Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK070
Class Economy
Seat 51A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 10:30
Take-off 28 Jul 19, 01:35
Arrival at 28 Jul 19, 17:05
TK   #12 out of 136 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 605 reviews
By SILVER 1528
Published on 26th September 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second part of this series. This report will cover the flight with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Hong Kong.

After I disembarked the plane from Munich at gate A2, I immediately looked for the gate for my next flight. Luckily, the FIDB showed that it was A6, which was just a few minutes away. 

photo dsc08662

Waiting area at gate A6. As we arrived at the gate, there were many people gathered in front of the gate and very likely the plane would be fulled tonight. Our plane was ready for its next journey to Hong Kong. Turkish Airlines deploys its B777-300ER to Hong Kong and our plane, TC-JJH was delivered in December 2010.

photo dsc08663

Not long after I started queuing, boarding was called at 1:04am. In Economy class, most of the seats is in 3-3-3 configuration, except the last 3 rows which are 2-3-2. My seat 51A is in the last 3rd row. There are a total of 300 seats in economy class and 49 seats in business class. Pillow, blanket and headset in advance on the seat.

photo dsc08664

Back of the seat. The monitor was not new as new as the one from the previous flight but it was still alright for me.

photo dsc08665

Footrest was also present under the seat

photo dsc08666

For longhaul flight, Turkish Airlines provides headset for economy passenger.

photo dsc08667

Boarding was completed at 1:28am and a Chinese girl was sitting next to me. Ten minutes later pushback was commenced and safety video was conducted.

Once we reached the active runway, the cabin light was turned off and we took off at 1:53am.

photo dsc08668

Soon after takeoff, mood-lighting was turned on. Honestly, I do not like the strange lighting which was not so comfortable for my eye.

photo dsc08671

At 2:19am, menu was distributed, quite difficult to read because of the mood-lighting.,,

photo dsc08679

Together with the menu, amenity kits designed by Mandarina Duck EYCH BLU was also distributed. Inside the bag, there are Socks, earplug, dental kits, lip balm and sleep mask.

photo dsc08680

At 2:27am, I started watching the ANT-MAN movie.

photo dsc08681

At 2:40am, dinner was served and I selected the chicken option with white wine for the drink.

photo dsc08682

A cup of coffee after the meal.

photo dsc08683

As we flew over the Kazakhstan coast of the Caspian Sea, the sun began to rise.

photo dsc08690photo dsc08689

At 4:00am, the crew distributed bottle water to us. Not long after that, the cabin light was turned off and by the time I finished the movie, I slept for about 4 hours and 20 minutes.

photo dsc08694

As I woke up, I checked the flightmap and we were flying in China airspace close to Lanzhou.

photo dsc08695

At 8:50am, cabin light was turned on. Then I watched the second movie of the flight, Hitman 47.

photo dsc08696

About 10 minutes later, breakfast was served.

photo dsc08697

After the breakfast, I visited the toilet at the back.

photo dsc08698

The aft galley

photo dsc08700

View of the rear cabin

photo dsc08701

At 10:52am, seatbelt sign was turned on again.

photo dsc08702

Right above Macau

photo dsc08704

Passing through south of the Lantau Island.

photo dsc08705

Lamma Island and Hong Kong Island.

photo dsc08706

After we passed through Hong Kong Island, we made a U-turn and flew over Kowloon Peninsula to align on the runway.

photo dsc08707

At local time 17:26pm, we landed on RWY25R. Total flight time was 9 hours and 33 minutes.

photo dsc08709

With a short taxing, we parked at the satellite terminal gate 218.

photo dsc08710

Thanks for reading!

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Generally, I am quite satisfied with the service onboard and I really have no idea why they are a 3 stars airlines. In my opinion, the experience was even better than most of the European carriers.



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