Review of EasyFly flight Bogota Villavicencio in Economy

Airline EasyFly
Flight EF6994
Class Economy
Seat 14D
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 20 Jul 19, 16:30
Arrival at 20 Jul 19, 17:30
VE 4 reviews
By 139
Published on 15th September 2019

bogota-villavicencio route

Hello everyone, this FR is a short hop between Villavicencio and Bogota. People from Colombia should be awared about the problem in this area, which is the next: about 80km is the distance between these two cities, connected by the famous "Vía al Llano" highway. During june 2019 there were some important rockfalls at the middle of the road so the overland traffic between these cities is not allowed. There are 4 hours drive time these two cities but nowadays the alternative way to Villavicencio/Bogota is about 14 hours by bus.

The air traffic between these 2 cities is now much higher as a result of the increase of 400% the air demand on this route. Airlines such as Avianca, Satena, Easyfly or Wingo are today offering flights and increasing frequencies. 

The flight

photo 20190720_144040

Right after that I went through the security check, which wasn't very long. Then I went to the waiting area and managed to make some spotting, for example this 789 of KLM on it's way to Amsterdam via Cartagena.

photo 20190720_153216

But no much longer, problems started. Due to weather at our destination, the airport was closed so the plane we had to fly with wasn't able to come back to Bogota. Delay was increasing and people started to get angry with the airline, specially because some planes were leaving to Villavicencio before ours.
Our flight was delayed about 2 hours, but finally it arrived and soon we were ready to board the brand new ATR.  Cabin looked very fresh and new.

Finally, with an over 2 hours delay plane started moving, engines were started and headed to the runway. During take off some nice views from Bogota were able to be seen from the plane. Sorry for the quality of the pictures.

After a left turn, we left back Bogota through the north and views disappeared. The whole flight was bumpy because of the weather, so no service was offered to the passengers. Soon enough we started our descent to Villavicencio airport

No views

photo 20190720_191548

Very nice light during the flight

photo 20190720_191555

Second part of the problem started when we were arriving in Villavicencio. The weather was getting worse and rain at the airport was very hard. Also, clouds were causing serious visibility problems, so a few seconds before touchdown we made a go-around. The plane made some strong turns and that caused panic to the cabin, even for me. The captain excused for the failed landing attempt and told us the airport was closed due the weather, so we'll be circling for a few minutes. The other option was deviate to Yopal, in Casanare region in case of the weather remained so bad.

I managed to take a few pictures during the first landing attempt

photo 20190720_201344

So we were circling for about 30 minutes with some strong bumps, passengers were worried and angry at the same time. Captain appeared again telling us we were going back to Bogota due the weather and because Yopal Airport was closing at 9PM. People was frustrated.

So, again we started crossing the Andes mountains and after another 30 minutes we were on our final approach to El Dorado airport.

Welcome back to Bogota after 1.40h flight time

Once in Bogota passengers disembarked the plane and we made our way to the terminal. While walking through the building, ground staff told us to go back to the plane. Villavicencio airport was opened again and we'll be flying back there once the plane was refuelled. Some people didn't want to fly because were scary so they were requesting their bags next to the plane. By the time it started raining in Bogota.

So we were on board again and a few minutes later we were taxiing to the runway. 

Again, take off and left turn to the north and we made the mountain crossing. Flight was again kinda bumpy but not as much as "the first one". After 40 minutes we were on finals through La Vanguardia airport. The second attempt was good and the captain landed safely in the capital of "Llanos Orientales

photo 20190720_214945photo 20190720_220708photo 20190720_220825

We disembarked the plane and headed to the small terminal where bags were provided. There I took a taxi to the hotel. By the time it was almost 10:30PM, some good 5 hours after STA. But here, the weather is the king.

After arriving at the hotel I met with some friends and went to a party at the city center. And after this flight the best think I could do was drink the famous "Aguardiente Llanero" trying to forget this experience.

Thank you very much for reading!

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Cabin crew10.0

Bogota - BOG


Villavicencio - VVC



Even the flight wasn't on time, the main reason was the weather. Easyfly is a good airline. Nice crew, new planes and good service on their regional flights inside Colombia.



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