Review of Peruvian Airlines flight Lima Cusco in Economy

Airline Peruvian Airlines
Flight P9 220
Class Economy
Seat 13A
Aircraft Boeing 737-500
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 12 Feb 19, 14:00
Arrival at 12 Feb 19, 15:20
P9 15 reviews
By GOLD 440
Published on 6th December 2019

Hello again,

Let's continue this trip with some intra Peruvian flights!

lima (lim)

The access to the airport is a pure mess. 90" for a bit less than 20KM and just 45'' for the last 3KM. I haven't seen anything more chaotic than here…

photo dsc_0050_resultatphoto dsc_0051_resultat

Inside the terminal is quite large and there is plenty of space. I head to the Peruvian counter. I had been warned that the airline is not doing well and is a big specialist of delays, cancellations and more. Today I will experience the delay and most of all the "more" … you'll see below ^^
If you watch the board, it is around 08H45, the Peruvian flight to Cusco at 0945 is cancelled, the flight to Arequipa at 0450 is at last call and the 0620 flight to Jauja is … scheduled :) :)

photo dsc_0052_resultat

I give my passeport and a copy of the electronic ticket to the agent that gives it back to me. He says with my passport he'll find the reservation. Fine enough.
After a lot of typing he informs that he doesn't find anything and … asks for the printed etkt.
He has a look at the paper and notices the flight number. He tells me that my flight doesn't exist anymore since … 5 months.

So my 1120 flight is a ghost flight. Nobody at Peruvian took the time to either call me or mail me. The agent says this is pretty normal, they are understaffed and barely contact anyone. I ask him on which flight I have been reprotected. Answer : none.

He offers me the 0945 flight which is in a good hour but the flight is full so only wait list to be confirmed at the gate. He also puts me, confirmed on the 0200PM flight. No better alternative as P9 hasn't any interline agreement in Peru, nor worldwide :)

As an alternate he also offers me to contact the service center by phone to get a full refund and to rebook myself on any other airline. As the service center did not even bother to contact me to inform about the cancellation of the service, I don't bother with trying to get a refund and accept the stand by + the confirmed seat on the afternoon flight, crossing my fingers the first flight will have at least a single seat available for me :)

He hands me over my BP for both flights and I don't loose more time and go straight to the gate.

photo dsc_0053_resultat

This way up to the gates:

photo dsc_0054_resultat

A kind of food court:

photo dsc_0055_resultat-62256

And the security controls :

photo dsc_0056_resultat

On the way to the gate:

photo dsc_0057_resultat

Number 7th ground level

photo dsc_0058_resultat

Boarding is in progress, expected take off 09:45

photo dsc_0059_resultat

I introduce my self and I am asked to wait until the end of the boarding. I am adviced that all passengers had checked in but to be confident as there are usually always passengers that do not show up.

The boarding is a zoo, they don't scan BP's they do all by hand, the passenger gives its pass, the agent checks and crosses the sequence number on a paper, gives the small stub back and does it again for the next one. And she is alone in doing this process…
After around 20 passengers, she stops and types the numbers in the computer. And starts again !

Boarding took 30'' and at 09H30, ETD -15 8 pax are missing. It looked pretty good but … she will make no less than 7 last calls. A colleague next door went through the terminal with a megaphone to call remaining passengers to Cusco.

5 minutes before departure 6 passengers had arrived, I should then be good to go. But they will continue to look for the last two passengers for another 10 minutes and of course, they found them. They closed the gate 10 minutes past ETD. If they had closed it on time I would have gotten a seat. I am pretty angry  but ok, I'm on holiday.

The agent gaves me my boarding pass for the afternoon flight. I am glad to secure a window seat but something doesn't match : boarding 02H05P for departure 02H00P. That looks like they already have a delay. And in fact yes, the flight now leaves 0250P ..

LIM only offers 15' WIFI free of charge and roaming is not an option, I make my way to a paid lounge and will make a big mistake :)

newrest lounge lim airport

The first lounge I found was the Newrest lounge with a paid access of USD 20.- Apart from the warm welcome all the rest was almost below zero. If I had looked further, I would have noticed the LATAM lounge which is much, much better.

This is the buffet:

photo dsc_0060_resultatphoto dsc_0061_resultatphoto dsc_0062_resultat

Juices, some cake, some fruit and far right ham. There was also a soup but that was it. The juices were at room temperature and there was no ice of any kind. There was also a soft drink fountain but without ice it is not really nice.

