Review of EasyFly flight Villavicencio Bogota in Economy

Airline EasyFly
Flight EF6993
Class Economy
Seat 11A
Aircraft ATR 42-500
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 31 Jul 19, 14:10
Arrival at 31 Jul 19, 15:10
VE 4 reviews
By 141
Published on 15th September 2019

Hello everyone, this FR is the return flight from Villavicencio to Bogota, after a few days in the Guainia and Meta regions.


Villavicencio airport is very small and only a few flights a day are operating from this airport. In my case I went to the airport about an hour and a half before departure. A few pictures are shown here.

photo 20190726_162204photo 20190731_125531photo 20190731_132540

After my bag was checked in I went through the security check, from there directly to the waiting room, where I was waiting until the boarding time. Boarding was made on time.

photo 20190731_140703

Of course there are no jetways in this airport, so you have to walk in the stand until you reach the plane. Steward was waiting on the plane and welcomed passengers. It was a full flight today.
Legroom wasn't as good as on the other flight (the plane was a bigger ATR and there was more space, even that is better than Vueling :) )

photo 20190731_141125photo 20190731_141130photo 20190731_141915

Captain welcomed us aboard and cabin crew made the safety instructions. Soon we were ready to go. While taxiing to the runway another EASYFLY airplane was arriving from Bogota

photo 20190731_142929

Bye bye Llanos Orientales!

photo 20190731_143316

The andes mountains were on the left of the aircraft, and during 15-20 minutes plane was going through the north-east, heading to Casanare region while we were climbing. A few minutes later we made a 180 degree turn and headed to Villavicencio again before starting the crossing of the Andes. Five minutes after starting the Andes cross we were above Bogota.

A few pictures during the flight. Today weather was better.

photo 20190731_143655photo 20190731_144317photo 20190731_144502

Still drinks service on this short flight. And cabin shot.

photo 20190731_144737photo 20190731_151150

And again, over Bogota. Views were nice!

photo 20190731_145307

Descent started, it was very bumpy in a few areas because of the clouds so people was kinda scared. Hopefully it wasn't long and after another 180 turn we were on finals in El Dorado airport.

We landed after a 45 minutes flight.  During taxi we crossed with this 735 from Avior coming from Caracas

photo 20190731_151014

And parked at our gate again

photo 20190731_151154

After disembark we went through Terminal 2, much older than the Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is used for national flights. Here we picked up our bags, which arrived very fast. After that, a taxi drove me to the hotel at the city center.

photo 20190731_151801photo 20190731_151803photo 20190731_151807

Thank you for reading!

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Cabin crew8.0

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Easyfly is a good regional airline, service is quite good and planes are confortable for these kind of flights. Even it is a low cost airline (if I'm not wrong) the airline is very efficient and one of the best ways to move around the country.



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