Review of AeroVaupés flight Barranco Minas Villavicencio in Economy

Airline AeroVaupés
Flight AV0003
Class Economy
Seat 1A
Aircraft Douglas DC-3
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 29 Jul 19, 13:55
Arrival at 29 Jul 19, 15:45
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By 207
Published on 15th September 2019


Hello and welome to my flight backto Villavicencio. After a few days enjoying the jungle of this remote area in Colombia it was time to go back to the big city. So, another DC-3 flight was needed in order to get out of there. 

I booked my flight at AeroInírida office in Barrancominas about 45 minutes before departure. There, my bag was checked and carried to the airport. I took a short walk to the runway, where 17 passengers were waiting to take their flight and some others were expecting the arrival of the DC-3.

Here it comes. Colombian Saint Marteen! Plane was coming from San Felipe and Inírida.

Once the plane was grounded passengers were allowed to cross to the "airside", the runway. But first, the army was making a security check of our bags.

photo 20190726_130808

Nice tail

photo 20190726_132141

Some pictures of this beauty.

photo 20190726_132524photo 20190726_132552photo 20190726_132752

Coca cola arriving everywhere in the world

photo 20190726_132646

Boarding started. I met the captain and I requested a visit to the cabin. He accepted and told me to visit the cabin later, during the flight.

So here there are a few pics

photo 20190726_134402photo 20190726_134614photo 20190726_135116

No safety check today. It was time to takeoff. The plane was aligned with the runway, so no taxi was needed. Engines were started and a few minutes later it was time to take off.


Guaviare river was crossed and our flight headed to the north-west heading to Villavicencio. Landscapes at the first hour of the flight were again, amazing. But soon they were changing as we were getting closer to Los Llanos, where economy is causing troubles to the territory.
Petrol stations were able to be seen from the plane, as we were flying not very high. The temperature on the cabin was freezing.

Some clouds were passed by our plane and a few bumps made the trip more "fun".

photo 20190726_140346

Cabin shot.  Most of the load was empty, but boxes and water/oil tanks are re-used one and another time. Sorry for the quality.

A few minutes before the descent cockpit door was opened and the first officer invited me to the cabin. The views were amazing. It was my first time on a plane cockpit during flight. The captain and first officer invited me to join the landing from the cabin.

Landscapes were very different here. We were lined up with the runway and prepared to land. On the left side we have hunred of km's of "llano" and on the right the Andes mountains.

On finals.

I took a video of the landing, so the following pictures are already on the ground.

photo 20190726_152949

And one last picture of the cabin before disembark

photo 20190726_153329

One last picture of our plane

photo 20190726_153536photo 20190726_153606-85309


photo 20190726_153716

And some pictures of the airport. Baggages were supposed to appear on the belt, but they didn't. We had to wait for one hour before someone told us to go to the DC-3 area at the other side of the airport to pick up our bags. This is a good 15-20 minutes walk from the terminal. Finally our bags were given to passengers and it was time to relax at the hotel after a very intense week at the jungle.

Thank you for reading!

photo 20190726_153950photo 20190726_155617
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Cabin crew10.0

Barranco Minas - BMG


Villavicencio - VVC



Special thanks to the captain and first officer who allowed me to get inside the cockpit during landing. Thumbs up for Aeroguainía!



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