 48606872148_33fabc0d60_b

In the middle of the movie, a 'surprise' birthday cake was presented by the cabin crew. Yes, my friend pre-ordered the cake for me as it was nearing my birthday, but for some unexplainable reason, SQ reflected the birthday cake on my booking under Special Meal when I viewed my flight reservation online. Duh… so much for a surprise… but I still appreciated the effort the crew went through for the wonderful presentation!

photo 48607384037_b47626916a_b

Somewhere over the drier parts of Earth.

photo 48607236456_bf074846d2_b

Having some midflight 'delectables'. Still finding it a corny term.

photo 48607236411_a6bd84e309_b

photo 48607061253_080fc18f35_b

Nice mountain views down below while I started on the 4th movie.

photo 48607236271_47029e9339_b

photo 48606871758_5c01a30d13_b

Dinner service started about 2hrs before arrival, starting with a tasty marinated scallops salad.

photo 48606871738_5d37aacc9f_b

photo 48606871728_ccfe39c370_b

For the main, another Book-the-cook meal for me. I pre-ordered the Seared Nut-Crusted Veal Fillet, which was well-prepared though not too memorable.

photo 48607383537_b93eb98530_b

photo 48607236026_c29b5c90fd_b

My friend also booked the cook the Singapore Chicken Rice, which tasted authentically like the local fare.

photo 48607383587_5a029c9180_b

Ending with a simple and light cherry cake.

photo 48607235976_091ef59435_b

A latte double-shot to perk myself up before arrival.

photo 48607383417_59d26fa737_b

We were soon nearing our destination.

photo 48606871483_719cb96dac_b

photo 48607235876_8f3a5e2fbb_b

Great views of London city during the approach into Heathrow.

photo 48607383302_37751ac0ba_b

photo 48606871338_47abc7f49c_b

photo 48606871238_6db21e10cf_b

photo 48607383092_e946b46994_b

photo 48607235546_a2ced77692_b

Landing on Heathrow Rwy27R ahead of schedule.

photo 48607235511_9a70442bc3_b

photo 48607382982_354af1982b_b

photo 48606871043_0095290e43_b

photo 48607235366_3f0d1ce637_b

View the full video of the approach and landing here.

A lengthy taxi to the Queen's Terminal.

photo 48607382857_34df7f3601_b

photo 48607382817_644966be07_b

photo 48607235151_f37cc81d4f_b

photo 48606870663_a63a7e7615_b

Last look at 11K and disembarked.

photo 48607235066_cc0e74d5d5_b

photo 48607382442_eb77aae25e_b

Surprisingly, with the introduction of automated immigration clearance for certain nationals (me included) and very fast delivery of baggage, clearance through Heathrow was a breeze! Well up there with Changi efficiency-wise, though this might not be a frequent occurrence.

photo 48607383997_f98e844e71_b

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My thoughts on the flight. It was a pretty comfortable way to 'endure' the 13hrs trek across continents in SQ's Business Class. Service wise, it was the normal SQ good service, but not exceptional above other flights. Catering was a hit and miss, depending on the choices. However, for the frequent SQ flyers, the tiny cost-cutting measures may be somewhat evident (eg. downsized towel may not be, but the sudden disappearance of post-meal hot towels are so glaring, unlike what SQ claimed its trials and survey shows). However, SQ still remains one of the better airlines along with the competition (I dare not say SQ is the best) out there in the Business Class experience.

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