Review of EVA Air flight Taipei San Francisco in Business

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR18
Class Business
Seat 6K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:05
Take-off 23 Aug 19, 19:40
Arrival at 24 Aug 19, 16:45
BR 124 reviews
By BRONZE 1934
Published on 1st October 2019

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7th leg – SIN-TPE

Off the plane and we followed the directions to the C gate concourse. Most of the travellers went to immigration while we continued on and after walking for a bit and quick security, we were in the main C concourse area.

photo 48716962657_87bb314764_c

After shopping at the duty free, we headed to the lounge. Eva Air has four lounges in close proximity to each other. We went to the main joint lounge – the Star and the Infinity. We asked for showers rooms and was informed that it would be a 15 minute wait. We gave our boarding passes in exchange for buzzers that would light up when a shower room was ready. Both lounges were packed so we randomly went stage left towards the Star to wait our turn. The showers with toilets were located in the Infinity lounges while showers only were in the Star (odd setup). Overall, the lounges were ok and did not stand out in any way to us.

The Star

photo 48716962532_4393401894_c

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photo 48716961812_c0ec1f429d_c

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photo 48716961722_0f5dde2ef0_c

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photo 48716961582_f11b0502f6_c

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photo 48716790331_e4c088fb64_c

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photo 48716961482_3d785b2ec4_c

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photo 48716791151_1a8fe4747c_c

The Infinity

photo 48716954062_3890371c9a_c

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photo 48716962067_199459f327_c

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photo 48716961957_368ac12ee3_c

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photo 48716790676_17b26b785e_c

Names of the shower rooms

photo 48716791016_e1b044befc_c

Both lounges had windows overlooking the check-in hall

photo 48716458863_c96ea2367a_c

After the showers, we left to head to the gate.

photo 48716790151_d640a266ab_c

Aww, why couldn’t we get the Hello Kitty plane? #firstworldproblems

photo 48716457873_e5843acc8c_c

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photo 48716457818_755b1ef2b7_c

Our gate

photo 48716789891_a0ecbeb92c_c

Our bird

photo 48716457633_9ba44b26c4_c

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photo 48722899596_69d876e1af

Sigh – the ‘random’ secondary check was not painful at all. Whoever had the SSSS on their BP’s were called up to a secure area and we were individually patted down and had bags searched behind the safety of a curtain. There was 2 announcements of a delay and after waiting an extra 20 minutes, we were allowed to board.

photo 48716961427_a09453225e_c

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photo 48716953987_3205cbf266_c

Yay – first to board

photo 48716789681_144c457d17_c

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photo 48716457518_8532f7e853_c

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photo 48716960632_4a4ed6118e_c

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photo 48716960562_232011b638_c

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photo 48716960512_52e54877db_c

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photo 48716789121_10223900f5_c

Decent leg room

photo 48716789071_f42b2422d2_c

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photo 48716789016_8644558a5f_c

The crew came around eventually to welcome us on board and start us off with a PDB. Forgot what type of juice it was but was tasty. Someone else came by shortly to take meal orders.

photo 48716960177_236b47810b_c

The amenity kit and menus were handed out shortly after.

photo 48716450408_42a4f321ff_c

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photo 48716456933_38cf8be909_c

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photo 48716960027_9d583a9f16_c

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photo 48716788731_7117676af4_c

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photo 48716959907_251d661085_c

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photo 48716456568_60aafdd813_c

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photo 48716456498_ce7b56654a_c

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photo 48716959777_f90ed66d80_c

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photo 48716788386_4b977f1021_c

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photo 48716456258_1a2c1e18c2_c

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photo 48716456178_8e701b6f3a_c

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photo 48716788206_9d9c6c3880_c

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photo 48716456038_0a6f4d906d_c

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photo 48716455928_0eaa6b9ab4_c

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photo 48716959272_5aa31599e0_c

After another small delay, we were off into the night sky.

photo 48716787821_2df119b43c_c

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photo 48716953837_3c11213164_c

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photo 48716455293_53abfa1bd0_c

Mood lighting during take off

photo 48716958772_4c72d04d3d_c

No timelapse video – I noticed during taxi that one of the crew was giving me the eye and eventually came by with the chief purser who politely asked me to take it down due to some odd reason. *eye rolling*

photo 48716958397_a6215fc506_c

Service started with the amuse bouche of smoked salmon plus Saffron Mashed potato tartlet plus bubbles

photo 48716786956_50f316073e_c

Not so generous pour

photo 48716786851_1be0181c30_c

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photo 48716958152_c19a57c80b_c

Assorted Julienne platter

photo 48716781946_1720be9c8d_c

Double boiled pork soup

photo 48716786531_9a3e9e7ac5_c

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photo 48716454463_0173b232fe_c

Main attraction - steamed chicken thigh coated with spicy crushed rice on Lotus Leaf and served with pandan rice

photo 48716957812_e8af27088c_c

Dessert – yam cake with blueberry sauce

photo 48716454283_044c41f152_c

With the dinner service done, the crew made up the bed while I changed into PJs – forgot to take a pic of PJs. I found the sleeping space to be quite tight compared Cathay Pacific which has a similar product.

photo 48716786151_e0b68dc479_c


photo 48716957492_21067d3973_c

Yummy bowl of noodle soup with Shrimp/Squid coated in shrimp mousse

photo 48716786001_8c3e78220f_c

With everything cleared away, it was another hour till landing.


photo 48716453928_38c3fe6414_c

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photo 48716785911_ffa827ac14_c

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photo 48716957257_275b419591_c

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photo 48716785731_a4538ea6f7_c

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photo 48716957117_af8c65c4c6_c

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photo 48716450058_7e9650dd54_c

The service overall on this flight was decent when compared to Singapore Airlines. The crew were efficient and robotic and did not have the same charm as the Singapore Air or Lufthansa crew. The food was good and I assume it’s due to it being made at home base versus an outstation. We arrived at the same time as other flights including the Emirates whalejet and there was a ridonculously long line for immigration. I noticed a sign on the wall for the new Mobile Pass app that will allow you to declare customs on the app, take a picture and then submit the form with a response in real time. Once I did that, we hoofed it to the Mobile Pass line and was helped by an officer in 5 minutes. We were asked how long we were staying in SFO to which my response was ‘1 night’. The officer casually responded, “Well, you definitely don’t want to stay longer than that in San Francisco” – wow LOL. Our bags were out by the time we made it to the baggage claim and went outside to grab the shuttle to the Westin SFO hotel.

Next up – final leg

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Cabin crew9.5

EVA Air / The Infinity


Taipei - TPE


San Francisco - SFO



Airline - good service from the crew. Cannot be compared to the service from SQ crew but still decent overall. Onboard catering was good as well.

TPE airport - felt a little old compared to other mega airports around the world. The lounge also was ok and nothing great to write home about.

SFO airport - good lord almighty. We had bad luck and arrived at the same time as the EK whalejet and there was a massive back up for immigration. Lucky for us, we were able to utilize the mobile app and made our way through in no time.



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