Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Rome in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH242
Class Economy
Seat 8A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 01:24
Take-off 04 Oct 19, 22:28
Arrival at 04 Oct 19, 23:52
LH   #63 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1563 reviews
Published on 18th October 2019


Hello FlightReporters
Apart from flying I also like music and I'm a big of Ariana Grande
Unfortunately her Sweetener World Tour didn't have any date in Italy
Last January I start to search for tickets in other parts of Europe
According to my university exams' plan, I found the best option: 3rd October in Oslo, Norway

Around June I started to search for an accomodation and for the flight
Apparently the best price was a direct flight with Norwegian, but the return was too early in the morning the day after the concert
Since I didn't want to rush for the flight and I wished to visit the city I chose a solution with Lufthansa, stopping over in Frankfurt
LH costed around 200€ (Norwegian was 180€)

I've already flew with LH in 2013, on FCO-DUS-LHR-MUC-FCO route
Moreover in the same year I made a stopover in Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 going to NYC
This time will be my first inside Lufthansa's reign, Terminal 1

photo fra-fco-1


I desembark from Oslo around 21:05
Boarding to FCO was scheduled at 21:20

photo fra-fco-2

We arrived at gate A21
Fortunately gate A16, where my flight would depart from, was quite close

photo fra-fco-3

The airport looked a bit different from the last time
Being night it was starting to "fall asleep"
Most of the shops were closing, despite there were many flights still departing

photo fra-fco-4

My gate was empty
Even if boarding time was close, nobody was queuing

photo fra-fco-5

Time to go home…

photo fra-fco-6

Having a few minutes I got a pretzel and a hot dog as dinner
There was a nice kiosk in front of the gate
Both were very tasty

Despite boarding was scheduled at 21:20, it started with a half a hour delay
No explain was given
Most of the passengers (as me) spent the whole time queueing without knowing about the retarted boarding


photo fra-fco-7photo fra-fco-8

Lufthansa line up:
A380 and A320s at Pier A-Plus

photo fra-fco-9

Surprisingly the plane was the same that carries me on FCO-FRA route two days before:
Lufthansa Airbus A321neo, D-AIEB, delivered in June '19 (0.4 years old)
The plane is equipped with 215 seats (the first rows can be used as business class)

photo fra-fco-10photo fra-fco-11

Differently from the first A321, the -neo version has a different doors' layout
Door 2 is replaced by two overwings exits
I read that this is done in order to improve density

photo fra-fco-12

Mandatory door shot

photo fra-fco-13

Since I was very tired I forgot to give the flight report form to the Purser
Fortunately on the other three flights I managed to do it

The view from my seat, 8A
Lufthansa A320neo next to us and the huge building of Pier A-Plus

photo fra-fco-14

Around 22:15 we left our gate
Departure was originaly scheduled for 21:50

photo fra-fco-15photo fra-fco-16

Lufthansa A340-600

photo fra-fco-17

Terminal 1A apron
Austrian Airlines A319 (?)

photo fra-fco-18photo fra-fco-19

South African Airways A340-600

photo fra-fco-20

Condor Boeing 767 and AeroLogic Boeing 777F

photo fra-fco-21

We would depart from RWY18
This runway is used for southbound departures only at FRA

photo fra-fco-22photo fra-fco-23

At 22:28 we took off
Departure was quite silent and smooth

Frankfurt suburbs scrolling below us

photo fra-fco-24photo fra-fco-25

20 minutes into the flight the "dinner" was served
The choice was between chicken or cheese sandwich
I chose the latter

The taste was quite good, however the bread was a bit dry

photo fra-fco-26

I spent the rest of the flight sleeping
I woke up while the cabin was prepared for landing

After the arrival's announcement something funny happened between a passenger and the hostess

***Captain told the remaining flight time***

Passenger: "how much time before landing?"
Hostess: "the Captain just told, you were supposed to listen, as I didn't do! So this time you're forgiven, we have 20 minutes left"

No need to say that both start laughing, along with other passengers nearby

Approaching Roman countryside
We would land from north

photo fra-fco-27photo fra-fco-28

Rome visible in the distance

photo fra-fco-29photo fra-fco-30


"Cabin crew prepare for landing"

We were almost on land when the two Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines went full thrust
The plane start to rose again and landing gear was retracted

"Ladies and gentleman, as you may have noticed we had to make a go-around. Captain will explain you the situation in a moment"

For the first time in my life I experienced a go-around
It was very smooth fortunately, also because there was no crosswind or bad weather

While many passengers were buzzing, the Captain made an announcement
He explained that  the go-around was ordered by the ATC due to trafic
We would have land again in less than 10 minutes

photo fra-fco-31photo fra-fco-32

We banked over western Roman countryside before landing again on RWY16R
At 23:52, almost 15 minutes after scheduled, we touched down at Rome-Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" International Airport

Taxi was quite short. In less than minutes we reached our gate at Pier D
We blocked at midnight
Vueling A320 parked next to us

photo fra-fco-33

Docking at gate D8

photo fra-fco-34

R(H)ome Sweet Home

photo fra-fco-35

Even if I had just cabin luggage, I proceeded to Terminal 1 exit, where my parents were waiting for me

photo fra-fco-36

The new connecting corridor between gates C and D areas
It opened one week before

photo fra-fco-37

The airport was empty, there were just 3/4 flights departing

photo fra-fco-38photo fra-fco-39

Going straight to the exit

photo fra-fco-40

The baggage reclaim hall

photo fra-fco-41

In less than 10 minutes from blocking I went outside
My parents were already waiting for me at the pick up lane
I got home in around half a hour

Thank you for your attention and see you at the next report!

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Cabin crew8.0

Frankfurt - FRA


Rome - FCO



Despite the late operations (boarding especially) the whole flight was OK

Information on the route Frankfurt (FRA) Rome (FCO)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Lufthansa avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 44 minutes.

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  • Comment 526987 by
    Manbou BRONZE 67 Comments
    Hi Carlo,
    yes that was an Austrian plane. And also congrats to your first go-around - I've never experienced one ;) Nice to see that FCO is fast and efficient, too.
    • Comment 527038 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 88 Comments
      Thanx :)
      I don't if I should wish you a go-around, but maybe is something to experience once ahah
      Yeah, FCO has become a really good airport
      Almost everything is new, clean, efficent and well keeped
      Moreover it's improving with a very quick rhytm
      Nothing compared to 5/6 years ago!
  • Comment 527145 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 615 Comments
    That sandwich was probably dry to your taste as it's rye bread, which is usually thicker and dryer than bread you are used to in Italy or any other place in Southern Europe, but I still do not enjoy the fact that LH caters certain routes better than others. I remember the time I flew with them to Madrid a few years ago in which I received a full hot meal, but a few days later I was only served a candy bar from Valencia..... I only tend to use LH for long haul if I can have a stopover and continue my journey on TG, SQ or BR :).
    • Comment 527150 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 88 Comments
      Actually rye bread is becoming common in Italy, but in general I prefer white one
      Talking about meals I found it quite strange and different to explain
      On FCO-FRA-OSL flights I thought the difference was due to the time (FCO-FRA was at lunch time, FRA-OSL in the afternoon), but the return flights were both at dinner time
      I've never tried LH on long haul flights, wish to have this experience once

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