Review of Interjet flight Oaxaca Mexico City in Economy

Airline Interjet
Flight 4O2621
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 26 Aug 19, 08:15
Arrival at 26 Aug 19, 09:30
4O 10 reviews
By 325
Published on 21st September 2019


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Hello everyone. After 25 days in Mexico, most of them spent in Oaxaca region, it was time to fly back to Colombia. This trip is the first of three flights which are gonna be published, and covers the route from Oaxaca city to Bogota. The first step but, was arrive to Mexico city. From Oaxaca to Mexico there are many options available, not only by plane. ADO buses are very confortable and not very expensive (at least some of it's categories). But, considering it was a full day in the air, the way back to Mexico was made by plane.
Oaxaca-Mexico City route have a very high demand, and there are kinda lot of flights during the day. Interjet and Aeroméxico are the main airlines making this route, but there are also other airlines which fly between these cities.  In my case, and due to connections, I choosed an early morning flight in order to have time to connect with my Copa flights to Panama and Bogota, and Interjet had the best timetable.

So the day of the flight arrived and it was time to leave to the airport. It was about 5:50AM.

A picture from the house just before leaving.

photo 20190826_055037

There are about 20 minutes from the city to the airport by car, but it depends on the traffic. Once at the airport I checked my bag, said goodbye to my job-mates, who came with me to the airport, and passed the security check. After that it was time to wait until boarding started.

photo 20190826_072509

Our plane arrived at 8AM. It was quickly prepared, and boarding started at 8:10AM. Very fast.

Walking to the plane

photo 20190826_080834

Good legroom for this short flight

photo 20190826_081017

takeoff and inflight

Flight was fully booked on today's flight. But Interjet managed to pushback earlier than our STD. Captain made an speech before take off and told us the route, the weather and the traffic conditions at our destination.

Aeromexico arrived from the capital of the country just before we started moving.

photo 20190826_082444

Pushback started and made a short taxi to the runway before taking off at 8:30AM. On time. Some good views of the city were able to be seen before crossing the clouds.

Bye bye Oaxaca, see you soon!

We were stablished at 31.000 feet. It was a Good day to fly, weather was great.

photo 20190826_084010

Service started after 15 minutes in the air. Interjet offers cold/hot drinks on it's flights and a little snack. I took some coffee and chocolate cookies, which were my breakfast.

photo 20190826_084510

I spent the rest of the flight reading the Interjet Magazine. It's incredible to see how the airline grew up so fast being one of the main airlines in México with lots of flights inside but also outside of the country.

photo 20190826_084907

descent and landing

Soon our descent started. We were very close to Mexico City but, due the traffic, we will have to circle the area. 

Losing altitude and speed.

Pollution in Mexico City is a big problem

photo 20190826_090759

And touched down gently after almost 50 minutes in the air. Good and uneventful flight with Interjet.

Taxiing to the gate. This Delta 737-700 inbound for Atlanta was carrying the group of people I've been sharing the last 3 weeks.

photo 20190826_092513

And parked at our gate next to it's brother, the A321 sharkled.

photo 20190826_092756

Plane was deboarded and I headed to the Baggage Reclaim Area, where I took my bag, and I took a bus heading to Terminal 2 in order to continue my trip to Bogota. But this will be on another FR.

Thanks for reading!

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It was my first flight with Interjet but definitely will not be the last one in case I come back to Mexico. Good service for a 45 minutes flight and on-time. Very recommended airline to fly inside and (maybe) outside Mexico.



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