Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Taipei in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ878
Class Business
Seat 15K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:45
Take-off 23 Aug 19, 11:55
Arrival at 23 Aug 19, 16:40
SQ   #3 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By SILVER 1141
Published on 1st October 2019

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3rd leg – FRA-DEL
4th leg – DEL-IXZ
5th leg – IXZ-DEL
6th leg – DEL-SIN

The flights back home involved flying from Singapore to San Francisco via Taipei and then a next day flight from San Fran to Toronto. The flight to TPE would leave at 12pm, so we made it to Changi Terminal 3 for 9am. The plan was to check-in, hit up Shake Shack for the 10am opening and have enough time to pig out, get to the lounge and then the gate.


photo 48716464908_db3015a3c2_c

No line ups at the J class check-in area

photo 48716966602_0561a179b5_c

Got to SS and we were directed to the line-up for the actual line-up. Once SS opened at 10, the lines moved pretty quickly as there were multiple staff members available to take orders. Overall, it was a 20 minute wait to order and we got our food within 15 minutes of ordering. For perspective, on the night of the rain vortex light show, it was an hour wait just to order and then another 15-20 to get your food.

photo 48716968112_da781f76ed_c

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photo 48716967907_8ea5548ca3_c

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photo 48716451003_216168d16d_c

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photo 48716796851_f9d5bce198_c

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photo 48716464418_b3962455a2_c

Bold statement!

photo 48716796666_f5bf304e9a_c

Double bacon cheeseburger for me, regular cheeseburger for her plus cheese fries and Pandan shakes. Verdict – 2000% legit. I’m a big fan of Five Guys burgers and this is now my favourite. Waiting for when it comes to Canada - cross fingers. Speaking of coming to Canada, Chick-fil-A just opened up a couple days ago and now I have to do a taste test to see who is better. The Pandan shake was overly sweet for my liking and I would have been happier just sharing one instead.

photo 48716464133_53a44c8b50_c

Back to Terminal 3 with plenty of time to spare

photo 48716450983_719e5f04b3_c

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photo 48716966727_f62c07288b_c

Everyone well aware of this spot. We went in for a quick bio and water before heading to the gate

photo 48716795501_d034f11178_c

The long walk to gate A21 where our bird was parked

photo 48716966302_0451681603_c

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photo 48718194928_78e150a85c

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photo 48716795016_846cf794b3_c

Our seats for the 4-ish hour flight to Taipei

photo 48716462388_60e8def291_c

The cabin was 50% light on this flight

photo 48716462318_dcb4df680f_c

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photo 48716450818_5b8a07b9b7_c

What’s for lunch today?

photo 48716965372_218d9e227d_c

Singapore to Taipei leg

photo 48716965292_564b205f70_c

Taipei to Singapore leg

photo 48716461803_2b982c8f31_c

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photo 48716461743_2ffa37a120_c

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photo 48716965007_a559385d57_c

The crew were extreme friendly and welcomed us onboard. As usual, they made conversation with us which was well intentioned and engaging. They confirmed our BTC booking and started us off with PDBs.

photo 48716793881_d2ac07e95f_c

With boarding, safety demo and other checks complete, we were on our way to Taipei.

Timelapse take off

photo 48716461498_69d8d59435_c

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photo 48716461313_03e5102dcd_c

Terminal 4

photo 48716964432_607aac1fbf_c

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photo 48716793091_a291484be1_c

Staring down the barrel

photo 48716964062_3bbc6dd1e5_c

Peace out Singapore

photo 48716460648_73b768eea6_c

View never gets old

photo 48716963802_e2afa6c0e5_c

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photo 48716792456_123f20444f_c

With the seat belts signs off after take-off, the crew started the service.

A movie while I wait for the table set up

photo 48716963587_23d5e6d11e_c

Scallop appetizer with yummy garlic bread

photo 48716792571_65aab39705_c

The main attraction - BTC Chicken curry for me

photo 48716782466_17d7e25934_c

Nasi Lemak for her

photo 48716963297_f5c35edef3_c

Crème Brulee for the both of us

photo 48716460008_5c14d22ac1_c

With the lunch service complete, I reclined the seat to full flat angled mode and watched movies till landing. Like other flights during this trip, it was uneventful.

The shores of Taiwan

photo 48716459703_b352277470_c

Two loops before lining up for landing

photo 48716791886_58a33f0b0b_c

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photo 48716459633_c9c47c42df_c

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photo 48716459563_106e94919e_c

Timelapse landing

The pilots pulled off onto a side taxiway and had to hold for a bit as there was a China Airlines A330 still at our gate. After that, we pulled right in.

photo 48716450583_c80fd79322_c

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photo 48716791506_e5540e6e64_c

We wished the crew goodbye and made our way to transit. A good flight overall with a good crew who looked after us and was much appreciated.

Next up – Eva Air from Taipei to San Francisco

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business


Singapore - SIN


Taipei - TPE



Airline - excellent service again by the SQ crew in J class - extremely friendly and engaging. The BTC order was on point and we were thoroughly satisfied with our choices.

SIN airport - whats not to love about this airport - seriously? :)

SIN lounge - still better than the AC lounge at YYZ! :)

TPE airport - going through transit was interesting and signs was slightly confusing at one point but we made it through. Lounge was decent but nothing great to write about. Did not even bother checking food options. Shower rooms were great.

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