Review of Emirates flight Bangkok Hong Kong in Business

Airline Emirates
Flight EK384
Class Business
Seat 6K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 04 Nov 19, 13:45
Arrival at 04 Nov 19, 17:30
EK   #2 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 590 reviews
By 2047
Published on 17th November 2019


This is my first time flying with the Emirates A380 business class, although the time slot of my return flight tickets was not really nice for me, as a leisure traveller in my packed school lectures, but it has long been my dream to get a business flight with EK since it's launch, which being a game changer in the career, so I decided this flight for my holiday in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Among all flights serving this route (HKG-BKK-HKG), there are 10 regular airlines available for sell, they are:
1. Air Asia
2. Cathay Pacific
3. Emirates
4. Egypt Air 
5. Ethiopian Airlines
6. Hong Kong Airlines
7. Hong Kong Express
8. Royal Jordanian
9. Thai Airways
10. Thai Smile Airways 
With this severe competition, the price tags for this route are often staying in a low price, with frequent discounts and promotions, so I could enjoy my business class service in an affordable price, if not the cheapest price. 

The lounge and check-in

photo img_20191104_102419-10709

I arrived the airport 3 hours prior to the departure, I was the first to check-in for my flight that day and the queue was empty. The check-in process was smooth and speedy, few minutes afterwards I could grab my ticket and enter the restricted area through the airport fast-pass. 

photo img_20191104_104658

The Emirates Lounge in BKK airport

photo img_20191104_110332

The lounge there is clean and tidy, modernly decorated. I was the first one there in the lounge that day and the staffs were friendly and helpful.

photo img_20191104_111010photo img_20191104_113219photo img_20191104_122128

The wine selections and food. It was served as a buffet restaurant, there were sufficient food selections, with Thai, middle-East and western style of cuisine, they were hot enough and refilled timely.

photo img_20191104_114937photo img_20191104_114940photo img_20191104_121824

Some other facilities in the lounge. I got some time for a shower, nothing special here like a normal hotel room, but it was great to get a refreshing mood to get onboard. 


photo img_20191104_132144

The aircraft serving the route EK384 that day
Registration: A6-EUX
It is a 2-class configured A380 with 2.7 years old 

photo img_20191104_135016

After taking my seat during boarding, flight attendants were serving around with a tray of 3 welcoming drinks: orange juice, apple juice and champagne. I picked the champagne which I think is good looking for a nice pic :) Soon there was a menu with a wine list given to us.

The meal and the in-flight lounge

photo img_20191104_150318

The meal order was taken before departure, I picked the Bzar chicken, which is a traditional Arabic spice marinade, served on aromatic rice with fried onions and roasted pistachios. Along with my lunch were the chocolate brownie and a piece of baguette.

photo img_20191104_152110

For wine, I picked the Dow's Colheita Port 1992.

photo img_20191104_154900

The crew members are equipped with professional bartending skills, they were friendly and even suggested me to take a picture inside the bar.

photo img_20191104_154821

After my lunch, I got to the in-flight lounge for some cocktails and social with other passengers. I picked the Cosmopolitan and Espresso Martini, it was great to experience a bar-like environment in the sky, yet much easier to get drunk with the low air pressure, and I really get extremely drunk after my flight, so as some other passengers I met on my flight…..

photo img_20191104_155748

The bar environment was marvellous, the time went too fast that passengers had to return their seats for descending. I met few passengers and the atmosphere there was great for mingle, we shared our trip in Bangkok and some daily experiences, most likely related to wine and clubbing, it was really interesting to gain this opportunity for a chat.

cabin snaps

photo img_20191104_145413photo img_20191104_145539

The inflight lounge and common areas for gatherings. 

photo img_20191104_145215

The lavatory 

photo img_20191104_161412

The business class cabin

photo img_20191104_164717

The outer camera showing the final approach of my flight to HKG, my home town.

photo img_20191104_145128photo img_20191104_162608

The wings shown in the upper-deck

photo img_20191104_164730photo img_20191104_164918

Arrived HKG, and that was the end of my 4 days trip in Bangkok and my luxurious flight. 

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Cabin crew10.0

Emirates Lounge


Bangkok - BKK


Hong Kong - HKG



This will be a memorable flight, I suppose, and Emirates never disappoint me. Although it was a short flight, but the overall service was perfect, although the in-flight entertainment system was not responsive at all, but I suppose it is a common problem among Emirates (?) as I got the same experience on my another EK A380 flight. Yet I spent most of my time in the inflight lounge, so the IFE was not a big deal for me. The food and beverages were great, especially the cocktails served in the lounge, which gave me a special experience to drink in the sky, and the taste was even better than most of the bars I have visited in cities. The only sufferance to me was that I got extremely drunk after I arrived Hong Kong, I bet no one could stop himself to drink onboard as the wine selections are too attractive and various, but it worth! for my experience onboard deserves everything. Once again, Emirates deserves the glory, I will continue to choose Emirates as one of my priority choices to fly with, and hopefully I can soon have chance for a longer flight to enjoy the great experience once again onboard!

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