A few pictures of the lounge that has no view nor any window:

photo dsc_0063_resultatphoto dsc_0064_resultat-67259

Toilets were ok:

photo dsc_0065_resultatphoto dsc_0066_resultat

For this loooong wait, I elected to seat here, at least it was pretty comfortable and the wifi worked

photo dsc_0067_resultat

I wasn't the only one to wait:

photo dsc_0068_resultat

Some more lounge pictures:

photo dsc_0069_resultatphoto dsc_0070_resultat

Some sandwiches and sweets were added to the buffet and I gave them a try:

photo dsc_0071_resultat

As I was about to go to my gate a further delay was anounced: 0315PM. The flight for Jauja is now cancelled.
After a quick invetsigation it seems that P9 decided to give us the aircraft that was scheduled for the delayed Jauja flight as there was another flight leaving later in the afternoon while our flight to Cusco was the last one.

The board gives a good image of what P9 loves the most: delays. Jauja, cancelled, Tacna 02H30 delay, Cusco 01H15. Peruvian is now bankrupt, sad for the staff but so much better for the passengers.

photo dsc_0075_resultat

the flight … at least!

At 02PM ways too early, I am fed up with the lounge and decide to head to the gate area.

photo dsc_0072_resultat

If Peruvian says "Confirmado" we shall be good.

An airport map:

photo dsc_0073_resultat

Upstairs there are connected gates, downstairs it is bus only.

photo dsc_0076_resultat

Star Peru is another strugglin Peruvian airline:

photo dsc_0077_resultat

LAN or TAM or LATAM,  A320:

photo dsc_0078_resultat

Our gate screen:

photo dsc_0079_resultat

Boarding started at 0230P and as for the morning flight it was a mess. Two flights were boarding next to each other, two by bus. See the bus straight ahead that is ours, but the lane right was also boarding … in the bus behind!

photo dsc_0080_resultat

After a long wait, we finally met our plane! This old 735 was delivered new to Lufthansa in 1991. In 2016 LH stored it and P9 took it over in 2017.

photo dsc_0081_resultatphoto dsc_0082_resultat

Let's go:

photo dsc_0083_resultat

The door:

photo dsc_0084_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo dsc_0085_resultatphoto dsc_0086_resultat

Before climbing the stairs I saw a stewardess in the galley but upon entering the plane, nobody anymore. Here the galley, void of humans and … trolleys :)

photo dsc_0087_resultat

The cabin was still in the LH outfit, with clearly the worst seat we have in Europe (the LH seats are hard, slim and mostly hated by all passengers here!). And again, no sign of the crew:

photo dsc_0088_resultatphoto dsc_0089_resultat

Two cabin crews were chatting in the rear galley and the purser was chatting in the cockpit :(

photo dsc_0090_resultat

Note the various reclines of the seat. My recline button stays in my hands when I tried to use it :)

photo dsc_0091_resultat

No, that cabin is definitively not good looking:

photo dsc_0096_resultat

Look at the space between the seat "cushion" and the seat back. Even my co-pax seems not to believe that ^^

photo dsc_0095_resultat


photo dsc_0097_resultat

Boarding in process:

photo dsc_0098_resultat-22925

Safety card:

photo dsc_0092_resultatphoto dsc_0093_resultatphoto dsc_0094_resultat

P9 became just a few weeks before a BOB airline:

photo dsc_0099_resultatphoto dsc_0100_resultat

There isn't that much but at least, it wasn't expensive. There is also a nice onboard magazine. And in english :)

Le pa(cha mama)s est bon :

photo dsc_0101_resultat

The pitch was good:

photo dsc_0102_resultat

We waited a solid 20 minutes until the second bus came.

photo dsc_0103_resultat

As there is nothing else to do, I went to check the back of the plane:

photo dsc_0104_resultat

Rear Fuselage Shoot:

photo dsc_0105_resultatphoto dsc_0106_resultat

Without the door:

photo dsc_0107_resultat

The cabin as seen from the back:

photo dsc_0108_resultat

A/C map:

photo dsc_0109_resultat

I go back to my seat:

photo dsc_0110_resultatphoto dsc_0111_resultat

My god, those seats were so uncomfortable!

photo dsc_0112_resultat

LH cabin wall, that was the original pannel:

photo dsc_0113_resultat

Next to us a LATAM A320:

photo dsc_0114_resultatphoto dsc_0115_resultat

Eventually the doors were closed, the flight isn't completely full:

photo dsc_0116_resultat

Viva and LATAM:

photo dsc_0117_resultatphoto dsc_0118_resultat

Peruvian 733:

photo dsc_0121_resultatphoto dsc_0122_resultat

ATSA, Fokker:

photo dsc_0119_resultatphoto dsc_0120_resultat

A320neo LATAM:

photo dsc_0123_resultatphoto dsc_0124_resultat

733 P9:

photo dsc_0125_resultat


photo dsc_0126_resultat

Runway 15 for us:

photo dsc_0127_resultat

Some military birds and more P9 birds:

photo dsc_0128_resultatphoto dsc_0129_resultat

This Cargo Antonov just arrived:

photo dsc_0130_resultatphoto dsc_0131_resultat

I miss those good old 732!!

photo dsc_0132_resultat

Viva Air also bound to CUZ:

photo dsc_0134_resultat

Some more 737:

photo dsc_0136_resultatphoto dsc_0137_resultat

Almost sure that those732 will never fly again:

photo dsc_0138_resultat

More aircrafts and helicopters:

photo dsc_0139_resultatphoto dsc_0140_resultatphoto dsc_0141_resultat

Off to Cusco! Can't wait!!


photo dsc_0148_resultat


photo dsc_0149_resultatphoto dsc_0150_resultat

I stayed the night before at the JW Marriott below: (the black building)

photo dsc_0151_resultatphoto dsc_0152_resultat

Sadly more clouds, I don't think I'll see the Andes this time :(

photo dsc_0153_resultatphoto dsc_0154_resultat

I give the BOB a try:

photo dsc_0155_resultatphoto dsc_0156_resultat

I took an Inca cola and a sandwich ham and cheese for 2€50 in total, really cheap. Lots of foreigners do not like the Inca cola but I have to say, I kind of liked it :)

photo dsc_0157_resultatphoto dsc_0158_resultat

Close  to Cusco, the sky begins to clear a bit:

photo dsc_0159_resultatphoto dsc_0160_resultat

And it's beautiful:

photo dsc_0161_resultatphoto dsc_0163_resultat

I need to fight with the wing to take good pictures!

Cusco in sight!

photo dsc_0169_resultat

Cusco's airport is in the middle of the city!

photo dsc_0171_resultatphoto dsc_0173_resultatphoto dsc_0174_resultat

We need to pass it first before making a U-Turn. Mountains and the city are surrounding the terrain.

photo dsc_0175_resultat

Cusco is quite big with 400'000 inhabitants:

photo dsc_0177_resultat

The approach is really something!

We make a sharp turn:

photo dsc_0184_resultatphoto dsc_0186_resultat

As the terrain is above 3'500 meters the landing might be something!!

photo dsc_0187_resultatphoto dsc_0188_resultat


photo dsc_0191_resultatphoto dsc_0192_resultatphoto dsc_0194_resultat

Almost on ground:

photo dsc_0195_resultatphoto dsc_0196_resultat

And here are we:

photo dsc_0197_resultatphoto dsc_0198_resultat

Flaps, spoilers, slats, reverses all together! And you still having the feeling you don't decelerate!

photo dsc_0199_resultatphoto dsc_0200_resultat

No taxi way here, U turn on the runway:

photo dsc_0201_resultatphoto dsc_0202_resultat


photo dsc_0203_resultatphoto dsc_0204_resultat

We parked there:

photo dsc_0205_resultatphoto dsc_0206_resultat

Two last interior shoots:

photo dsc_0207_resultatphoto dsc_0208_resultat

And deplaning, the purser was standing at the door but neither did she bid farewell nor did she smile. Sad.

photo dsc_0209_resultat

Arrived! At least!

photo dsc_0211_resultat

My bag was, again, one of the last delivered :)

photo dsc_0212_resultat

Thank you very much for reading, stay tuned for the return leg in business with Avianca!

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The flight was just bad, old plane, old cabin, absent crew and an almost unbearable delay.

LIM is awful to access, old inside. Also not great.

CUZ was just ok.

And the lounge was a shame. Nothing more to add :)

Next part will be online very soon!

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